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[HIRING] 40 Jobs in AL Hiring Now!

2020.09.29 15:18 DramaticPatience0 [HIRING] 40 Jobs in AL Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
McDonald's Crew Killen
Centerline Driver Class A Truck Driver Abernant
Centerline Driver Class A Reefer Driver Adamsville
Centerline Driver Local Class A and B Truck Driver Adamsville
Schneider Owner-Operator Tanker Truck Driver Saraland
Intermodal Cartage Company, LLC Driver Job Birmingham, OO, CDL Class A Bon Air
Intermodal Cartage Company, LLC Driver Job Birmingham, OO, CDL Class A Calera
Ready Mix USA CDL B Company Driver Bessemer
Ready Mix USA CDL B Company Driver Columbiana
Ready Mix USA CDL B Company Driver Guntersville
The Home Depot Warehouse Associate ($18/hour) Peterson
USA Truck CDL-A Dedicated Truck Driver Atmore
USA Truck CDL-A Dedicated Truck Driver Bay Minette
USA Truck CDL-A Dedicated Truck Driver Brewton
Roehl - GYCDL CDL Truck Driver - Paid Training Enterprise
Roehl - GYCDL CDL Truck Driver - Paid Training Fort Payne
The Home Depot Warehouse Associate ($18/hour) Mccalla
Roehl - GYCDL CDL Truck Driver - Paid Training Phenix City
LeafFilter Installation Subcontractor Hoover
Carmax CDL-A Fleet Driver 2k Sign on Bonus Mobile
LeafFilter Installation Subcontractor Warrior
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Border Patrol Agent Coffee County
Koch Trucking Dedicated Specialized Dry Van Hoover
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Border Patrol Agent Limestone County
CRST International CDL-A Lease Purchase Truck Driver Phenix City
CRST International CDL-A Lease Purchase Truck Driver Prattville
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Border Patrol Agent Russell County
Mvl CDL-A Company Driver Truck Driver - Home Weekly Alabaster
Suburban Propane Seasonal Driver Alexander City
Btc Truck Driver CDL A Anniston
Advanced Care Partners Licensed Practical Nurse Anniston
Mvl CDL-A Company Driver Truck Driver - Home Weekly Anniston
Mvl CDL-A Company Driver Truck Driver - Home Weekly Arab
Btc Truck Driver CDL A Bessemer
Specialized Transportation Services CDL-A Regional Truck Driver - Home Often Center Point
Florida Rock & Tank Lines, Inc. CDL-A Local Truck Driver - Home Daily! Clanton
Specialized Transportation Services CDL-A Regional Truck Driver - Home Often Clay
Montgomery Transport CDL-A Flatbed Truck Driver Jobs Daphne
Nussbaum CDL A Truck Drivers Fort Payne
Specialized Transportation Services CDL-A Regional Truck Driver - Home Often Fultondale
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in al. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2020.09.22 10:30 mediuqrepmes [OC] Comprehensive list of possible Chris Paul trades with every other team in the league

Here’s my overview of the universe of possible CP3 trades. I’ve gone through each team’s cap sheet and identified how a Chris Paul trade could be constructed. Wherever possible I’ve proposed one or more specific trades.
To trade for Chris Paul’s $41M salary for 2020-21, most teams will need to send at least $33M in outgoing salary to make the trade legal under the CBA’s salary matching rules. The exceptions are the handful of teams that have significant cap space.
I focused on what works cap-wise. For the most part I omitted specific draft picks. The list is comprehensive, so there are teams here for the sake of completeness that make no sense as CP3 trade partners. For every trade, Chris Paul is the only player OKC is sending out; including additional OKC players in the trade configurations would have made this writeup too long. Some players are so obviously unavailable (e.g., Doncic, Steph Curry, LeBron) that I omitted them from potential trade constructions.
Golden State:
Los Angeles Clippers:
Los Angeles Lakers:
New Orleans:
New York Knicks:
Orlando Magic:
San Antonio:
All numbers are courtesy of Spotrac and Bballref.
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2020.09.04 16:46 Daddyg2019 57 [M4F] Philadelphia Pa - Seeking A Younger Woman

TLDR divorced older man seeks younger woman for the adventure of a lifetime.
I still feel that there's a lot in front of me even as I traverse the latter half of my 50's. I don't know that I have a life philosophy so to speak but I try to live my life according to a number of different ideas that have struck me throughout my life.
Divorced and living alone. Hopeful romantic. I don't believe romantics are hopeless. By their very nature I believe romantics are optimists. I would love to meet someone who is looking for the same thing I am.
Therapy has brought me to the place where I feel that I am now free and clear to look for that one person who I can connect with. I'm not looking to sleep around but I am looking for a friend, confidante, and occasional partner in crime.
I have a slightly cracked sense of humor. I can be inappropriate at times but know when to lay off the sarcasm. I wouldn't say I'm cynical but there are times when I realize what I've said that I think, ooh did I just say that?
Music and movies are my life. I have an eclectic taste in both. Music I like anything from The Beatles to The Eagles to The Ramones to CCR to Matchbox Twenty to Counting Crows to Barenaked Ladies. I enjoy all genres of movies, subtitled, documentaries, drama, comedy, action, if it's well made I will probably enjoy it. I have a few directors I would definitely consider my favorites, they range from Michael Hanneke to Steven Soderbergh to Alexander Payne.
Pre Covid, I enjoyed being out of the house whether it's to a show, a movie at the Ritz, dancing at a club, listening to live music, performing live music, riding my bicycle along the DNR canal towpath or the Perkiomen and Schuylkill trails. In COVID spend time running and cycling but not nearly as much as I used to.
Now having said that I love being out I also guard my me time. I heard or read someone call themselves a sociable introvert and I think that describes me perfectly. Each time I do the Myers Briggs test I wind up right on the cusp of Introvert and Extrovert. So there are times when I want to be out and about but there are other times when I just need to be away from all the hustle and bustle.
I have an incurable sense of wanderlust. I love to travel and explore. I am fortunate in that I have a job that takes me to a lot of different places around the country and I have sufficient vacation time to explore on my own. COVID put a crimp in my travel but I have a weekend in Santa Fe planned for later this month as well as visit to Cleveland becuase (?) I don't know. Looking forward to a trip to Peru in June of next year and back to Cambodia in September next year. Still have to get to Bali, Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific; return to France and Belgium.
Looking for a companion for the journey. Hope this resonates with someone.
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2020.08.30 10:42 JC-DisregardMe A Cast in Review - Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Game four - I wanna talk about it. I got into Ace Attorney originally back in 2008. Even played Investigations right when it first came out. Really becoming a major fan of the series and committing to playing the rest of it took a while longer. I played AJ:AA for the first time in 2012, if memory serves, and I just loved it. That was right when I was properly getting into the fandom, so I had a ton of fan content based on both the original trilogy and Apollo's debut game to enjoy, as well as the excitement with the leadup to the then-approaching release of Ace Attorney 5. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney has held a special place in my heart for the years since, as a result, and I looked forward to replaying it again, to see and judge for myself how it holds up.
I'm happy with it! I love this game's core cast in particular. Rookie Apollo, trolling mentor Phoenix, quirky but capable assistant Trucy, grouchy but lovable detective Ema, flashy but respectable prosecutor Klavier - they've all got a dynamic that I really enjoy, and the game's story presentation sets it apart very noticeably from its three predecessors, giving it an extremely unique mood and atmosphere no other game in the series before or since has matched.
Before we start, check out my other cast review posts, if you haven't seen them yet:
And with that, let's really dig into the cast!
Loud, cute, and a supporting character at best in his own debut, named-after-him game.
So I love Apollo. Like Phoenix in his first appearance, he starts off Case 1 as a nervous, stammering rookie trying not to screw up in front of his mentor. I know a lot of people accuse Apollo in this game of effectively just being Phoenix with a different set of sprites, and while I can see some of why they would think that, I disagree strongly.
Apollo does have the misfortune of lacking agency in this game. That's an obvious point against him, and one that I'll concede makes it harder to pick out unique, distinguishing attributes in his personality. He spends nearly this entire story being manipulated, and while that's interesting to observe once all the pieces have come together, it can just as easily hurt the experience of following him through a story that doesn't feel like his own. Sure, AA1 was much more a game about Edgeworth than about Phoenix, but Phoenix still had a more personal stake in its events than Apollo has here.
Still, I think Apollo does more than enough to set himself apart from his predecessor. As early as Case 1, we see that he lacks one of Phoenix's most consistent traits, specifically his deep-set trust and sense of loyalty toward others. Apollo's a good guy, and he cares about people, but he can't make himself ignore or automatically fight back against the doubts he feels toward others when the evidence points against them. He won't flip allegiances in an instant, but he's always determined to see where the facts and evidence lead, even if they're directing him against someone like Kristoph Gavin, his mentor.
Of course, this isn't totally universal with him. He begins Case 1 as a Phoenix Wright fanboy, raising objections that effectively amount to "there's a contradiction because Phoenix Wright would never do that". Clearly the idea that his hero lost his badge for evidence forgery years ago never made Apollo doubt in the kind of person he believed Phoenix to be, and throughout this case, as the ex-attorney pushes him along a path that eventually sees his own boss indicted for Shadi Smith's murder, Apollo (while confused and unsure) does put his trust in Phoenix right up to the verdict. Of course, he comes to regret this on some level after the trial's end, when he learns that the final, critical piece of evidence he was handed was a fake, crafted to trap Kristoph in a situation that left him unable to escape his crime in spite of his calculating efforts.
Apollo punches Phoenix in the jaw, he's so outraged at the way he was used. He promises himself that he won't ever take up the job offer Phoenix gave him, and storms away, hoping never to see the man again.
... Doesn't last long. Putting your own employer in prison isn't great for one's long-term financial wellbeing. So, Apollo is forced to swallow his pride and visit what he believes to be Phoenix's law office, only to instead be met with a quirky, colourful talent agency, and a strangely-dressed girl claiming to be Phoenix's teenage daughter.
Despite Apollo's extensive uncertainties about the idea of working in the Wright Talent Agency, he takes to the busywork and odd jobs his first visit presents with about the same dedication he shows in law, even finding himself bonding with Trucy in quite a short time. He tries so hard to be taken seriously, but Trucy's just not having it.
I love the scene in Phoenix's room at the clinic. He and Trucy are just openly bullshitting Apollo right to his face, manipulating him into joining up with them like it's second nature to them. Apollo even seems to recognize that he's being played, but at this point, what other options has he got left?
Something I didn't realize until replaying the whole original trilogy was just how damn often Phoenix was bailed out by timely appearances from Mia. Seriously - it was startling to see how many cases include a seemingly hopeless moment salvaged by Phoenix's dead mentor returning via channeling. Apollo, by contrast, spends much of this game prepared well enough not to find himself in that sort of situation nearly as often. Sure, he has the benefit of an assistant more well-versed in courtroom strategies, a prosecutor who's actually a decent person from the get-go, and even a detective who takes a much friendlier tone with him from their second meeting on, but he doesn't find himself stuck in a corner and forced to fumble for any possible bluff or minor triviality nearly as often as Phoenix did in the first three games, and I appreciate that.
Apollo describes himself in Case 3 as "not the kind of lawyer who can overlook a crime", and that's a good fit considering that every one of his clients in this game is, while innocent of the murders with which they're charged, guilty of some crime or another. Whether Phoenix actually personally created the forged ace or not, he prodded Apollo into presenting it while knowing full well it was a fake. Wocky was proud to be an up-and-coming mobster, and actually outright wanted to kill the victim in his case, though it's left uncertain whether he would have had the nerve to go through with it. Machi was involved with international smuggling. Vera, though unknowingly, had an entire criminal career as a forger than spanned over most of her life. In spite of any of these, Apollo will do his job to the best of his ability and fight as hard as he can to prove his clients' innocence, but he won't be swayed into helping them escape the consequences of their other actions.
I mentioned how Apollo quickly bonds with Trucy - that's something that shows clear cracks in his efforts at maintaining professionalism. Having known Trucy for about a day at most, when Apollo is led to believe that she's been taken hostage by the mob, he's ready to fight anyone he needs to in order to protect her, and his emotions get the better of him again when he learns that Trucy was duping him and the entire court just to stall the verdict in their case.
With Klavier Gavin, who becomes his rival, Apollo respects the prosecutor's abilities, if not his showy personality, and comes to understand his opponent with a bit of time, sympathizing with Klavier's personal struggles and trying to help him break past them.
With Ema, Apollo can keep up with her bitter, snarky personality, and also strike up and maintain a pretty friendly rapport that benefits them both in their investigation work.
And with Phoenix, while Apollo is clearly still feeling burned by the events of his first case, he eventually begins to regain the respect he once had for the legendary ex-attorney. There's something missing here, though - in Case 4's last trial segment, Apollo's inner monologue indicates that at last, after months of secrecy, Phoenix finally came forth with explanation for his actions before and since hiring Apollo, opening up to him. Sadly, the way this is presented means that this hugely impactful interaction between the two happened entirely off-screen, and we only see Apollo talk with Phoenix one single time more afterward.
One thing I do like about Apollo's part in the finale is his last few lines in the trial. He doesn't give one of Phoenix's grand, idealistic inner monologues about law and his role as an attorney, but instead admits to himself that he just hasn't seen enough in his career yet to really understand either of those things. It's easy to miss, but I think it's a very important footnote to his role in this game.
So in the end, I love Apollo's character and relationships in this game. I just wish the sequels to follow hadn't dropped just about everything about him save for basic personality traits. That's something we'll dig into in the Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice threads, of course.
So Kristoph's weird. I like him, first thing. Thought I should open with that. Starting out as what appears to be this game's Mia analogue, Apollo's mentor soon starts to be revealed as a player in a story much bigger than most of the courtroom's occupants ever expected. This represents the first time that we see Apollo in a part he'll be playing frequently in this game, as the baffled outsider to a conflict that's clearly been brewing for much longer than he knew.
Kristoph's interrogation and breakdown in Case 1 set this game apart from its predecessors instantly. We see that the years haven't changed Phoenix's courtroom instincts nearly as much as the start of the case would have us believe, but this also shows us that he's spent the years since we left him dug in with a conflict that can stand up to Mia's rivalry with Dahlia.
I wish that a bit more had been done with Kristoph's actual mentor-student relationship with Apollo. Maybe one short case with Kristoph as the actual mentor would've been better, before we discover that Phoenix is also in this game, and his role turns us against Kristoph.
Anyway, the elder Gavin is a broken, terrifying man. Maybe the ego and megalomania made him change at some point, or maybe he was always like this. In either case, this man truly is the Von Karma of defence, unafraid to turn to any underhand means necessary to win a case, while also being so unhinged as to stalk and plot revenge schemes against every last individual he sees as sufficiently involved in an incident that made him feel mad.
The issue of motive is something people often bring up with Kristoph. We never do explicitly see his black Psyche-Locks break. Some have accused this of meaning that, to this day, we still don't know why he murdered Zak Gramarye. I don't think I can agree with that, since his motives seem pretty cleanly spelled out by the case's end. Kristoph saw the Gramarye trial as his ticket to success and notoriety as a defence attorney, and to ensure his victory, he prepared the forged diary page. But then, following what was, to him, a simple card game that he lost, his chance was taken from him and given instead to Phoenix Wright.
Now, Kristoph is clearly an exceedingly prideful man. As indicated by his unhinged rant at the end of Case 4, he views himself as the only one worthy to stand at the defence bench. In his twisted, warped worldview, the man who solved the DL-6 and SL-9 cases, who defeated Miles Edgeworth, Manfred and Franziska von Karma, Damon Gant, and countless other criminal opponents, is "a second-rate attorney who relies on luck and bluffs". Nothing could ever be good enough for Kristoph to view anyone else as his equal. The idea is an impossibility to him. And what this highlights is that Kristoph Gavin's motive is one very simple, and very human thing, taken to its absolute worst form.
Why does he conceal his motive behind a set of Psyche-Locks Phoenix can't even attempt to break? Because that motive is his envy toward Phoenix, and to admit it, even indirectly, would be to admit that he sees Phoenix as superior to him, and that is unacceptable in Kristoph's poisoned mind. It is antithetical to everything he believes. When every last contingency of his has failed him, and he learns that Phoenix Wright has successfully overhauled the legal system itself to bring about his defeat, the very last trace of Kristoph's composed, in-control façade shatters, and the man completely breaks.
... The fact that he spent a hundred-thousand dollars on an expert forgery that he couldn't even use in the end might have also played into it.
I'll admit it - I'm a fan of Hobo Nick. First off, I respect the bold change in direction for the character. Maybe the execution of Phoenix's disbarment left a fair bit to be desired, but I think this was an admirable effort to take the series' original hero in a totally new direction.
Now, I see a lot of people disappointed by the way Phoenix seems to regress in Dual Destinies, but I'll argue that the "cool, calculating mastermind" image of Hobo Phoenix was never a real thing in the first place. Yes, I've certainly got issues with Dual Destinies Phoenix that I'll get into in that game's post in a week or so, but the only reason Phoenix appeared to be such an in-control genius in the events surrounding Kristoph's defeat was that he'd spent seven whole years building his case and planning Gavin's downfall. Just look at his dialogue in the MASON System segments. He's still about the same good-natured guy we remember, just more world-weary and showing signs of depression. Still, he never lets that damage his ability to care for Trucy.
And speaking of Trucy, I just love the way her relationship with her adoptive father is portrayed. These two love each other dearly, and it's plainly visible. Apollo doesn't buy into it, but a lot of that is because of the double act the two perform in openly bullshitting him at every chance they get. Phoenix doesn't know for most of this game's story whether or not he can fully trust Apollo. He stays secretive and dismissive toward his new hire in conversations for exactly that reason, but by the game's end, he's changed his view of Apollo, and is more than willing to stake his seven years' worth of planning on the rookie's success.
The other point of common contention is, of course, the forged ace. Now, as I'm writing this, I'm exhausted. I'm not gonna try and dig into a full, moralistic debate over the ethics of Phoenix's actions in Case 1. I will drop a link to a post of mine from a couple of years ago about this topic, though. Don't worry, it's a short one.
The ace wasn't the first time Phoenix played a somewhat morally-grey card to win a Not Guilty verdict. A much more literal one than his bluff against Furio Tigre, of course, but this wasn't something totally out-of-nowhere for him, and honestly, I like the way this injects some deeper and more nuanced moral ambiguity into the guy who was previously the shining hero of the series.
Of course, there's also his behaviour in the Gramarye trial, acting much cockier than normal for him, and trusting a shady piece of evidence handed to him out of nowhere by his client's daughter mere minutes before the trial begins. To that, I say two things:
Phoenix had every right to be feeling confident. While he might have been flying a bit blind in the trial, this was Phoenix coming off the end of the original trilogy, and all of the complex, incredible mysteries he solved therein. He had defeated prosecutors thought to be unbeatable more than once, exposed the crimes of a corrupt police chief, and helped to put nearly two decades of Fey Clan history to rest. And to top all of that off, his opponent in the trial was a complete rookie. Can you honestly blame him?
As for the diary page, it was hardly the first time that someone abruptly delivered game-changing evidence to him, and it had always worked out for him in the past.
Olga's fun, as both a character and a red herring to play on the audience's Case 1 expectations. Her quirks and animations are memorable enough, even if she can be a little bit of a jerk, what with the whole "scheme to destroy Phoenix's reputation" thing. She also unwittingly injects one hilarious moment into Kristoph's first breakdown, so that's a point for her.
So I kinda love the Judge in this game. He's the same old goof we remember, but this game lets him show much more than that, as well. He takes absolutely no shit from anyone this time around, upping his penalty-snark game to expert levels. He's also allowed to show far more wisdom and clarity alongside of his eccentricities, though. This shows best in his final speech at the end of Case 4.
The respect he's come to have toward Phoenix is a great touch, as well. In the Gramarye trial, he's clearly shaken by idea that the attorney he's watched mature from a nervous rookie to a courtroom veteran may have actually stooped to forgery, and even after seven years, he still seems to be holding onto the belief that Phoenix is a good, honest person worthy of the attorney's badge he once lost. It reveals a level of humanity we don't normally see from the Judge.
Bastard of many names. I called Kristoph "weird", but he's got nothing on Zak. Zak is just... an anomaly. Like a more extreme version of Misty Fey, I just... can't begin to understand why he does the things that he does.
If you skipped just a couple of very specific bits, you could walk away from this game with the impression that Zak is a respectable, friendly guy caught up in bad situations that force him to make difficult decisions. He and his stage partner were overworked and abused by their mentor. He lost his wife in a stage accident. The outcome of his trial saw him escape the courthouse in a true magician's style, leaving behind his otherwise-parentless daughter, and his soon-to-be-disbarred attorney. He chose to lie low for seven years, and then returned to ensure that his daughter, now cared for by that very same ex-attorney, would be granted the legal performance rights to his late mentor's famed illusions, as well as to fix the damage his past disappearance unwittingly caused to his stage partner's reputation and career.
All of that seems to paint the picture of a respectable man in bad circumstances. Then, you examine the rest.
Zak was in possession of the real missing diary page, and while he didn't know in advance that Kristoph had ordered the creation of a forgery, he still allowed Phoenix to present that forgery when it came up in the trial. Then, he used his eight year-old daughter as part of his escape plan, having her assist him in an illusion that would help him elude the court bailiff and the police. This left his daughter alone save for the attorney whose career he had just allowed to be destroyed. Then, after hiding from public view for seven years, his return was accompanied by a deliberate and carefully-plotted effort to frame Phoenix (read: the person who had been solely caring for his abandoned daughter for the past seven years) as a cheat in a poker game, and destroy his reputation and career again. The closest thing we ever get to an explanation for this is the sole fact that Phoenix actually beat him in their first poker game, years ago, and Zak doesn't like to lose. Y'know, Zak - the guy who makes a habit of getting to know people by playing poker with them. And when his plan to frame Phoenix as a cheat fails, he throws a tantrum and whacks his accomplice over the head with a bottle, which could well have killed her, as his own death minutes later indicates.
He's just utterly incomprehensible. Why are his actions so bizarrely inconsistent? Most of his screentime in the present-day section of Case 4 feels like it's telling you to feel sympathetic toward him, but that completely flies in the face of everything he contributed to the plot prior.
The Payne returns, and he's something special, here. New hair, new confidence. I honestly feel bad for Payne in this case. He's up against a rookie once again, and while there's some ego in play on his end, what with seeing the once-legendary Phoenix Wright now reduced to a pianist on trial for a murder, all he wants in this case is to do his job, and yet the trial runs completely away from him in no time at all, leaving him, confused, in the dust.
You ask me, Trucy is terrific. Even with Phoenix out of the legal field for the whole time he's properly known her, she clearly picked up plenty of useful knowledge of the courtroom from him, and this makes her a more directly capable assistant to Apollo than Maya could usually be to Phoenix.
She's cute, quirky (no doubt picking up more than a few traits from Maya), funny, and the source of plenty of heartwarming moments. The way she forces herself to maintain a performer's smile even when she's hurting is similar but not identical to Maya's smiling front, as well, which is another contributor to her sadly-underused relationship with her dad. If only she hadn't dropped into utter irrelevance everywhere but 6-2 after this.
Silly. Noodle-wig doctor, somehow run out of the medical business by a guy who can't tell the difference between "dead" and "alive". Still, Eldoon's a friendly enough fellow who looks out for Trucy, and I can't ever fault him for that.
... Old dog, by the look of her. I've got an old dog.
Japan, we need to talk about this. Who or what convinced you in years past that scummy, perverted old men creeping on teenage girls was funny? And moreover, why the fuck do you still think it's funny?
Moving on.
And I called those other guys "weird". While there's not a lot about Stickler that makes him worth remembering, I do like the way everyone (understandably) reacts to him like he's a creepy pervert stealing panties, when he's really, honestly not doing it for any of the reasons they think.
I actually found Turnabout Corner to be a surprisingly fun case on a replay. I like it a lot more now than I used to.
Well, if you know me, you probably know that I adore detective Ema. My favourite character in the series, without peer. Because this will take too long and I'll run out of character space if I go into full detail right now, I'll link a past comment of mine that summarizes some of why I love her so much. (This one contains some Spirit of Justice spoilers, so heads-up for that.
Here and now, I'll just mention a couple of other things I observed from this replay of the game.
Charming. Mob Mom is much more jovial and teasing than you'd probably expect of an infamous crime boss's similarly cutthroat wife.
Big Wins is also surprisingly close to a decent guy for a fearsome mob boss, all out of love and concern for his son. I like these two. He does threaten Apollo with serious consequences if he fails to secure Wocky's acquittal, but it's hard to tell if that threat is even serious, given his other behaviours.
Now, I can completely understand why people don't like Wocky. He's one of the least cooperative and most hard-headed clients in the entire series. Even after Alita has admitted to seeing him as a bratty nuisance, and confessed to the victim's murder, Wocky still tries to get in Apollo's face and yell threats at him for accusing her in the first place. In the end, though, Wocky's a kid. Barely even into adulthood, he's shown repeatedly not to have a healthy, mature outlook on life yet, and his parents are motivated just to ensure his wellbeing and give him a chance at a decent life. His last scene before Case 2's end shows that he does care about his parents as well, underneath his brash, aggressive exterior. He wants the fearsome reputation that his father's criminal career has afforded him, but he needs time to develop anything more than an unhealthy view of such a path in life.
Another dead jerk doctor in a game's Case 2, but this one tried to kill a nurse instead of trying to have one return from the dead.
Dahlia Jr. is a reasonably good villain for this case. I rather enjoy how you could almost take her for a sympathetic culprit who does want Wocky acquitted, only for her to basically laugh in the face of that idea and admit that she can't stand him and that she only hired Apollo because he looked unreliable enough to ensure a Guilty verdict.
I never disliked Klavier. I didn't think he was amazing back when I first played this game, and while I still don't, my opinion of him has actually gone up.
For starters, of course, he's just a decent, honest guy. His only priority in the courtroom is the truth, and if his witnesses are lying, trying to cover their own asses, he won't lift a finger to stop Apollo's interrogation of them. Sure, this makes him an easier opponent than Phoenix's rivals, and arguably less satisfying to "defeat", but I enjoy the change of pace all the same.
Now, what I really appreciated upon replay was the discomfort Klavier is shown to feel in regards to Phoenix's disbarment, and the Gramarye trial. When Vera is on the stand in Case 4, and her testimony starts to strongly suggest that she was the forger behind the diary page that cost Phoenix his career, Klavier freaks out. Between this trial segment and the very last, it becomes clear that he's spent the past seven years dealing with nagging doubts and discomfort, scared of the idea that he might have helped to unjustly destroy an innocent man's career.
When he began his prosecution career with the Gramarye trial, at just seventeen years old, Klavier was arrogant and hotheaded. He wanted to prove himself, and thanks to some precise words from his trusted older brother, he saw his chance. Kristoph led him to believe that Phoenix Wright was an underhanded cheat who would gladly stoop to dishonest tactics to secure a win. Eager to show his brother and the court at large what he was capable of, Klavier headed into the Gramarye trial with all the confidence in the world. All of it seemed so simple - he just needed to watch for the moment that Wright planned to put his forgery into play, and spring his planned trap. He would both expose a fraudulent defence attorney and convict a murderer at once.
And yet, as he describes in the final trial segment, when he succeeded, his "victory" left him with only a horrible sense of doubt. In his youthful arrogance, there were things he'd failed to consider. Could Wright have possibly planned that forgery for himself, given the limited time and resources he had available? How had Kristoph known it would happen? Was it all just a bit too perfect, and too easy for him?
Klavier clearly doesn't take finally learning the answers to those questions well. Just as his worst fears had led him to believe, his rush to claim victory led him to destroy the reputation and career of a good, honest man who had done nothing to deserve it, and at the root of all of this was his own older brother, who he had chosen to trust without hesitation.
This is, to me, the biggest piece of lost potential with Klavier in the games to follow. In this single game, he sees his brother and one of his personal friends indicted and convicted on murder charges, later learns what a depraved, monstrous bastard his brother really is, and has the guilt of his past part in Phoenix's disbarment crash down on him, and yet every last ounce of all of this is abandoned the moment this game ends. What a complete waste.
Ahh, Thalassa. After being kind of unreasonable for much of the unimpressive Case 3, keeping secret after secret that will only make it harder to give Machi a chance at an acquittal, our look into her past gives us a totally different view of the traveling songstress. The tragedies that befell her at as early an age as nineteen or so were far worse than she ever could have deserved, and her rather awful father was absolutely no help, sending her off to a foreign country with her memory damaged just to maintain the illusion of her death.
In this specific cast review, I can't fault Thalassa for not yet telling her children the truth about her identity. From an outside perspective, it really isn't her fault that the later two games would go on to show so little interest in addressing her ever again, but this does eventually make her seem like a cowardly, irresponsibly absent parent.
Pretty blank. Machi is the least interesting of the four uncooperative clients in this game. He only rarely speaks at all, and even when he does, his motives are left pretty blank.
Guess I'll take his space here to say the usual piece about what a dumb case Turnabout Serenade is. I think it's got some good moments, and certainly isn't awful overall, but there are some stupid things that go on here. In particular, though, and much more than the usual "why was Machi accused anyway" question, I'll tackle the annoyance of how forced this case's methods for ensuring the player only solves the mystery in one specific way are.
At two separate points in this case's runtime, Ema suddenly produces a piece of evidence found at the crime scene that the player just arbitrarily wasn't allowed to find earlier (the first from her personally, and the second delivered by Phoenix mid-trial), both of which would have totally altered the flow of earlier trial segments had they been in play back then. It just comes across as lazy writing, forcing the player along a poorly-planned path.
Dead Interpol guy. Bizarrely poetic, obscure final words.
You can pick Daryan out as the case's culprit as early as the first investigation just because he has the greatest sprite variety of any character introduced in this case.
Anyway, he's an opportunistic dick. The closest two things he gets to any properly humanizing traits are his honest, relatively-positive remarks about Klavier's personality, and his loosely-implied choice to smuggle the Borginian Cocoon into America for the benefit of the Chief Justice's terminally-ill son. Of course, it's made pretty clear that Daryan's actual motivation is the massive paycheque said smuggling could also net him, so that seemingly altruistic side to him loses some steam.
The lesser Gramarye jerk. Still a jerk, mind.
Valant is really fun to watch, with his flashy animations and theatrical expressions. Troupe Gramarye was clearly a seriously rough group to work in, and it obviously took a major toll on the guy. Doesn't really excuse his efforts to frame Zak for Magnifi's death, of course.
Now, like Zak, Valant eventually comes to regret some of his past choices surrounding the Gramarye trial, but unlike Zak, he doesn't screw it up with any backhanded or selfish schemes attached. So, still a jerk, but not nearly as bad as his fellows in the male side of the Gramarye band.
Cute, sympathetic (especially in her younger years), and undeserving of the bad hand life has dealt her.
I really mean that kid Vera is sympathetic - I feel absolutely terrible for her during her scenes in the MASON System investigation. She's a sheltered, scared kid with a father who cares for her, but clearly has no idea at all of how to raise a daughter on account of his own extremely reclusive nature, and her quiet, shy nature is exploited maliciously by Kristoph for his own gain at the expense of those around her.
Interesting guy. I love the morally-grey nature of this game's cast. Drew isn't an especially bad guy, but he genuinely doesn't know what to do with his life beyond continuing the one thing he's found that works, even if that thing is using his daughter's brilliant artistic talent for crime. He clearly comes to regret having unwittingly sealed the fate of Phoenix's legal career, as shown by his observations of Apollo's early cases, and were it not for his untimely death, I think he would've wanted to try and make amends with the Wright family for his past mistakes.
Ugh. Brushel is wearying. On one hand, he's probably the most helpful and cooperative witness in the whole franchise. On the other, he's Spark Brushel. Apparently Zak punches him a lot.
To me, he's like an anti-Lotta. A journalist-type who tries to play by the book and fight the good fight for its own sake, but who proves to also have a positively intolerable personality to deal with, where Lotta is someone I find charming, but who also has a seriously bad tendency to prioritize her chance at a scoop over the lives of the falsely accused. At least she recognizes her screw-ups and tries to make up for most of them. Brushel doesn't really need to do that, of course, because he's overall just not a bad person, as irritating as he might be.
So, people complain a lot about how Phoenix and Gumshoe behave in the Gramarye trial. "Phoenix is too cocky". "Gumshoe is too aggressive". I'll admit that I can see both.
Now, let me introduce you to Alexander O. Smith. Smith was the lead translator for the DS version of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, as well as for this game. In the first game, Gumshoe was very much a bull-headed and often cocky sort of person, very sure of himself in his detective work under Edgeworth's supervision. Does it not make sense, on some level, that the same guy who translated just the first game prior might inject some of those traits into Gumshoe the next time he worked on the detective's personality in a game?
Now, for my own complaint. Why in the world do Spark Brushel and Mike fucking Meekins get so much MASON System screentime after the trial, while Gumshoe is gone from the moment his cross-examination ends? This part has nothing to do with translators - he just doesn't factor into the aftermath of Phoenix's final trial and subsequent disbarment at all. It's a huge missed opportunity.
He's still Meekins. Nothing of consequence has changed. Gumshoe deserved this screentime.
Troupe Gramarye's grand-bastard. Magnifi's a real piece of work. ... Wait, no - I meant "piece of trash". Yeah, that sounds more like it.
Harsh, demanding mentor, and willing to fake his daughter's death and leave her alone, blind, and lost in a foreign country just to use her "death" as blackmail over his students. What a colossal asshole.
Let's be real here - the only reason Mr. Reus didn't whack this guy years earlier was that he hadn't been invented yet.
... OK, JC's exhausted, but this post is done. I'll proof-read it later. Like usual, let me know if I missed anyone of consequence, and by all means, share your thoughts and points of debate for this post below!
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2020.07.20 04:47 housekingz Frances Ha/Greta Gerwig/Noah Baumbach

To start, I love the two other Baumbach films I’ve seen, Marriage Story and The Meyerowitz Stories. I also love Greta’s first two films she directed, Lady Bird (massive fan) and Little Women.
I just watched Frances Ha this evening. Wow, what a magnificent film. I had no idea Greta was such a talented actress. She is so funny and relatable as Frances and it was such a revelation to watch her carry the film as the lead. It’s almost like Lady Bird was a prequel to Frances. Both characters sense of humor is out of this world albeit that’s where their similarities seem to end.
There’s something about a Baumbach movie to begin with. The way he invents real life situations (auto-biographical I assume) to create the natural comedic moments that occur with all of us is always so perfectly done. He’s a great filmmaker and I’m interested to see his follow up to Marriage Story. His movies are like the younger hipper version of Alexander Payne films.
Greta, to me, is just as talented of a director as her partner, Noah. As a director, she’s already found her muse in Saoirse Ronan, and her male lead with the great chemistry, Timothee Chalamet. Like Baumbach, I really can’t wait to see what her next film will be. The scene in Little Women with Saoirse and Timothee dancing outside the party was beautiful and it just flexes her talent for me. This is your second movie and both were best picture nominees? Unbelievable how talented she is.
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2020.06.20 16:04 DramaticPatience0 40 Jobs in AL Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Lockheed Martin Subcontract Administrator Sr. Redstone Arsenal
DentaQuest Lead Dentist Up to $60K in Loan Repayment Alexander City
DentaQuest Lead Dentist Up to $60K in Loan Repayment Camp Hill
DentaQuest Lead Dentist Up to $60K in Loan Repayment Wadley
Jackson Therapy Partners Speech Language Pathologist Travel Job in Demopolis, AL Demopolis
Help At Home LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) Trussville
Tanner Medical Center Certified or Registered Respiratory Therapist Wedowee
Bulk Transport Company CDL A Dry Bulk Truck Drivers - Home Most Days Alabaster
Bulk Transport Company CDL A Dry Bulk Truck Drivers - Home Most Days Brantleyville
Bulk Transport Company CDL A Dry Bulk Truck Drivers - Home Most Days Calera
Children's of Alabama Staff Nurse I PerioOp Hoover
Henry County Nursing Home Baylor Charge Nurse Abbeville
Mvl CDL-A Company Driver Truck Driver - Home Weekly Alabaster
BluePipes Travel Nurse - RN - CVICU - Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit Alabaster
Roehl Transport Inc CDL-A Flatbed Truck Driver - Regional - Home Weekends! Albertville
Mvl CDL-A Company Driver Truck Driver - Home Weekly Albertville
Mvl CDL-A Company Driver Truck Driver - Home Weekly Anniston
Covenant Care Nurses Eufaula
Farmers Insurance Business Startup Opportunity Albertville
VCA Animal Hospitals Emergency Veterinarian Anniston
American National Commercial Insurance Agent Anniston
BK Aerospace CNC Machinist Arab
Liberty Personnel Services, Inc Oracle DBA Ardmore Airport
Liberty Personnel Services, Inc Network Engineer Cisco Ardmore Airport
Standard Furniture Manufacturing Human Resources Specialist Bay Minette
General Atomics Hypersonic Weapons Project Administrator Belle Mina
Blox Electrical Systems Coordinator Bessemer
Blox Modular Building Enclosure Design Coordinator Bessemer
AM3 - Alabama Marble Mineral & Mining Co. Accountant Bessemer
Walmart Distribution Center Area Maintenance Manager Brundidge
IAC Group Manufacturing Engineer - IP/GB Cottondale
IAC Group Manufacturing Engineer - DP/OHS Cottondale
Kimball Midwest Entry-Level Outside Sales Representative Cullman
Farmers Insurance Business Startup Opportunity Cullman
Walmart Optometrist Dothan
Southeast Health Director Clinical Quality & Patient Safety Dothan
Farmers Insurance Business Startup Opportunity Fort Payne
Open Jobs Find jobs with Flexible Hours! Fultondale
American National Commercial Insurance Agent Gardendale
Encompass Health Registered Nurse Greater Birmingham Area
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in al. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2020.06.19 19:06 Daddyg2019 57 [M4F] Philadelphia Pa - Seeking A Younger Woman

TLDR divorced older man seeks younger woman for the adventure of a lifetime.
I still feel that there's a lot in front of me even as I traverse my 50's. I don't know that I have a life philosophy so to speak but I try to live my life according to a number of different ideas that have struck me throughout my life.
I am divorced and living alone. Ok, let me rephrase that, I have 2 daughters, one lives in Massachusetts, the other lives with me, not that I see her all that often, but she's technically still living with me even though most nights she's either working or staying with friends.
I consider myself a hopeful romantic. I don't believe romantics are hopeless. By their very nature I believe romantics are optimists. I would love to meet someone who is looking for the same thing I am. I am finally at a place where I feel that I am now free and clear to look for that one person who I can connect with. I'm not looking to sleep around but I am looking for a friend, confidante, and occasional partner in crime.
I have a slightly cracked sense of humor. I can be inappropriate at times but know when to lay off the sarcasm. I wouldn't say I'm cynical but there are times when I realize what I've said that I think, ooh did I just say that?
Music and movies are my life. I have an eclectic taste in both. Music I like anything from The Beatles to The Eagles to The Ramones to CCR to Matchbox Twenty to Counting Crows to Barenaked Ladies. I enjoy all genres of movies, subtitled, documentaries, drama, comedy, action, if it's well made I will probably enjoy it. I have a few directors I would definitely consider my favorites, they range from Michael Hanneke to Steven Soderbergh to Alexander Payne.
I enjoy being out of the house whether it's to a show, a movie at the Ritz, dancing at a club, listening to live music, performing live music, riding my bicycle along the DNR canal towpath or the Perkiomen and Schuylkill trails.
Now having said that I love being out I also guard my me time. Someone else called themselves a sociable introvert and I think that describes me perfectly. Each time I do the Myers Briggs test I wind up right on the cusp of Introvert and Extrovert. So there are times when I want to be out and about but there are other times when I just need to be away from all the hustle and bustle.
I have an incurable sense of wanderlust. I love to travel and explore. I am fortunate in that I have a job that takes me to a lot of different places around the country and I have sufficient vacation time to explore on my own. I just returned from Italy and am heading to SE Asia again. I have a list of places yet to visit that includes Bali, Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, France (Paris mostly), and Belgium (Bruges mostly.) I try not to look back for too long because there's too much to see still. That line from the old Jimmy Buffett song, "Changes in Latitudes" really struck a nerve with me.
I would love to find a life partner. I don't know that I want to marry again but the idea of a partner for the remainder of this journey sounds good. am open to the possibilities though.
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2020.06.19 14:39 DramaticPatience0 40 Jobs in AL Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Lockheed Martin Subcontract Administrator Sr. Redstone Arsenal
DentaQuest Lead Dentist Up to $60K in Loan Repayment Alexander City
DentaQuest Lead Dentist Up to $60K in Loan Repayment Camp Hill
DentaQuest Lead Dentist Up to $60K in Loan Repayment Wadley
Jackson Therapy Partners Speech Language Pathologist Travel Job in Demopolis, AL Demopolis
Help At Home LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) Trussville
Tanner Medical Center Certified or Registered Respiratory Therapist Wedowee
Bulk Transport Company CDL A Dry Bulk Truck Drivers - Home Most Days Alabaster
Bulk Transport Company CDL A Dry Bulk Truck Drivers - Home Most Days Brantleyville
Bulk Transport Company CDL A Dry Bulk Truck Drivers - Home Most Days Calera
Children's of Alabama Staff Nurse I PerioOp Hoover
Henry County Nursing Home Baylor Charge Nurse Abbeville
Mvl CDL-A Company Driver Truck Driver - Home Weekly Alabaster
BluePipes Travel Nurse - RN - CVICU - Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit Alabaster
Roehl Transport Inc CDL-A Flatbed Truck Driver - Regional - Home Weekends! Albertville
Mvl CDL-A Company Driver Truck Driver - Home Weekly Albertville
Mvl CDL-A Company Driver Truck Driver - Home Weekly Anniston
Covenant Care Nurses Eufaula
Farmers Insurance Business Startup Opportunity Albertville
VCA Animal Hospitals Emergency Veterinarian Anniston
American National Commercial Insurance Agent Anniston
BK Aerospace CNC Machinist Arab
Liberty Personnel Services, Inc Oracle DBA Ardmore Airport
Liberty Personnel Services, Inc Network Engineer Cisco Ardmore Airport
Standard Furniture Manufacturing Human Resources Specialist Bay Minette
General Atomics Hypersonic Weapons Project Administrator Belle Mina
Blox Electrical Systems Coordinator Bessemer
Blox Modular Building Enclosure Design Coordinator Bessemer
AM3 - Alabama Marble Mineral & Mining Co. Accountant Bessemer
Walmart Distribution Center Area Maintenance Manager Brundidge
IAC Group Manufacturing Engineer - IP/GB Cottondale
IAC Group Manufacturing Engineer - DP/OHS Cottondale
Kimball Midwest Entry-Level Outside Sales Representative Cullman
Farmers Insurance Business Startup Opportunity Cullman
Walmart Optometrist Dothan
Southeast Health Director Clinical Quality & Patient Safety Dothan
Farmers Insurance Business Startup Opportunity Fort Payne
Open Jobs Find jobs with Flexible Hours! Fultondale
American National Commercial Insurance Agent Gardendale
Encompass Health Registered Nurse Greater Birmingham Area
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in al. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2020.06.02 15:50 Quippykisset ins14
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2020.03.14 21:58 Soloemilia RPS/Kamras doing an amazing job

Saturday, March 14, 2020
Dear RPS Family, As I shared yesterday, the outpouring of support from our staff and the larger RVA community has been incredible. Here are a few quotes from our volunteer sign-up page: "I’m a fifth grade teacher at Overby-Sheppard. I would love to help out in the Overby-Sheppard surrounding community if possible. I live in the Fan and am able to help out wherever needed!" "My husband & I are happy to assist with childcare for a few kids (we can provide transportation to/from home, homework help, etc.) so parents don't have to quit their jobs to stay home." "I am not a parent of RPS but a part of the Richmond community. I’m currently pregnant and trying to avoid as much contact with the public as possible but if there is something I can do to help without having too much direct interaction with large amounts of people I’d love to help!" "Please let me know what I do to help? I’m not able to do the physical food distribution as my office is still open at this time, but please advise if there are any funding or food needs? Happy to donate or purchase needed items!" "Can deliver meals... I work 8-5 (telework if/when that becomes mandatory for me) but willing to prep/package/deliver in my off times. Richmond strong." "I am in quarantine myself, but am happy to donate money or make phone calls/coordinate as needed!" Our amazing Office of Engagement is working through all these offers of help. As a reminder, here's where you can sign up. Also, if you'd like to donate, please do so through the Richmond Public Schools Education Foundation website. Thank you! A few updates: Food Distribution Centers – The RPS Food and Nutrition Team has been working around the clock to get these centers set up. Big thanks to Susan Roberson, who leads this team! We've also had a ton of RPS teachers, support staff, families, and community members help out. We're so, so grateful to everyone who's pitched in. I had a chance to swing by Chimborazo ES today (see pic below) and they're stocked up! As a reminder, the sites below will be open Monday through Friday, from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm. Armstrong High School, 2300 Cool Ln, Richmond, VA 23223 Binford Middle School, 1701 Floyd Ave, Richmond, VA 23220 Blackwell Elementary School, 300 East 15th Street, Richmond, VA 23224 Boushall Middle School, 3400 Hopkins Rd, Richmond, VA 23234 Broad Rock Elementary School, 4615 Ferguson Ln, Richmond, VA 23234 Chimborazo Elementary School, 3000 E Marshall St, Richmond, VA 23223 Fisher Elementary School, 3701 Garden Rd, Richmond, VA 23235 Francis Elementary School, 5146 Snead Rd, Richmond, VA 23224 George Mason Elementary School, 813 N 28th St, Richmond, VA 23223 Ginter Park Elementary School, 3817 Chamberlayne Ave, Richmond, VA 23227 Greene Elementary School, 1745 Catalina Dr, Richmond, VA 23224 Henderson Middle School, 4319 Old Brook Rd, Richmond, VA 23227 Huguenot High School, 7945 Forest Hill Ave, Richmond, VA 23225 Lucille Brown Middle School, 6300 Jahnke Rd, Richmond, VA 23225 Miles Jones Elementary School, 200 Beaufont Hills Dr, Richmond, VA 23225 MLK Middle School, 1000 Mosby St, Richmond, VA 23223 Oak Grove-Bellemeade Elementary School, 2409 Webber Ave, Richmond, VA 23224 Reid Elementary School, 1301 Whitehead Rd, Richmond, VA 23225 Summer Hill Preschool, 2717 Alexander Ave, Richmond, VA 23234 Wythe High School, 4314 Crutchfield St, Richmond, VA 23225 Additional Food Source – The Market at 25th's slogan is "A Market with a Mission," and they're coming through big-time on that. Starting Tuesday (March 17), they will have 500 bags of food at a discounted rate ($11 each) for East End families. Included in each bag will be: 4 cans of tuna, 2 cans of green beans, 2 cans of corn, 1 jar of peanut butter, 1 box of cereal, 1 box of mac and cheese, 1 box of spaghetti, 1 box of elbow macaroni, and 1 bag of brown rice. They'll have another 500 bags on Thursday (March 19). Please share this information with East End families who may be in need. Internet Access – Effective Monday, Comcast is offering families with limited income 60 days of free service (normally $9.95/month). To sign up, call 855-846-8376 (English) or 855-765-6995 (Spanish). AP and SAT – Many of our high school students are understandably concerned about cancelled SAT administrations and upcoming AP tests. The College Board has information about both exams on their website. AP is here and SAT is here. Math! – Starting Tuesday, I'll be doing daily online math lessons aligned to the curriculum we've been piloting this year. (I was a pretty decent math teacher back in the day :) More details coming soon! Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't remind everyone that today is "Pi Day!" What's Pi Day? Well, Pi = 3.14... (it goes on forever) and today is 3-14! Remember: statistics show that 3.14% of sailors are pi-rates. (mic drop) Coronavirus Explainer Podcast for Kids – BrainsOn!, a great science podcast for kids (it's one of our go-to podcasts for car trips with our boys), has a new episode to help explain the coronavirus. You can listen to it here. Again, I can't thank you all enough for your support of RPS during this difficult time! With great appreciation, Jason
Evolving FAQs I'll continue to update these FAQs as we receive more questions. The newest ones are in blue at the top. Will we need to go to school in the summer? I highly doubt it. In all likelihood, the State will waive the days we're closed, meaning we won't have to make them up. Once I know for sure, I'll let everyone know. Will we be closed for more than two weeks? I honestly don't know. That said, I think it is likely. You should begin to prepare for this possibility. Will long-term subs be paid? Yes! As noted in the staff section above, ALL RPS employees – full-time, part-time, and hourly – will be paid. Will we be cleaning our buses? Yes! All of them will undergo a deep cleaning. Are these messages available in other languages? Yes. They're all posted on the COVID-19 page of our website (, which has an auto-translate function for dozens of languages. The translate button is on the top right of the menu bar. Where do I find the "Learning at Home" section of the RPS website? It's now up on our homepage. Just click here. Where are the food distribution centers and what are the hours? The hours are 9:30 am – 12:30 pm, Monday through Friday. The locations are listed here. Please note that RPS families can go to ANY of the centers below, regardless of their home school. Families can also pick up multiple meals so that they don't have to come back every day of the week. We recognize that some families may have difficulty getting to these centers. As a result, we are working on a limited neighborhood distribution strategy, but need a bit more time to work through the details. I'll share more on this soon. If my child has medication at school, but I can't get there to pick it up, what should I do? Any adult on a student's contact card can pick up the medication. I also want to note that I've designated our principals as essential personnel, which means they'll be at the school buildings if you need to come by next week. Are events run by external organizations that rent space at schools (like churches for Sunday services) cancelled? Yes. As of Saturday, March 14, ALL activities are cancelled. Will Spring Break still be off? Yes. Even if we were to reopen school in two week's time, we would still be off for Spring Break. If I want to help in some way, what should I do? Please fill out this Google Form so we can follow up with you. Thank you! Information for RPS Employees (Unchanged Since March 13) HEALTH SUPPORT We recognize that an increased number of employees will likely need to utilize their health insurance due to COVID-19. If you have any issues with your benefits, please call 804-780-7859 so that we can assist you. Please also know that we provide mental health support through our Cigna Employee Assistance Program. Given how stressful and disconcerting things are right now, we strongly encourage you to access this benefit if you are in need of support. To do so, call 877-622-4327 or visit “RPS” (without the quotes) is our Employer ID. Full disclosure: there have been times in my life when I’ve needed mental health support. No shame in that. The only shame is when you don’t seek the help you need. If you have any questions about this, please email me at [email protected].
PAY ALL RPS employees will continue to be paid for their normal tour of duty. This includes full-time, part-time, and hourly employees. Long-term substitutes ARE included. We do not want any RPS employee to experience financial hardship as a result of the closure. Please note that “non-exempt” employees who are deemed Essential Personnel (see below) will receive their regular pay plus “straight time” (their hourly rate for hours worked). “Exempt” employees who are deemed Essential Personnel will just receive their regular pay. If you have any pay questions, please email me at [email protected].
ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL Though we will be closed, we need to maintain certain vital functions. That is why I am designating some staff as “Essential Personnel,” meaning they will need to continue to work during the closure. When possible, we will encourage these staff members to telework. And when not possible, in the interests of "social distancing," we will make every effort to ensure that there are never more than a handful of people working together at any time. If you are designated as Essential Personnel but have challenges that prevent you from working during this time (such as needing to watch your children), please let your manager know. We will work with you to figure out a solution. I am designating the following staff as Essential Personnel. Please note that we may need to adjust this list over time as the situation develops further. 1. The Senior Leadership Team Michelle Hudacsko, Chief of Staff Tracy Epp, Chief Academic Officer Harry Hughes, Chief Schools Officer Shadae Harris, Chief Engagement Officer Darin Simmons, Jr., Chief Operations Officer 2. School-Based Personnel ALL Principals and Principal Directors ALL Custodians – Custodians will work their normal tour of duty at their building until the facility receives an RPS “Certification of Cleanliness” (more information on that will come out next week). Custodians should coordinate with their principal if they would like to move from an evening shift to a morning shift. 3. Academic Office SOME members of the Academic Office – Selected team members will ensure that we are able to support student learning during the closure. Tracy Epp, Chief Academic Officer, will notify the designated team members. 4. Talent Office SOME members of the Talent Office – Selected team members will ensure that we continue to support our employees during the closure, and continue to hire so that we are prepared for next school year. Helen Demena, Director of Talent Acquisition, will notify the designated team members. 5. Schools Office SOME members of the Culture, Climate, and Student Services Team – Selected team members will maintain our collaboration with the Richmond City Health Department and the City of Richmond. Harry Hughes, Chief Schools Officer, will notify the designated team members. SOME members of the Safety and Security Team – Selected team members will staff each food distribution site. Mauricio Tovar, Director of Safety and Security, will notify the designated team members. 6. Engagement Office SOME members of the Engagement Office – Selected team members will ensure that we maintain our division-level communications and continue to coordinate with our partners. Shadae Harris, Chief Engagement Officer, will notify the designated team members. 7. Operations Office SOME members of the Payroll Team – Selected team members will ensure that ALL RPS staff continue to receive their paychecks. This includes full-time, part-time, and hourly employees. Wanda Payne, Director of Finance, will notify the designated team members. SOME members of the Accounts Payable Team – Selected team members will ensure that we continue to pay our bills on time. Wanda Payne, Director of Finance, will notify the designated team members. SOME members of the Food and Nutrition Team – Selected team members will staff the food distribution sites. Susan Roberson, Director of Food and Nutrition, will notify the designated team members. SOME members of the Facilities Team – Selected team members will support custodians and address any facility emergencies that arise. Bobby Hathaway, Director of Facilities, will notify the designated team members. SOME members of the Technology Services Team – Selected team members will ensure our technology infrastructure is maintained. Nick Cammarano, Director of Technology Services, will notify the designated team members. SOME members of the Transportation Team – Selected members will perform a deep cleaning of all of our buses. Floyd Miles, Director of Transportation, will notify the designated team members.
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2020.03.02 23:33 FWFReddit Ranking of All of the FWF Triple Crown Champions in History

The Triple Crown Championship is perhaps the most interesting championship in FWF in terms of its beginning. For years, FWF had an abundance of championships, including the FWF YouTube Championship, the FWF United States Championship, and the FWF European Championship. When FWF began its second rebranding in late-2018, Jayden Christopher assured people that he would put a stop to the oversaturating of championships, thus the Triple Crown Title was born. He would gather all of the current YouTube (TLK Shendun), United States (Jay Storm), and European (Johnny Cass) Champions together to battle it out and crown the inaugural FWF Triple Crown Champion. Since then, nine men have held the title, and there has yet to be a repeat champion. Today we look back at all of the men who have won the championship, and rank them, from least impactful to most.
[9] ‘The Prince of Hardcore’ Elijah
Not too many people may remember 'The Prince of Hardcore,' he was a brash young star from Portugal, who came to FWF searching for one thing only, gold. He would achieve this goal and at, the first-ever, In the Trenches PPV Elijah would win a Fatal Four-Way Match for the title. He defeated Ricky Lynch, Butcher, and the reigning champion Timothy to capture his one and only title in FWF. Soon, Elijah would make enemies out of everyone on the roster, saying he could defeat everyone and that he was always up for a challenge. 27 Days later, he was put to the test. At Chambers of Chaos 2019, Elijah would enter in first, defending his championship in an Elimination Chamber match against five other competitors. In a short time, Elijah was eliminated from the match, and he would quit FWF from embarrassment the very next day.
[8] TLK Shendun
The first-ever Triple Crown Champion ranks fairly low on the list due to the fact that, well, his reign was not very impactful. Shendun’s brief run began in FWF due to a partnership with FWF’s resident monster, Butcher. After just joining FWF, Shendun would suddenly defeat his friend to become the YouTube Champion, and when Jayden created the Unification Match, Shendun would manhandle his opponents to become the last-ever YouTube Champion, United States Champion, and European Champion. On that same night, Shendun would solidify his spot in FWF History as the first-ever Triple Crown Champion, then, nothing. We would barely see from Shendun for nearly 32 Days until he dropped his championship in a competitive encounter with DDG. Since then, Shendun has made brief appearances in FWF, but nothing could top his early rise, which eventually led to his early downfall.
[7] Timothy
Now is where the ranking is the hardest because truthfully the next seven competitors were all good champions, but when ranking the least impactful, Timothy is at the top of the list. Timothy came into FWF with a lot of praise, a former champion all around the independent circuit, Timothy came into FWF with his long-time friend, Jason Kennedy, as big acquisitions. Soon after his Tag Title run with Jason, Timothy would turn to the singles division and would throw his name in the hat for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Climax III. After an impressive showing, Timothy would lose the match. Yet, the night after Climax, he would challenge the Triple Crown Champion, DDG, to a match for the belt. The two would go back and forth, but eventually, Timothy would pin DDG to capture his first singles championship in FWF. It was a big win, and Timothy would follow it up with a successful defense against Johnny Cass at FWF’s A New Dawn. Two weeks later, at In the Trenches, he would lose it in a Four-Way Match to Elijah. Although his reign was not too long, Timothy helped carry on the legitimacy of the championship after DDG’s successful reign, more on that later.
[6] EC Collins
EC Collins currently has the record for the shortest reign in the Triple Crown Championship’s History, as he only held the title for 14 Days, before dropping it to his friend Jay Storm at Summer Showdown II. Although his reign was short, EC ranks higher on the list from his predecessors due to the fact that he brought the championship out of what could have been a major disaster. After a dominant reign, T.J Fleming would leave FWF out of nowhere, causing what many thought could be the end of the Triple Crown Championship. Luckily, that was not so. Jayden Christopher would soon create a match for the Vacant Championship between himself, Coty Long, and an unlikely underdog, in EC Collins. Towards the end of the match, it looked as though Jayden Christopher may pick up his first singles gold in years, but EC would roll Jayden up with a quick small package and would win to become the new champion. The crowd went ballistic, as EC finally won his first singles title, after being a competitor in FWF from the very beginning of his career. The number of days isn’t what always matters in a title reign, what you did in your time with the belt is what makes you a great champion.
[5] Hunter Hagen
The current Triple Crown Champion makes it into the Top 5 of this list, because of one thing, his will to succeed. Hunter Hagen is one of the newer recruits Jayden has brought into FWF, but since debuting at Summer Showdown, he has proven himself to be a very worthy champion. Soon after defeating the now Nex-Gen Tag Team Champion, Justin Woods, Hunter would set his eyes on Jay Storm and the Triple Crown Title. The Wrestler of the Year, for 2019, would actually lose his belt to Hunter at FWF’s fifth Rumble PPV on December 1st, ending a record-breaking reign that lasted longer than any other in the Triple Crown Title’s History. Hunter Hagen’s sudden rise to prominence is something we rarely see in FWF, and since then he has had a dominant performance at Climax with defense over Emmanuel Alexander, and a solid showing in the returning Apex Cup. As of February 18th, 2020, Hunter is only 18 Days from being tied with Jay Storm for most days as champion. Unless Hunter loses the championship at the Apex Cup Finals, it looks like he will be breaking that record.
[4] DDG
After the forgetful reign of Shendun, someone needed to step up and make the infant Triple Crown Championship an established part of FWF, here’s where DDG came in. On an episode of FWF’s weekly program, Blackout, DDG would be the first, and only, person to defeat Shendun during his tenure with the promotion. It seemed almost out of nowhere, but in reality, it was the best thing that could have happened for the new title. At that point, DDG had one of the best debut years in FWF history. Feuds with RJ Munchies and Ricky Lynch, along with an Intercontinental Championship reign and a successful Apex Cup, had audiences clamoring for more DDG. It wouldn’t take long before they got their wish. After his big win over the undefeated Shendun, DDG would go on to hold the championship for over a month, and he would be the first person to ever defend it at FWF’s biggest show of the year, Climax. Being the second champion can be one of the hardest spots for any talent to be in, it’s proof of whether that man or woman is a flop or a success. DDG has proven time and time again that he is in fact, a success.
[3] T.J Fleming
When you talk about impactful first years in FWF, the name’s DDG and Jason Kennedy often pop up, but one that may often get forgotten is that of the behemoth T.J Fleming. T.J Fleming debuted in FWF during the inaugural Apex Cup Tournament of 2018, and he would win his block of competitors before suffering a big loss to Jason Kennedy in the finals. After that, T.J would suddenly disappear from FWF, before resurfacing to target the former FWF Champion, Tyler Sorrow. At the third-ever Climax event, T.J would manhandle the backyard icon, and he would defeat him in FWF’s first-ever New York Street Fight. A month later, T.J would look to defeat yet another former champion, in Ricky Lynch, winning the Vacant Intercontinental Championship in the process. For months, T.J remained unbeaten and unpinned, and eventually, he would continue his dominance by defeating Axel Payne in a surprisingly short bout at Meltdown 2019. T.J would again, remain unbeaten, and it would be his departure from FWF that would ultimately end a record-breaking reign.
[2] Jay Storm
After FWF’s Anniversary event and the failed Apex Cup for 2019, there was a solid couple of weeks where competition in FWF hit an ultimate low. Championships weren’t defended, competitors were nowhere to be found, but then came Summer Showdown. In the middle of this chaotic time in FWF history, one of the most important shows in that calendar year would take place, with title changes in every single match. The Triple Crown Championship was no exception. After winning his first singles title in FWF, EC Collins already had the presence of an incredibly tough challenger, Jay Storm. The former FWF Champion challenged his fellow trios partner to a match at the big show in his first defense, and he would defeat him. Jay Storm would then set the current record for longest-reigning Triple Crown Championship, and he would hold the belt for an impressive 3+ Months. It would take a low blow from the newcomer, Hunter Hagen, at FWF’s Rumble event to cost Jay Storm his championship, but that would end up turning into one of the most important nights of his career. Jay would go on to win the FWF Rumble and, in doing so, become the first man to successfully win the FWF Title at Climax after winning a rumble match.
[1] Axel Payne
Axel Payne’s reign with the Triple Crown Championship has certainly been one of his biggest claims to fame in his FWF career. Beginning at Chambers of Chaos in 2019, he would hold the belt for over two months, yet in that short time, he accomplished plenty. After a disappointing loss at Climax, it seemed as if Axel might be lost, he was floundering in the singles division, and besides a Trios Championship victory with No Lives Matter, nothing was going his way. In came the Triple Crown Championship. For weeks, the cocky Elijah challenged all competitors in FWF to stand up and challenge him for his gold, and he would get that wish. In a match full of talent, it would be Axel Payne who would defeat five men and capture his first singles championship in over a year. From then on, there was no stopping him. Successful defenses over ‘Big Nasty’ Richard Long, his brother Victor Payne, and former Trios Tag Title partner J Sinister, would lead Axel to become once again one of the most feared athletes in FWF. It would all ultimately come to an end at Meltdown when T.J Fleming would defeat Axel in his 4th defense. At this point, the Triple Crown Championship was beginning to lose hope, and without Axel Payne’s reign, both he and the title may have never recovered.
Of the nine men who have captured the Triple Crown Championship, some have become fixtures of FWF, others not so much, but all have helped shape it into one of the best in FWF. The introduction of the Triple Crown Title has lead to some of the most shocking moments in recent memory, and more are sure to come.
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2020.02.10 04:12 FWFReddit Ranking of All of the FWF World Tag Team Champions in History

Coming up on 2 years in FWF, the tag division has brought us some of the most memorable moments, feuds, and matches in the history of the promotion. Since its creation in early 2018, the FWF World Tag Team Championships have been held by 10 different teams. In an age where tag team wrestling is underappreciated, the tag titles have been held to a high regard in FWF, allowing some of the all-time greats to hold these prestigious belts. Here we rank all of the tag teams to hold tag gold in FWF.
[10] British Devastation
When Lewis McIntyre and Harry Mills were put together as a team, many in FWF thought they would be unstoppable, sadly that isn’t how that turned out. British Devastation made only one appearance in FWF as a team, and that was when they fought Jayden Christopher and Latcho for the vacant World Tag Team Titles, and they won.
A mere 6 days later the team disbanded, as Harry Millers left FWF and retired from pro wrestling. As for Lewis McIntyre, he’ll show up next on this list. Overall these two as a tag team lasted only one match, and had no effect on FWF as a whole, hence why it ranks last in the list of FWF World Tag Team Champions.
[9] U.K’s Finest
Yet another team comprised of two of the U.K’s top talent, this time, the Scottish-born Lewis McIntyre and the Northern-Irish star Cam Doyle. The genesis of this team began with 2019’s War of the Trios Tournament. This was an 8-team single-elimination tournament where FWF would crown the inaugural FWF Trios Champions.
Current Money in the Bank holder, Nicholas Pablo, saw his nemesis Tyler Sorrow in the tournament and decided he wanted a team of his own. After weeks of searching, he found two more wrestlers from the U.K, and thus U.K’s Finest was born. W
ales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland all represented well, the team looked nearly unstoppable. They defeated two teams to make it to the finals against the team of No Lives Matter and Axel Payne, but they ended up losing in a match nearly two hours long. After the grueling match, Pablo decided to abandon his team, and left them to fend for themselves.
Once that happened, it seemed they weren’t going to be able to do much, then a Number One Contender’s Match came their way. U.K’s Finest would win and be named challengers for The Howling’s FWF World Tag Team Championships, and at Chambers of Chaos, they would capture the gold.
Their reign itself was very unimpactful, they held the titles for 50 days, but only defended them once when they lost the belts. Soon after Lewis McIntyre would leave FWF, while Cam Doyle would rebrand himself and stick to his Irish-brawler roots and feud with the likes of Axel Payne.
[8] Headhunter Enterprises
From U.K’s Finest, to the team that beat them for the belts. This odd team consisted of the big bruiser Qu’Ran Cook and an FWF veteran, in Duane Carter. Overall, the team looked quite impressive.
Originally the two were recruited by Jayden Christopher to take out Jay Storm during their feud, but when they failed, Jayden scolded them and they went off on their own. Qu’Ran Cook had been a competitor in FWF for a while, but had never been in any major matches or feuds, but with Duane Carter taking him under his wing, they were able to capture the World Tag Team Titles and become the longest reigning champions at 122 days.
Sadly, Qu’Ran Cook would get injured and the team would have to forfeit their titles after only having defended twice on episodes of Blackout. Although both have now returned, neither are interested in reforming their tag team.
[7] ATF
Shawn Collins and Inoko Kenta were at one time two of the most controversial wrestlers in FWF, but only by association. When Ethan Blade decided to take on Kadar Santorelli’s legacy with the faction Infamous, he looked to two guys, Shawn and Inoko.
As a team they were unstoppable, their biggest win came in a title defense against No Lives Matter, but throughout their reign they had occasional defenses on Blackout. It seemed as if they could never be stopped, until Summer Showdown.
At the event, the new team of Jason Kennedy and Timothy would destroy ATF to capture their first gold in FWF. After the loss, Inoko and Shawn would leave FWF, before returning in the 2018 Apex Cup, where Shawn Collins nearly made the finals.
In a tie-breaker which would decide who went to the finals of the Apex Cup, Jason Kennedy defeated Shawn in 4 minutes, causing him to leave FWF permanently. Inoko Kenta would leave stick around until Climax where he would lose in the Triple Crown Championship Triple-Threat to the then-champion, DDG.
[6] No Lives Matter
Perhaps the longest-tenured team on this last, No Lives Matters’ origins come from a faction they were a part of, along with Jayden Christopher and Emmanuel Alexander, known as Genesis. The faction was formed to stop all of the chaotic villains of FWF, specifically Ethan Blade and Axel Payne.
When they were both subdued, it was a turning point in the group. Tyler Sorrow would win a shot at Jayden Christopher’s FWF Championship, and when he defeated Jayden, it was the beginning of the end. They would stay together until Tyler lost the championship; enraged, he attacked the man who beat him, Ricky Lynch. When confronted about the attack, Tyler told all of FWF that him and J Sinister would be going on their own, and that “No Lives Mattered.”
The team would challenge for the tag titles multiple times in losing efforts, before entering the War of the Trios Tournament. They would team with Axel Payne to make it to the finals, and eventually win the FWF Trios Championships, becoming the first to do so. Their reign wouldn’t last long however, as 19 days later they would drop the belts to the stacked team of Jayden Christopher, Butcher, and Nicholas Pablo.
After an argument with Axel Payne, J Sinister and Tyler decided to go on their own for a while. Tyler would go on to feud with Nicholas Pablo and Jayden Christopher, while J Sinister would attempt to win the Triple Crown Championship on two occasions.
After Tyler Sorrow’s victory against Jayden at Summer Showdown II, the team would reform and fight Jayden Christopher and Butcher for the vacant tag titles, succeeding. Since then, they have yet to defend the titles, but have been active parts of FWF, competing at Climax and winning Tag Team of the Year at the FWF End of the Year Awards 2019.
[5] Black Lotus
A team between a former FWF Champion and a juggalo, it sounds as weird as you think, but somehow this strange team worked. Adam Winters and Vampz were long-time friends before joining FWF, having competed along the indy scene for years. Immediately when they stepped through the Freestyle doors, they made an impact.
In their debut match they won the, now defunct, FWF Tag Championships. They would win another piece of tag gold, before FWF’s massive rebranding in late 2017. When all of the gold in FWF was changed, so did this team.
Once the first FWF World Tag Team Champions were crowned in the beginning of 2018, Black Lotus were the first to challenge for the belts. They would go on to defeat The Febreze Brothers 2.0, Ricky Lynch and Jayden Christopher, in their first match with the duo. After that, the two teams had a slew of classic matches.
2/3 Falls Matches, No DQ Matches, all culminating in the first and only Tag Team Three Stages of Hell Match to date. This occurred at FWF’s Bloodbath PPV, with the three rounds being a Normal Tag Match, a 15-Minute Iron-Man Tag Match, and a Hell in a Cell Match. The near hour long bout was brutal, leaving both teams exhausted, but that wasn’t the end of their feud.
After losing the tag titles back to Jayden and Ricky in the Three Stages of Hell, Adam Winters would go on to win the FWF Championship, and enlist a newcomer, in T.G. Sting, to team with Vampz in a Triangle Ladder Match for the belts at Climax.
They would fail to capture the gold, and after Climax, Black Lotus went into hiatus. Brief appearances from both have happened since then, but they have never officially reformed their team.
[4] Jason Kennedy and Timothy
Before he would become the most dominant FWF Champion of all time, Jason Kennedy would debut in FWF teaming with long-time friend Timothy.
Soon after their debut, the duo would compete for the tag titles at Summer Showdown against ATF, and they would destroy their opponents. After that match, there was no stop in sight. Jason and Timothy would defend their belts a handful of times after, including a victory against The Brothers of Payne in a chaotic tag team Hell in a Cell Match at Roulette IV.
The reign would end at FWF's fourth Rumble event, where Axel Payne would secretly attack Jason Kennedy after he had won the FWF Championship, making him unable to defend his tag titles with Timothy. Without Tim's knowledge, Axel would go under disguise as Jason, and cost the duo their tag team championships.
Jason Kennedy has since been the only man in history to hold both the FWF Championship and FWF World Tag Team Championships simultaneously, eventually retaining his title against his rival, Axel Payne, at that year's Climax.
[3] The Febreze Brothers 2.0
The inaugural FWF World Tag Team Champions were one of the best. Jayden Christopher and Ricky Lynch held the belts two times while teaming, and a third time during their blood feud in late 2018. In early 2018, FWF had been fully rebranded. No longer were the two-minute title reigns and comedy elements, it was time for a more serious product.
Funny enough, one of the comedy elements of FWF did stick around, that being The Febreze Brothers 2.0. The original Febreze Brothers were of course Latcho and Jayden Christopher, the two founders of FWF. Once Latcho went on to his part-time status and Jayden had achieved much single success, the boss felt as if he should retire from the ring all together, then came Ricky Lynch. After being friends for nearly 5 years, Jayden brought Ricky into FWF as a way to help create a new star, and to help gain some love back for pro wrestling.
What ensued was one of the best tag runs in recent memory. Ricky and Jayden would win a tag tournament in January of 2018 to become the first-ever FWF World Tag Team Champions, and from then on they defended against all tag teams.
Their first challenge came in the form of Black Lotus, after only 28 days of holding the titles, they would lose to Adam and Vampz in a slugfest at Chambers of Chaos. After another month, the two teams would battle in a Three Stages of Hell Match where The Febreze Brothers would once again win their championships, becoming two-time World Tag Team Champions.
After that, they would hold the belts for an impressive 77 days, defending against their former rivals and new teams, such as Infamous. Around May of 2018, Jayden would be blindsided by a returning RJ Munchies, and would be put out of action for over a month, causing him and Ricky to relinquish their coveted titles.
When FWF’s One-Year Anniversary came along on June 16th, Ricky was ready to team up with his mentor and recapture their belts, yet Jayden chose Latcho as his partner. When they lost to British Devastation, Ricky snapped. He attacked both Latcho and Jayden, and turned on his former mentor to become a solo act.
It would take months for the two to meet again, but when they did, it was hard to watch. After his failed FWF Championship run, Ricky would return at the Rumble PPV and enter a tag team battle royal as Jayden’s partner, where he would attempt to eliminate Jayden from the match, accidentally hitting challenger Jalen Xander off of the apron, giving him and Jayden another Tag Team Title.
The two stared at each other, angry and confused, not knowing what to do about their situation. On the next episode of Blackout, Ricky and Jayden were scheduled to defend their belts against the newly formed team, Yakuza. Ricky decided to no-show the match, and Jayden defended the belts alone in a handicap match, where Yakuza would capture their first FWF World Tag Titles.
After the match, Ricky would brutally attack Jayden, busting him open and wiping Jayden’s blood on his chest. The fans, disgusted, had no idea what would happen to FWF. For the next two weeks, a new show rose, ‘FWF is Ricky.’
Nobody knew when the nightmare would end, until Jayden chased Ricky down to his own home and they brutally fought in a brawl that would see both men crashing off of the second-story bedroom.
This all lead up to the main-event of Climax III, Jayden and Ricky finally faced off in a match for the ages, where Jayden would just barely defeat Ricky in an hour long No Holds Barred Match.
The two stars only crossed paths one more time, at the End of the Year Awards 2018, since then neither have interacted with each other.
[2] The Howling
Today, DDG and Jay Storm are both former (and current) FWF Champions, but every story has its humble beginnings. For the first few months of their runs here in FWF, it seemed as though DDG would be destined to become the top champion, and Jay would fight mostly for the now-defunct U.S. Championship. Then came Climax III.
At this show Jay Storm took one step further into his future super-stardom by winning the Money in the Bank Briefcase, while DDG successfully defended the Triple Crown Title. Soon after Timothy would defeat DDG for his singles gold on an episode of Blackout, and after that, the two best friends would decide to fight for the World Tag Team Titles.
They would challenge the lethal Yakuza for their tag belts on Christmas Day, and win. From then on they would trade the belts back and forth, eventually losing their second title reign due to U.K's Finest.
Although neither reign was that long, The Howling/Yakuza feud brought FWF's tag division back to the promise land, and gave hope to future teams looking to make their names in FWF. Soon after they lost the tag titles, The Howling would team with perhaps FWF's biggest underdog, EC Collins.
The trio would go on to defeat Butcher in a three on one handicap match to capture the FWF Trios Championships, becoming the third team to do so. Since then they have spent 272 Days as champions, and counting. This officially makes them the longest reigning champions, of any title, in the history of FWF.
[1] Yakuza
Jayden Christopher often sights Yakuza as one of his favorite creations. For nearly a year, Razor Matsumoto and Akira Nguyen were on their own, moving randomly throughout FWF’s shows, not having a place in the company. Then, lightning struck.
After a brief meeting, Jayden introduced the two competitors, and thus began the most dominant team in the history of FWF. Soon after meeting each other, the chemistry became apparent, the two Japanese stars would enlist the managerial skills of Razor’s wife, Akane Matsumoto.
Akane would lead her boys to their first Tag Title on an episode of Blackout in late 2018, the duo would hold the titles for 41 days. During that time they would defend their championships in an exhausting match at Climax, against the team of Johnny Cass and Jalen Xander, led by former FWF Champion, Duane Carter.
They would eventually lose their belts to the team of Jay Storm and DDG, The Howling, on Christmas Day. From then on, perhaps the best tag feud in FWF history would commence. Over the next three months, The Howling and Yakuza would battle multiple times, with Yakuza picking up the belts once again, before dropping them right back to The Howling three weeks later.
Before all of this, Yakuza would win the Tag Team of the Year Award for 2018, and after the feud with The Howling, they would battle in an emotional retirement match for Akira at Meltdown in 2019. The match was nominated for a Match of the Year Award in 2019, ultimately losing out.
Since then, Akira and Razor have returned as of FWF’s fifth Rumble Show in November of 2019. Since the event, they have been quiet, but one day they will return.
With some reigns lasting 6 Days, and other lasting months, the FWF World Tag Team Championships have always added a welcomed element of surprise to the promotion. Out of all of the teams in FWF's History, few have been able to say they have held tag gold, but the majority that have, have been etched in history as some of the greatest competitors in FWF history.
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2020.02.03 16:57 dp517 Show 3.26 Matchcards

Ebak vs. Chris Princess
After losing the YouTube title he treasured so much at Global Warning, now Chris Princess faces Ebak one on one, it’s definitely not an easy match coming off a loss, and Princess will have to keep on his toes to have a chance at beating Ebak here.
Roxx vs. Crystal Brooks
Roxx looks to continue her path of destruction here against Crystal Brooks.
Tifanie Quin vs. Julie Storm
Tifanie Quin secured huge W last week against Selena Adams and Alina Valentina, now she attempts to turn that into a streak against Julie Storm.
Tommy Vegas vs. Colin Piper
Colin Piper picked up a nice victory last week against Star Destroyer alongside his mentor; Michael Young. Now he goes one on one with one of the hottest rising stars on Vindication; The Sin City Saint, Tommy Vegas.
Yuri York vs. Alina Valentina - Entry to Verdict Vote for CWL Openweight Championship
Yuri York and Alina Valentina, will York take that step closer to finally achieving singles gold in the CWL, or will Alina join her partner Belle in the vote for Sarah Price’s challenger at Verdict.
The Order vs. War Boys - MAD MATCH
AND OUR MAIN EVENT! Ricky and DWJ will face the War Boys on their terms this time, on their turf. The Order will collide with the War Boys in a MAD MATCH. Will The Order prove their dominance? Or will the War Boys gain the glory they seek and reach valhalla, all shiny and chrome? Only one team has what it takes to survive THE WASTELAND.
Amber Arcade vs. Rebecca Reyes
Amber Arcade faced one minor setback, but she’s ready to get on the saddle again. This week she faces off against Rebecca Reyes
Jackson Payne vs. Grul Khattak
The former Nemesis is not happy and he’s promising to take all his frustrations out on Jackson Payne. Jackson ran into a wall recently a few weeks ago in the form of Ryan Quinn, but Grul is a completely different kind of monster.
Drake Harrison vs. Troy Blackwell
The new Nemesis champion returns to the show and he’s here to give the fans what they want: A fighting champion that respects the spirit of competition. On the other side is CWL newcomer Troy Blackwell, who impressed in his first outing but still came up short. Can he do the impossible and defeat the Nemesis champion?
Jon Spartacus vs. Buzzsaw Briggs
Last week we heard that Alexander and Spartacus will face off one on one at Verdict for the right to become the Nemesis Battle Lines captain. But first, Buzzsaw is going to see if Spartacus has what it takes to take on the leader of Revolt.
Bryan vs. Jacob Nitro w/ TJ Black
Bryan finally gets to have his hands on a Disciple, and its the 3rd man from the scuffle a few weeks ago. After disposing of The Rising Sun last week, Nitro gets Bryan, and if any disciples get involved in the match, there will be repercussions
Sarah Price/Holly Queen vs. Marilyn Benson/Kaylyn
The two womens champs on Nemesis will team up for the first time against 2 former contenders. As we get closer to Verdict, we know Benson will face Holly once again to settle the score, but who will Price face? With all Vindication contenders at Verdict, the field is completely open.
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2020.01.30 00:53 FWFReddit Ranking of All of the FWF Champions in History

In the over 2-Year lineage of the FWF Championship, fifteen different men have held the prestigious belt. Many of them have gone on to etch their names in FWF History, some have been quietly forgotten, but all took part in bringing FWF to where it is today. From September of 2017 to January of 2020, there has been plenty of big moments in Freestyle Wrestling Federation, now we look back on some of the men who took part in those and rank all FWF Champions from Least Important to Most Important.
[15] Harry Mills
Hailing from London, England, the former rugby player turned pro wrestler made his name wide and clear by becoming only the second man in history to win FWF’s Money in the Bank Briefcase. This took place at the second-ever Climax event in February of 2018. On that night, a grueling Fatal-Four Way Elimination Match took place in the Main Event for the FWF Championship (more on that later).
After nearly an hour of fighting, Duane Carter came out victorious to capture his first piece of FWF gold, sadly this moment would be ripped from his hands as Hunter Mills cashed in his newly won briefcase to become the 7th man to hold the title. From there on, nothing happened.
Hunter’s reign has been lost in history due to it lasting a mere 29 days and being ended at one defense after losing the title to his fellow Infamous Stable-mate, Kadar Santorelli. Soon after the loss, Harry would capture a tag championship and quietly leave FWF, never to be seen again. This reign has mostly been forgotten due to its unimpactful nature.
[14] RJ Munchies
Unlike Harry Mills, RJ Munchies was at one point, an important part of FWF. After FWF’s debut, Jayden Christopher turned to his former rival turned friend to help establish the newly formed promotion, and RJ accepted the invitation.
For a long time FWF was the only place you could find the golden-laced star, but soon after his debut here, he would vanish. It took months before RJ would show up again, and this time, it was in the Tournament to crown the first-ever FWF Champion.
He made it to the finals against the Irish-born Seamus McDonagh in a losing effort at FWF’s first ever Climax event, but this wouldn’t be his only taste at the gold. Once Seamus had to retire due to injuries sustained in that match, the search was on for a new champion, one that could help create the legacy of the new championship, this is where RJ stepped in.
After a competitive Ladder Match with FWF veteran, Tyler Sorrow, RJ finally accomplished his goal of becoming the top guy in FWF. Sadly, this didn’t last. For 16 days, nobody knew where RJ had disappeared too.
Before long, there were doubts about whether he could handle his position as the big star in FWF, and eventually the pressure got to him. At the second-ever Rumble PPV, RJ would drop the title in a Triple-Threat Match to Kadar Santorelli, the match also included former Light Heavyweight Champion KTC.
Since then, RJ hasn’t competed for the title he once coveted. Overall, the reign itself came as a bit of a disappointment, but he would make up for it down the road with a lengthy Intercontinental Championship reign.
[13] Ethan Blade
A name marred with controversy, it isn’t often Ethan Blade is mentioned in FWF, but as hard as some may try, you can’t erase history. At one point, Ethan was handpicked by Jayden Christopher to be the next top guy in FWF, that all went downhill.
Ethan made his pro wrestling debut with Jayden Christopher as a tag team in FWF, from then on he became one of the most hated figures in the promotion’s history, in and out of the ring. After winning nearly every title there was, Ethan set his sights on the one belt he had never gotten the chance to obtain, the FWF Championship.
At FWF’s One-Year Anniversary in June of 2018, the unthinkable happened, Ethan Blade defeated Duane Carter to capture his one and only FWF Title. The reign itself started off well, Ethan seemed that he could be the guy to take FWF to the next level, but after making offensive remarks, Jayden Christopher took it upon himself to try to take the championship from Ethan Blade.
28 Days after winning the FWF Championship, Ethan Blade defeated Jayden Christopher in a Three Stages of Hell Match for the title, Jayden’s first attempt at singles gold in over a year. The next day Ethan was fired from FWF and thus stripped of the title, and since then he has never shown up in Freestyle Wrestling Federation’s doors again.
[12] Seamus McDonagh
As mentioned before, Seamus’ reign was sadly cut short from a career-ending injury, but the build up to becoming the first ever FWF Champion was nothing short of megastardom. From the day he stepped in FWF’s doors, Seamus showed promise.
In his debut match with the company, Seamus won the, now extinct, FWF United States Championship in an impressive victory over Jayden Christopher. He would go on to win the title once again, before entering the 16-Man Tournament to crown the inaugural champion of FWF. After outlasting such talents as Masta Bruce, J Sinister, and Tyler Sorrow, Seamus went on to defeat RJ Munchies in the finals to win the gold.
It would only take minutes before his first challenger would appear, the No Limits Champion Adam Winters would cash in his title to challenge for the FWF Championship in a losing effort during Climax’s first main event.
An exciting start to what could have been an even more impactful reign, it would only be 11 days before Seamus had to give up his title and step away from the ring. Since then Seamus has made appearances from time to time, but his reign remains as one of the biggest What-Ifs in the history of FWF.
[11] Ricky Lynch
In the span of one year, Ricky Lynch went from a bright-faced upstart to the most hated man in FWF History, up to that point. Originally coming in as Jayden Christopher’s protege, the young newcomer shared great tag team success with his mentor, becoming one of FWF’s most beloved tag teams (The Febreze Brothers).
Many fans and fellow competitors wondered when Ricky would step away from the man who trained him to go out on his own and achieve singles success, they all found out at the One-Year Anniversary Show.
After sustaining a nearly career-ending injury due to his former rival, RJ Munchies, Jayden Christopher had to forcibly relinquish the FWF World Tag Team Titles that he shared with Ricky. An upset Ricky vowed to avenge his mentor and went on to defeat RJ Munchies as Jayden geared up for a comeback.
On June 16th, 2018 Jayden returned to FWF to challenge for the Vacant FWF World Tag Team Championships, able to pick his own partner, Jayden chose...Latcho. Jayden and Latcho went on to lose the match, and after the contest, a visibly upset Ricky Lynch would turn on his friend. Viciously attacking both Latcho and Jayden Christopher, Ricky set out to carve his own path in FWF.
It wouldn’t be long before Ricky would become Intercontinental Champion in convincing fashion, eliminating all three of his competitors in a Fatal-Four Way Elimination Match to capture the title. After that match, he would engage in a brutal series of matches with a well-regarded newcomer to FWF, DDG.
Once that ended, Ricky would go on to challenge the FWF Champion Tyler Sorrow, at FWF’s Roulette PPV. In a shocking ending, Ricky would defeat Tyler cleanly to capture his one and only world championship. Soon after Ricky would engage in physical and verbal confrontations with both Tyler and a new threat, Jason Kennedy.
The match was set, a Three-Way Hell in a Cell Match for Ricky’s title at FWF’s Rumble event in November, then tragedy struck. Ricky would sustain an injury that most people believed would take him out of action for months, thus causing Jayden Christopher to strip him of the FWF Title.
Ricky would come back a mere two weeks later, as the injury wasn’t as serious as everyone believed. A reign that had all the potential to be a record breaker, ended up being another one of FWF’s biggest What-If Moments.
[10] Masta Bruce
Perhaps one of the strangest and most entertaining characters in FWF History, Masta Bruce was in FWF for nearly six-months before making a real impact. The ex-Pure Wrestling star joined FWF in a talent exchange with the now defunct promotion, and he did not disappoint.
At the time, the man to beat in FWF was Kadar Santorelli. Many challengers attempted to step up and take the FWF Championship from the brash Italian kickboxer, yet nobody could. Then, an unusual hero took the throne. Almost out of nowhere, Masta Bruce returned from an excursion of training at the ‘Rocky Mountain Dojo.’ All geared up and prepared, Masta Bruce would challenge the over-confident Kadar to a match at the one-off PPV Bloodbath. In mere minutes, Bruce defeated Kadar.
The FWF fans and locker room were shocked, after months of anticipation, nobody expected this behemoth of a man to swoop in and take the top title, but that’s exactly what he did. For the next two weeks Masta Bruce and Kadar would exchange many words, hyping up the much-wanted rematch between the two stars.
In a sudden turn of events though, Duane Carter would enter the fray, and we would get FWF’s second-ever Hell in a Cell Match at the first-ever Roulette PPV in early 2018. At the show Kadar would pin Masta Bruce to recapture his FWF Title, and Bruce would return to his dojo, never challenging for the title again.
A mysterious man with mysterious customs, Masta Bruce, become one of the most beloved figures in FWF in only 4 weeks. It’s interesting to wonder what could have happened if Bruce challenged for the title again, alas, we may never know.
[9] Adam Winters
Adam Winters was one one of the first people Jayden Christopher discovered when he was forming FWF’s roster. The original group of 16 were all brought in by Jayden to lead a revolution, and here we are, over two years later. Some of those names stuck around for the long haul, familiar figures like Tyler Sorrow, Emmanuel Alexander, Duane Carter, and of course Jayden Christopher. One name people often forget about is Adam Winters.
The cocky star was mostly a tag wrestler for the majority of his tenure in FWF, forming the team Black Lotus with his partner Vampz. After capturing tag gold on a couple of occasions, Adam Winters would achieve his first singles success by defeating J Sinister for the defunct No Limits Title. This title could either be defended as a championship, or parlayed into a shot at the FWF Championship.
Adam chose the latter, and cashed in the unique belt to challenge Seamus McDonagh in Climax’s first-ever main event. He would fail, but soon after he would return to tag success with Vampz. After a lengthy feud with The Febreze Brothers, Adam used his name to challenge Kadar Santorelli for his newly won FWF Championship at Last Chance, leading up to Climax II.
In a surprising moment, Adam defeated Kadar for the title. For the next three weeks Adam began to attack FWF fan-favorites such as Latcho and Masta Bruce, becoming the most hated man in FWF. His faction Black Lotus would go on to challenge for tag gold as he defended his FWF Championship in the main event of Climax II.
At that event Adam became the first and only person in history to have main evented two Climax PPVs, a record that has yet to be matched. He would last until the final two in the Four-Way Elimination Match, but would be bested by Duane Carter. After Climax, Adam would leave FWF, only returning from time to time to remind FWF fans that he still wants a shot at the title he once held.
[8] Duane Carter
One of the original members of FWF, it was a long time before Duane Carter even challenged for the FWF Title, let alone win it. Duane began campaigning with the fans to get an FWF Championship shot in early 2018, and after long consideration, he was given that opportunity.
At FWF Roulette, Duane would challenge for the title in the Three-Way Hell in a Cell Match with Masta Bruce and Kadar Santorelli, he would lose that match. FWF fans were disappointed, nobody wanted Kadar’s ‘reign of terror’ to continue, and they wanted a new face to lead the company into the future.
Leading up to Climax II there would be three main factions in FWF; The Febreze Family, Black Lotus, and Infamous. Three of the top competitors from each faction would go on to that mega-main event; Tyler Sorrow represented Febreze, Kadar represented Infamous, and the FWF Champion Adam Winters represented Black Lotus. The match was all set, but then Duane made his move.
The fans couldn’t be denied, Duane was gonna be in that main event, come hell or high water. Representing the FWF audience, Duane went into that show with nothing to lose, and all of his hopes and dreams to gain. After 50 long minutes of action, Duane would eliminate all three of his opponents to finally capture the FWF Championship. It was an incredible moment, but after only 11 minutes, it would be tarnished. 11 minutes after capturing the championship, Duane would get cashed in on by the new Money in the Bank Briefcase holder, Hunter Mills.
Duane was devastated, as were the fans, all that work for nothing. Hunter’s reign would be ended by yet another Kadar Santorelli championship win, but 6 days later, Duane would use his rematch clause to win the FWF Championship for a second time. This time he was able to hold it for longer. Duane would defend two times before losing his second FWF Title to Ethan Blade at FWF’s Anniversary Show. Duane has since then stayed with FWF and has continued on his legacy, still hoping to fight for the FWF Title once again.
[7] Jayden Christopher
It’s hard to believe, but at one time, Jayden Christopher was the most beloved figure in FWF. A benevolent boss who went out of his way to help others, it would take over a year before Jayden would even think of challenging for the FWF Championship.
For a long time Jayden tried to push others above him, and guide new stars in FWF, but the always controversial Ethan Blade was spiraling out of control, and needed to be stopped. The fans clamored for someone to end his reign, but when Jayden looked at the locker room, they all chose him. Jayden cut a passionate speech before challenging Ethan for his title, telling him and everyone else in FWF, “The old Jayden Christopher is back. This isn’t the boss you’ll be facing, this is the fighter.” Jayden would go on to lose in an inspired effort against Ethan.
When Ethan Blade was stripped of the title, Jayden held the first-ever 16-man Goldrush Tournament to crown the new champion. After weeks of battles with some of his best friends in the business, Jayden would reach the finals, but there was one deadly man in his path, the newcomer Axel Payne. This feud is where many people realized how dangerous Axel Payne is and was, and this turned him into the monster we all know today.
For weeks, Axel would attack all of Jayden’s friends, until Jayden put up FWF’s Ownership on the line in his match with Axel Payne. At the third Rumble PPV, Jayden Christopher and Axel Payne battled in a 60-Minute Iron-Man Match for the Vacant FWF Championship and Ownership of FWF, and after a sudden death and over an hour and a half of fighting, Jayden would defeat Axel. Wrestlers and fans alike went ballistic, Jayden finally won the FWF Championship.
[6] Kadar Santorelli
Before there was Axel Payne or Nicholas Pablo or Butcher, Kadar Santorelli was the biggest villain in FWF. The Italian-born show-off egged on FWF fans from his debut, till his departure with the promotion. After weeks of bragging about his skills, Kadar would capture the FWF Championship in his PPV debut at FWF’s second Rumble PPV. For two weeks Kadar’s attitude only got worse, his hubris reached levels nobody could stand, so when Masta Bruce defeated Kadar, FWF fans celebrated. Taken aback from the loss at first, it wasn’t long before Kadar captured the title again, and that time his reign lasted twice as long.
For four weeks he would hold open challenges and defeat all who came to him for a title opportunity. At Last Chance in 2018, Adam Winters ended this second reign. It would take two months before Kadar won the title for the third and final time, and when he did, he began to take on all challengers once again. The ‘Golden Era’ as he called it, for six days, Kadar took on a new challenger every day, before losing the belt to Duane Carter.
Kadar still holds the record for most FWF Championship reigns at three, and he was the first man to establish the title as a top belt. Without Kadar, the FWF Championship would not feel as important as it is today.
[5] Jay Storm
The jury is still out on Jay as FWF Champion, but there is no doubt that 2019 was truly the year of Jay Storm. After becoming the third man in history to win FWF’s Money in the Bank Briefcase, Jay Storm would embark on a successful tag team run with his best friend DDG. For months they proved why they were two of the very best in FWF, it wasn’t until Chambers of Chaos when fans got to see his full potential though.
At the event Jay planned to cash in his briefcase to challenge the unstoppable Jason Kennedy for his FWF Championship, but a surprising turn of events, Jason was stripped of the title and a formal challenge was made by the winner of that night’s chamber, Nicholas Pablo. It would be a month before we saw the two stars clash, but when they did, sparks flew.
At Spring Awakening II, Pablo and Storm would battle in a near-hour long match for the Vacant FWF Championship, but in the end Jay was the better man. Someone who people first thought would only be a tag team star or someone in the middle of the card, Jay proved all doubters wrong when he won the FWF Title, then the biggest screwjob in FWF History commenced.
Immediately after winning the belt, Owner Jayden Christopher would sick his bodyguard, Butcher, on Jay Storm. Although he tried to fight back, it was to no avail, Butcher would squash Jay, ending his title run at 16 minutes. For 8 long months, Jay Storm scratched and clawed for another title opportunity. He fought Jayden Christopher, lost in a three way for the belt, and in November he outlasted 29 stars, including the monster that beat him, to win the Rumble Match.
On December 15th the match was set, Jay Storm would challenge his best friend and former tag partner, DDG, for the top prize in wrestling. After battling in one of 2019’s top matches, Jay Storm finally achieved his goal of becoming FWF Champion again, defeating his friend to capture his 2nd FWF Championship.
Since then, Jay has won 2019’s Wrestler of the Year Award and has defended his title successfully against DDG, but there is still plenty left in the tank for this reign.
[4] Tyler Sorrow
The founding members of FWF have had plenty of history with each other, but perhaps none are as storied as Tyler Sorrow and Jayden Christopher. The first man Jayden called up when he started FWF, was Tyler Sorrow. Since that day, the two men have teamed and battled countless times, engaging in one of the most personal tales in the history of the company.
It all began on June 16th, 2017. FWF opened its doors for the very first time, and with all of the talent coming in, there had to be some way to use them all. From that day, until June 24th, there was a 16-Man Single-Elimination Tournament held, where the winner would be the first ever World Heavyweight Champion. In the finals the two founders of FWF would battle, Jayden Christopher and Latcho, but often forgotten was the first chapter of the Sorrow-Christopher saga, a semi-finals match which saw Jayden defeat his friend. From then on, the two were intertwined.
It took over a year for Tyler to finally win his first FWF Championship, but when he did, he defeated his best friend at the time, Jayden Christopher. After defeating Coty Long to get that opportunity, Tyler Sorrow would challenge Jayden at the first-ever Summer Showdown Event. The build-up to the epic clash was as personal as it could get, Jayden failed to realize how much that match would mean to Tyler. A furious Tyler Sorrow would push Jayden down in an interview, and he would explain how every time he reached the top, he got kicked back down, while Jayden never needed to worry about that.
Then, finally, at Summer Showdown Tyler defeated his friend in a classic FWF Championship bout. From then on, Tyler became an icon. He held the title for, at the time, a record setting title reign. He went into the first Apex Cup Tournament as the champion, and only scored two points, but because of that one win, he saved the tournament of someone he would get to know very well. Jason Kennedy would win the Apex Cup because of Tyler’s victory over Shawn Collins, and when Tyler used his rematch clause after losing the belt, it was against Jason Kennedy in a brutal match for the vacant FWF Title.
Since then, Tyler has had glimpses of challenging for the title again, but he has yet to have a full-on match for it. For the month that he was FWF Champion, FWF began to become one of the top promotions in the world.
[3] DDG
DDG is often known as the workhorse of FWF, and that was proven even more when he won the FWF Title. Since his debut in 2018, DDG has become one of the most beloved wrestlers to ever grace the FWF ring. He began his career challenging for the Light Heavyweight Championship, but was never able to capture it. But, after defeating Ricky Lynch for the Intercontinental Title, things really kicked off for the fan-favorite.
He would go on to win Hardcore Titles, Tag Titles, the Triple Crown Title, and add even more to his FWF legacy. Yet, for his entire run DDG, never once, challenged for the FWF Championship, or even got a Number One Contender’s Match for the title. Fans and wrestlers alike started to wonder why. Did Jayden Christopher hate DDG? Was DDG never viewed as a top guy?
It would take months before either of these questions were answered, and thankfully, the answer to both of those questions was a resounding no. DDG would win a Number One Contender’s Match to challenge the monster champion, Butcher, for his title at Summer Showdown II. Going in, everyone expected another title win for the big man, yet in a shocking turn of events, DDG would be the first man to pin Butcher in 8 long months. Finally, the workhorse had the ultimate prize, and along with that, DDG became the first-ever ‘Grand Slam Winner’ in FWF history, having won all of the active titles in FWF at the time of his FWF Championship victory.
For the 111 Days that DDG held the big gold belt, FWF seemed to be in a bit of a drought, but that never stopped the ‘lone wolf.’ He continued to defend his title against a number of challengers, including the insane Intercontinental Champion, Axel Payne, at FWF’s fifth Rumble PPV. His reign would end on December 15th, when he lost his title to his best friend Jay Storm. Whatever the future holds for this man, everyone knows it’ll be great.
[2] Butcher
Here we are, the final two rankings. It would be hard not to put two of the most dangerous and scary men in FWF History in these positions. When you look back at the champions of 2019, the one that takes the cake is Butcher. The big monster laid dormant for his first couple of months in FWF, until Jayden Christopher hired him as his personal bodyguard, then the rest is history.
During his feud with FWF Champion Jason Kennedy, Jayden knew he couldn’t match the raw power and fighting ability of Jason, so he hired the biggest man in FWF, Butcher. Not many saw as much potential in Butcher as Jayden did. For their first couple of months together, it seemed an odd pairing, but a year later they have become one of the most recognizable duos in FWF History.
When Jayden knew he could no longer challenge for the FWF Championship, he enlisted his monster to protect the legacy of the FWF Championship, and he sent him after the brief champion Jay Storm. After demolishing the new champion, Butcher would win his first FWF Championship at Spring Awakening, and for 135 Days he destroyed any and all who stepped up to him, sometimes with the help of his boss.
Butcher now holds the record for the longest reigning FWF Champion in history, surpassing the reign of Jason Kennedy. Butcher defeated Nicholas Pablo, Jay Storm, Tyler Sorrow, EC Collins, J Sinister, among others in his long reign as champion. Since losing the title, the big man has still struck fear into the hearts of many FWF fans and competitors, and there is no doubt that he will be looking to capture the title at some point in the future.
[1] Jason Kennedy
It should come as no surprise that Jason Kennedy is #1 on this list. From his debut in the summer of 2018, till his title run’s end in March of 2019, Jason Kennedy was one of the biggest names to ever compete in FWF. For a long time, Jason was known mostly for his work outside of FWF, so when he debuted for the company in 2018, many people were shocked. Nobody expected the big man to join FWF, let alone do as much as he did in such a short amount of time.
Almost immediately, Jason captured tag gold with his friend Timothy, and went on to win the FWF Apex Cup. Due to that tournament victory, Jason earned himself an FWF Championship Match at the 4th ever Rumble PPV. He would go on to defeat Tyler Sorrow in an insane Hell in a Cell Match to capture the title, and for over 4 months, Jason brought a lot of prestige to the FWF Title. He kicked off his dominant run with an impressive victory over Axel Payne, at Climax IV, then went on to defend his title multiple times against Jayden Christopher. While Jason Kennedy was champion, FWF grew immensely.
Without his run as champion, FWF may have never became one of the top places to be in wrestling. Now FWF is the only place you can find the shadowy figure, and all of the roster fear for the day when he gets to challenge for the title he never lost.
Looking back at all fifteen of these competitors, it's easy to maybe bash on some for not having the best of reigns, but in reality they were all a part in making FWF what it is today. Whether they were champions for months or minutes, Freestyle Wrestling Federation would not be where it is today without these men, so they all deserve a debt of gratitude. From Jay Storm and on, the legacy of the FWF Championship will only prosper and grow.
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2019.07.08 22:44 dp517 EndGame 2 Matchcard

[REDACTED] Memorial Battle Royal
Drake Harrison vs. William Black vs. Isaac vs. Dr. Wrestling Jr. vs. Jackson Payne vs. Christopher Alpha vs. Royce vs. Zack Keaton
Our very first Battle Royal in remembrance of [REDACTED] every day we miss [REDACTED] dearly.
Chris Princess vs. Jacob Nitro - YouTube Championship
It has been a long and arduous journey for Jacob Nitro. He came close to beating Tommy Hazard at Supremacy. Fell at the last hurdle at Jailbreak. Now he gets one last opportunity at Endgame.
BMS vs. Alexander
BMS has been hounded for weeks by this mysterious debuting superstar. Will BMS ruin his debut, or will the revolution begin tonight?
D-H vs. Noah Morgan
The first of three matches between the Dragon King and his Chosen, and FVA and the Dragon Slayers. Both these men are extremely deadly strikers. This one promises to be a brutal contest.
Andrea vs Marilyn Benson vs Evie Rush vs Davina Rose - Number one Contendership for the Openweight Title.
These 4 women have proved themselves all season, and now they get a chance to earn a title shot in season 3.
Michael Young vs Evil Dead
These two were once friends and partners. But it appears the Dragon Kings corruption has gotten to Harris, and now Michael Young has to contend with the extremely dangerous EvilDead.
Star Destroyer vs. The Order - CWL Tag Team Championships
The team who won every match in the tag qualifier. Versus the team who only won once, but it was when it counted. Now when the lights are brightest, can Star Destroyer win once more?
Ebak vs. Jim Leitzell - Twitch Championship TLC Match
Jim Leitzell has been obsessed with the Twitch Title. So many times he’s come so close. Only to fall at the last hurdle. Now, he gets one last chance. This time, against the only two time Twitch champ in the CWL. Can Leitzell finally get the job done?
Taylor Jones vs. Kathryn Love - Vindication Women’s Championship
After months of doubt, Taylor Jones finally won the Vindication Women’s Title. But Kathryn Love would not let her title go that easily and looks to reclaim it here tonight.
The Dragon King vs. FVA
This war started at Supremacy when Matsumoto took FVA’s spot in the rumble. The two have clashed back and forth for months since and now they finally settle it on the biggest stage possible.
Sgt. Hunter vs. Connor Gates w/ William Black - Hunter’s Retirement Match
A long and storied career comes to an end here tonight. Hunter, who has been a constant in the CWL since the start, will wrestle his last match. Will Hunter ride off into the sunset or is Connor Gates going to spoil his big moment?
Jon Spartacus vs. Ripjaw Reeves - Nemesis Heavyweight Championship
Spartacus and Reeves have been at each other’s throats the past couple weeks. With Reeves looking to win his first title, and Spartacus looking to get his third defence. This promises to be an explosive match up.
Scout Mackenzie vs. Holly Queen - CWL Openweight Championship
The first Openweight Champion vs the most dominant Openweight champion. Holly Queen has been on a war path ever since she lost the Openweight Title to Scout. She has spent the last few months undefeated and it seems like she’s unstoppable. But Scout has been synonymous with the Openweight Title, and has rarely lost since last years Endgame. Can the queen reclaim her throne, or will Scout go 2-0 in Endgame title matches?
Ryan Quinn vs. Tommy Hazard vs. Myles Miles - Vindication Heavyweight Championship
Betrayal. Dominance. Revenge. Hatred. Just a few of the words you could use to describe what these three have been going through. After multiple attacks, injuries, and call outs. We finally see it. Myles Miles vs Ryan Quinn vs Tommy Hazard. For one, a chance to prove they're the best. For one, a chance that they never truly got. And for one, a chance to add another accolade to his resume. It’s all on the line in this match.
Kel Vallen vs. Annie Thunder - Nemesis Women’s Championship, Annie Thunder’s Career on the line.
The rematch. The main event. The end. Tonight we either see the end of the greatest title reign we’ve ever seen. Or the end of one of the greatest careers we’ve ever seen. Annie Thunder’s obsession has brought her to put her career on the line, against the most dominant superstar in CWL history. Normally, it would take a miracle for Annie to win here. But after a loss to Sarah Price, and a set of injured ribs. It is more than just possible for Annie Thunder to win. Can Annie Thunder pick up the biggest win of her career, or are we possibly in for another year with Kel as champion?
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2019.04.04 17:03 M_Tootles The Fat Man's Daughters - The Secret History of House Martell: Chapter 8 (Spoilers Extended)

This post is Chapter 8 in my Secret History of House Martell. It picks up right where [Chapter 7.2] left off, and explores the remaining, Shae-centered theses outlined at the beginning of [Chapter 6.1].
This post is probably much easier to read/more nicely formatted on my A Song of Ice & Tootles blogspot, HERE.

Serra's Marriage to Illyrio, and "Their" Daughter Shae

Having talked about Serra birthing Daario and Tyene and marrying lllyrio, let's talk about the part of her story we're actually told the most about: Her apparently tragic death.
"How did she die?" Tyrion knew that [Serra] was dead; no man spoke so fondly of a woman who had abandoned him.
"A Braavosi trading galley called at Pentos on her way back from the Jade Sea. The Treasure carried cloves and saffron, jet and jade, scarlet samite, green silk … and the grey death. We slew her oarsmen as they came ashore and burned the ship at anchor, but the rats crept down the oars and paddled to the quay on cold stone feet. The plague took two thousand before it ran its course." Magister Illyrio closed the locket. "I keep her hands in my bedchamber. Her hands that were so soft …" (DWD Ty II)
I believe the circumstances of her death were far more tragic, dramatic and ironic than Illyrio's just-so story would have it, because I believe Illyrio's tale is a white-washed version of the same events that lay behind the story told by the girl Arya calls the Waif.
The Waif claims she was poisoned by her stepmother, who hoped her own daughter would supplant the Waif as their father's heir. It's my belief that the Waif is Illyrio's daughter by his Pentoshi first wife, that Serra was thus her stepmother, and that Shae is Serra's daughter, born after Serra married Illyrio, but sired by the ever-cuckolding Oberyn a year or so after that wedding.
When Shae was born to Serra c. 281, Serra told Illyrio he was her father. I suspect Illyrio questioned Serra's fidelity and thus Shae's true paternity, but either badly wanted to believe he was the father or was willing to pretend he believed Serra in order to keep the peace. As time went on, Serra pressured Illyrio to name Shae his heir, and after a few more years passed, someone tried to poison the Waif. The Waif thinks Serra poisoned her. I wonder whether her poisoner was in fact Oberyn, Tyene, or Daario. (Either child would have been aping their Red Viper father and trying to please their mother by securing their baby sister's future.) If so, the ensuing events are all the more deliciously tragic.
Illyrio also believed (perhaps correctly) that Serra poisoned his daughter (the Waif). Part of him would always love Serra and the thought of killing her tore him up. What's more, murdering her (or contracting her murder by conventional means) posed a number of potential problems. Due to their bloodlines, the gods could deem him a Kinslayer. If his guilt was so much as suspected, he could incur the ire of Houses Redwyne and/or Tyrell and/or Martell. Her death would invite scandal. But most of all: Illyrio's closest friend and partner was Serra's brother, Varys.
Given all that, Illyrio did what any ultra-rich merchant prince in such a pickle might do: he gave two-thirds of his wealth and his daughter the Waif to the House of Black and White, who ensured that when a ship carrying the Grey Death came to Pentos, the disease found Serra.
Shae continued to be raised in Illyrio's house. Targy blood being what it is and Illyrio having been utterly taken with Shae's mother, Illyrio eventually began to sexually prey on his adopted daughter Shae, who eventually fled to avoid the abuse.
I think this theory fleshes out the story of Serra, Oberyn, Illyrio, Daario and Tyene in such a way that everything we've already seen further coheres.

The Waif

Let's begin by taking a close look at the language used to describe the Waif, whom I posit to be the daughter of Illyrio and his first wife. As ever, my analysis reflects my belief that the text is heavily encoded, and that ASOIAF's language is meticulously chosen and arranged in order to hint at far more than narrative that appears on the surface.

Pale, Gaunt, Bony, Hollow Cheeks, Big, Dark Eyes

Here's how Arya first sees the Waif:
Arya spun away, but it was only a little girl: a pale little girl in a cowled robe that seemed to engulf her, black on the right side and white on the left. Beneath the cowl was a gaunt and bony face, hollow cheeks, and dark eyes that looked as big as saucers
The waif with the big eyes was looking at it too… (FFC Ary I)
Her "big eyes" and "hollow face" are mentioned again in AFFC Arya II.
Is the Waif's physicality consistent with her being daughter to the obese Illyrio and his first wife? Illyrio was evidently once a "lithe" bravo (despite not being the model for the statue), so his present size is no indication that his daughter would be obese. And otherwise, the Waif's features could easily belong to the daughter of a maternal Targaryen and a Pentoshi noblewoman. How ?

The Valyrian Blood of the Targaryens and Pentoshi Nobility

We "know" Illyrio is a maternal Targaryen. Targaryens are typically pale, as is the Waif. For example, both Viserys and Dany are called "pale". (e.g. GOT D V) Rhaenyra's boy Aegon is called "a pale princeling" who "was plainly a Targaryen". (tRP) Aerion Brightflame was "pale". (tHK) Critically, Illyrio is surely pale, but ASOIAF avoids saying so outright:
His bedrobe was large enough to serve as a tourney pavilion, but its loosely knotted belt had come undone, exposing a huge white belly and a pair of heavy breasts that sagged like sacks of suet covered with coarse yellow hair. He reminded Tyrion of a dead sea cow that had once washed up in the caverns under Casterly Rock. (DWD Ty I)
What about his first wife, the woman I claim birthed the Waif? Illyrio tells Tyrion:
I grew so respectable that a cousin of the Prince of Pentos let me wed his maiden daughter… (DWD II)
What kind of blood would such a woman have? TWOIAF's entry on Pentos misleads as much as it informs. It's easy to quickly read this—
The first Pentoshi were merchants, traders, seafarers, and farmers, with few of high birth amongst them; perhaps for this reason, they were less protective of their Valyrian blood and more willing to breed with the original inhabitants of the lands they ruled. As a consequence there is considerable Andal blood amongst the men of Pentos, making them perhaps our closest cousins.
—and conclude the Pentoshi are all nondescript mutts. But notice that the people being described are explicitly not the nobility but the commoners. The next paragraph implies the nobles of Pentos retain more Valyrian blood than the Pentoshi as a whole:
Despite this, the Pentoshi hold to customs very different from those of the Seven Kingdoms. Pentos counts itself a daughter of Valyria—and the old blood can indeed be found there. In elder days, the city was ruled by a prince of high and noble birth, chosen from amongst the adult males of the so-called forty families. (TWOIAF)
While not stated outright, the transition from "the old blood can indeed be found there" to a discussion of princes "of high and noble birth" from the "forty families" suggests that those families are where one finds said "old blood". Thus Illyrio's first wife likely had a significant measure of Valyrian blood. And Valyrian blood (of which the Targaryens are but one example) typically results in pale skin—
…all three had the white-blond hair and smooth fair skin of Lys, where the blood of the old Freehold still ran strong. (DWD tBG)
The blood of Valyria still runs strong in Lys, where even the smallfolk oft boast pale skin, silver-gold hair, and the purple, lilac, and pale blue eyes of the dragonlords of old. (TWOIAF)
—like the Waif's.

The Nym-Waif Analogy

We're actually presented with an analogy to Illyrio coupling with a woman from Pentos's noble forty families, where the "old blood" is found, when we learn that Oberyn, a Targaryen bastard like Illyrio, coupled with a woman of "the noblest blood of old Volantis" (i.e. of Valyrian blood, like the nobles of Pentos) to produce Nymeria, who has "straight black hair" like Oberyn's, "dark eyes" (ditto), "high cheekbones… and milk-pale skin", quite unlike Oberyn, who it's implied has darker skin. (FFC CotG)
We know nothing of the Waif's hair (just as we know nothing of the hair on Illyrio's head!), but much of this sounds very much like the Waif. "High cheekbones" like Nym's can easily produce "hollow cheeks" like the Waif's. Consider that Jason Mallister has "high cheekbones" like Nym while being "gaunt" like the Waif. (SOS C V; GOT C V)
The way we're told about Nym's dark eyes—
Her straight black hair… made a widow's peak above her dark eyes, just as her father's had.
—could be read as implying they're very much like Oberyn's eyes—
large eyes as black and shiny as pools of coal oil (SOS Ty V)
—which sound much like the Waif's "big eyes"/"dark eyes that looked as big as saucers" (saucers being designed to catch liquid, a la "pools of coal oil").
Hotah's comment about Tyene's eyes—
…her eyes were deep blue pools . . . and yet somehow they reminded the captain of her father's eyes, though Oberyn's had been as black as night. All of Prince Oberyn's daughters have his viper eyes, Hotah realized suddenly. The color does not matter. (FFC CotG)
—confirms that Nym's dark eyes are like Oberyn's, and thus that Nym's eyes are similar to the Waif's.
Thus to the extent that (a) Nym's noble Volantene mother is an analogue to Illyrio's noble Pentoshi first wife, (b) Oberyn and Illyrio are analogous Targaryen bastards, and (c) the Waif looks something like Nym, it's quite plausible that the Waif is the daughter of Illyrio and his noble first wife.

Large, Dark, Valyrian Eyes vs. Pig's Eyes

Targaryen eyes are consistently described as (a) large and (b) dark, much like the Waif's "big eyes"/"dark eyes that looked as big as saucers":
Upon a towering barbed throne sat an old man… with dark eyes and long silver-grey hair. (COK Dae IV)
Those purple eyes grew huge then… (SOS Jai II)
The man had her brother's hair, but he was taller, and his eyes were a dark indigo rather than lilac. (COK Dae IV)
Cersei had almost drowned in the depths of [Rhaegar's] sad purple eyes. (FFC C V)
"Can I have a sword to run them off with?" Egg asked. He had blue eyes, Dunk saw, very dark, almost purple. His bald head made them seem huge, somehow. (tHK)
Egg burst in panting. His hood had fallen back, and the light from the brazier shone in his big dark eyes. (tHK)
Beneath his wide-brimmed straw hat, his face was smudged and dirty, his eyes large and dark. (tSS)
Egg had big eyes, and somehow his shaven head made them look even larger. In the dimness of the lamplit cellar they looked black, but in better light their true color could be seen: deep and dark and purple. Valyrian eyes, thought Dunk. (tSS)
Blackfyre eyes are at least likened to "huge dark amethysts" (albeit not directly):
A heavy silver chain looped across his chest, studded with huge dark amethysts whose color matched his eyes. (tMK)
Illyrio's eyes are called "pig's eyes"—
His brow was dotted with beads of sweat, his pig's eyes shining above his fat cheeks. (DWD Ty I)
—which invites us to assume they're small, unlike the Waif's. I suspect this is deliberate misdirection relying on his obesity for its narrative excuse. Carrying weight in one's face makes one's eyes look far smaller than they are. There are a couple examples of this: Sam is obese and has "little pig eyes", and the morbidly obese "Lord Yellowbelly" has "piggy yellow eyes". (SOS Pro; DWD Ty X) Indeed, Sam's pig eyes also "went wide as plates"—a clear analogue to the Waif's "saucers"—so piggy eyes can be big. (SOS Sam III)
The idea that Illyrio's eyes are inherently small and piggish is belied when Tyrion doesn't question Illyrio's claim that his "handsome" statue depicts him, inasmuch as it's hard to imagine a "handsome" man having small "pig's eyes"? (DWD Ty I)
Aerys II is likened to a pig in the same breath we see his huge purple eyes:
Those purple eyes grew huge then, and the royal mouth drooped open in shock. He lost control of his bowels, turned, and ran for the Iron Throne. Beneath the empty eyes of the skulls on the walls, Jaime hauled the last dragonking bodily off the steps, squealing like a pig and smelling like a privy. (SOS Jai II)
Might Illyrio's mysterious "pig's eyes" be, at least in part, a coy call back to this image?
The text associates "pig eyes" with shininess and wetness:
He had pig eyes, small and shiny. (GOT J III)
His pig eyes were wet with excitement at the prospect. (GOT C IV)
…you should see the man's pig eyes shine at the sight o' silver. (COK A VII)
Illyrio's pig's eyes likewise shine in the very moment they're juxtaposed with his fat face. Targaryen eyes are consistently wet, and in non-obese faces, they're said or implied to be large. Cersei could "drown in the depths" of Rhaegar's eyes; Oberyn's eyes are "pools of coal oil"; Tyene's are "deep blue pools"; Rhaelle Targaryen's grandson Stannis's are "bottomless blue pools" (see below).
Illyrio's eyes also "glitter"—
The fat man's eyes glittered like the gemstones on his fingers. (ibid)
—like Varys's—
His eyes glittered in the shifting torchlight, dark and wet. (SOS Ty XI)
—which are explicitly "dark and wet", which is awfully Targaryen. Do Illyrio's glitter because they're "dark and wet" as well? Regardless, they "glittered like the gemstones on his fingers", which suggest his eyes are naturally Targy (i.e. large and dark, like the Waif's), since the gems he wears (named immediately after his "pig's eyes" are mentioned) include opal, amethyst, tourmaline and jade, the same gems Dany sees as the eyes of kings who seem awfully Targaryen in her vision in AGOT D IX:
Ghosts lined the hallway, dressed in the faded raiment of kings. In their hands were swords of pale fire. They had hair of silver and hair of gold and hair of platinum white, and their eyes were opal and amethyst, tourmaline and jade.
In sum, the Waif's huge dark eyes sound Targaryen/Valyrian enough, and we know Illyrio has Targaryen blood, but the text studiously avoids describing Illyrio's eyes in conventional terms, using his obesity as an excuse to hide their possible size and color.

Hollow-Cheeked, Gaunt and Bony Maternal Targaryens

The Waif's "gaunt and bony" face with "hollow cheeks" and dark, saucer eyes reminds me very much of the most famous maternal Targaryen in ASOIAF, Stannis Baratheon, grandson of Rhaelle Targaryen—which makes a certain degree of dramatic sense if the Waif is the daughter of Illyrio, a maternal Blackfyre Targaryen. These images of Stannis—
As if in answer, Stannis kept his own whiskers cropped tight and short. They lay like a blue-black shadow across his square jaw and the bony hollows of his cheeks. His eyes were open wounds beneath his heavy brows, a blue as dark as the sea by night. (COK Pro)
Stannis turned to study him. Beneath his heavy brow were eyes like bottomless blue pools. His hollow cheeks and strong jaw were covered with a short-cropped blue-black beard that did little to conceal the gauntness of his face, and his teeth were clenched. (SOS J XI)
The king's eyes were blue bruises, sunk deep in a hollow face. (DWD J III)
His eyes were sunk in deep pits, his close-cropped beard no more than a shadow across his hollow cheeks and bony jawbone. (DWD tKP)
—compare to the Waif too obviously to require further comment.

Engulfing, Flame-Colored Robes

One more detail about the Waif's descriptions seems relevant: it's said that her…
…cowled robe… seemed to engulf her".
I think this is a wry wink to her paternity:
[Illyrio's] bedrobe was large enough to serve as a tourney pavilion… (DWD Ty I)
Sounds pretty "engulfing". "Engulf" also recalls flames and fire, which are repeatedly said to "engulf" things throughout ASOIAF. Might we thus logically say that Illyrio, like the Waif, is "engulfed" by his tent-sized garments, given that they are "flame-colored"?
Beneath loose garments of flame-colored silk, rolls of fat jiggled as he walked. (GOT Dae I)
Illyrio's huge, "flame-colored" robes hint at his Targaryen blood and relationship with the Waif, even as they remind us of Shae's true sire:
Prince Oberyn Martell in flowing robes of striped orange, yellow, and scarlet. (SOS Ty IX)
Oberyn's robes are indeed "flame-colored". Consider Drogo's funeral pyre:
The flames were so beautiful, the loveliest things she had ever seen, each one a sorcerer robed in yellow and orange and scarlet, swirling long smoky cloaks. (GOT D X)

"Starved" By A Redwyne

The Waif says being poisoned by her stepmother "left me as you see me now". (FFC CotC) Arya sees her as "small and starved". (FFC A II) I suspect this verbiage winks at the fact that the Waif's stepmother and supposed poisoner was the daughter of Olenna Tyrell nee Redwyne, Serra, whereas over and over the Tyrells and Redwynes are associated with starvation:
"I held Storm's End for him, watching good men starve while Mace Tyrell and Paxter Redwyne feasted within sight of my walls. (COK Pro)
"When the Lords Tyrell and Redwyne held you prisoned in that castle, starving, it was Eddard Stark who broke the siege." (COK C III)
"Estermont will favor settling down to starve them out, as Tyrell and Redwyne once tried with me." (COK Dav II)
"It will take half a year or more to starve Dragonstone into submission, as Lord Paxter [Redwyne] means to do." (FFC C VII)

"Lithe As A Weasel"

Why does Arya compare the Waif to the original "Weasel"?
Neither did the waif, the little girl with the big eyes and hollow face who reminded her of another little girl, named Weasel. (FFC Ary II)
This is just plain weird, since Weasel cried constantly, while the Waif is stone cold. There doesn't seem to be any narrative purpose to reminding readers of Weasel at this point. So why do so? Well, recall why Weasel got her name:
Lommy had named her [Weasel]. He said she looked like a weasel… (COK A V)
Also recall that Illyrio's famous statue is called "lithe", notably so since Illyrio is obese and says the statue is him. Now, what are weasels, according to ASOIAF?
She came to him wet and eager and lithe as a weasel… (COK Theon IV)
Lithe. The Waif is thus likened to Weasel, who was likened to a weasel, which is called lithe, which is what Illyrio was when he was young. Which makes terrific sense if the Waif is Illyrio's daughter.

"The Waif"

Let's also consider the name "the Waif". Waifs might also be called orphans or urchins. It seems appropriate for the Waif to be the daughter of a guy whose partner Varys was once a waif—
[Illyrio:] "By day [Varys] slept in the sewers, by night he prowled the rooftops like a cat. I was near as poor, a bravo in soiled silks, living by my blade." …
—prior to employing waifs:
"Varys preferred orphan boys and young girls. He chose the smallest, the ones who were quick and quiet, and taught them to climb walls and slip down chimneys. He taught them to read as well." (DWD Ty II)
(Notice that Varys teaching his waifs to read parallels Arya and the Waif teaching one another languages.)

The Waif's Story

The Waif tells Arya her life story, with some caveats:
"I was born the only child of an ancient House, my noble father's heir," the waif replied. "My mother died when I was little, I have no memory of her. When I was six my father wed again. His new wife treated me kindly until she gave birth to a daughter of her own. Then it was her wish that I should die, so her own blood might inherit my father's wealth. She should have sought the favor of the Many-Faced God, but she could not bear the sacrifice he would ask of her. Instead, she thought to poison me herself. It left me as you see me now, but I did not die. When the healers in the House of the Red Hands told my father what she had done, he came here and made sacrifice, offering up all his wealth and me. Him of Many Faces heard his prayer. I was brought to the temple to serve, and my father's wife received the gift."
Arya considered her warily. "Is that true?"
"There is truth in it."
"And lies as well?"
"There is an untruth, and an exaggeration."
She had been watching the waif's face the whole time she told her story, but the other girl had shown her no signs. "The Many-Faced God took two-thirds of your father's wealth, not all."
"Just so. That was my exaggeration."
Arya grinned, realized she was grinning, and gave her cheek a pinch. Rule your face, she told herself. My smile is my servant, he should come at my command. "What part was the lie?"
"No part. I lied about the lie."
"Did you? Or are you lying now?"
But before the waif could answer, the kindly man stepped into the chamber, smiling. "You have returned to us." (CotC)
Setting aside for the moment the timeline and the Waif's claim to be 36-years-old, the Waif's story comports amazingly well with the idea that the Waif is the daughter of Illyrio and his first, Pentoshi wife, and that Illyrio's second wife Serra poisoned the Waif after Serra's daughter Shae was born.
The Waif begins by saying she "was born the only child of an ancient House." As one of Pentos's forty families, her mother's house is at least arguably "ancient". So is House Targaryen, assuming she was raised to see herself as its true scion via Daemon Blackfyre.
The Waif then says: "My mother died when I was little, I have no memory of her." Illyrio mentions his first wife twice:
Just so. I grew so respectable that a cousin of the Prince of Pentos let me wed his maiden daughter, whilst whispers of a certain eunuch's talents crossed the narrow sea and reached the ears of a certain king. (DWD Ty II)
"Serra. I found her in a Lysene pillow house and brought her home to warm my bed, but in the end I wed her. Me, whose first wife had been a cousin of the Prince of Pentos. The palace gates were closed to me thereafter, but I did not care. The price was small enough, for Serra." (DWD Ty II)
He gives no indication of ill will or acrimony between them, which suggests she simply died, like the Waif's mother. The fact that he retained access to the halls of power until he wed Serra strengthens the impression that his first wife—the source of his connections to "the palace"—did not leave him but simply died.
The Waif continues:
"When I was six my father wed again. His new wife treated me kindly until she gave birth to a daughter of her own. Then it was her wish that I should die, so her own blood might inherit my father's wealth."
This is broadly consistent with Illyrio's Pentoshi wife dying and Illyrio marrying Serra. Notice that the Waif technically doesn't stipulate that her father's new wife's daughter was indeed sired by her father, which could wink to Shae being sired by Oberyn the cuckolder.
The Waif then explains that her father's new wife tried to poison and kill her. This is interesting if that wife is indeed Serra, the daughter of Olenna, who is implicated in Joffrey's poisoning. Just as I suspect Olenna is innocent of Joffrey's poisoning, I suspect that Illyrio and/or the Waif may have been wrong to blame Serra for the Waif's poisoning. Given her involvement with Oberyn, I have to wonder whether the Red Viper or perhaps Daario, Serra's son who was living in Illyrio's house at the time, might have been the real culprit.
The Waif mentions "the House of Red Hands". I wonder whether the name of this place of healing isn't a metatextual wink at the fact that she was put there by Serra and her famous hands, who wanted her daughter with the Red Viper to be Illyrio's heir.
The Waif says that her father paid a whopping two-thirds of his incredible wealth (plus the Waif herself) to the House of Black and White to give "the gift" to his new wife. My theory thus gives a marvelous new resonance to Illyrio's claim that…
"The price was small enough, for Serra".
Serra's death is certainly consonant with the Faceless Men's methods, per which their victims' deaths look natural or accidental and their presence is never noticed, as The Kindly Man makes clear to Arya—
"When I kill him he will look in my eyes and thank me."
"If he does, you will have failed. It would be best if he takes no note of you at all." (DWD ULG)
—before she kills Oro Tendyris such that it appears his "heart gave out". (Sidebar: The name Oro Tendryis is surely a play on good teeth, and now we're talking about what Arya's lesson might have to say about the death of the mother of Daario, who has a gold tooth.) See also Balon's death (we're led to believe he's killed by a Faceless Man, but in-world it's thought he fell from a bridge) and the way the Faceless Man-ish Jaqen H'ghar kills Chiswyck and Weese such that no one suspects foul play.
The manner of Serra's death is perfectly in keeping with this pattern: she is killed along with two thousand others when "the grey death", AKA greyscale—
"The grey death is what we call it." (DWD J XI)
—is brought to Pentos aboard a "Braavosi trading galley", such that no one can name her death murder. (DWD Tyr II) The galley being Braavosi hints at what happened. It makes sense that the Faceless Men have some control over greyscale, given the mysterious still black pool in The House of Black and White's connection with other mysterious waters; the myriad textual and narrative connections between greyscale and water, and water and stone; and the common anti-Valyrian roots of the Faceless Men and greyscale, AKA Garin's Curse. (Note also that it's Garin's curse, and that there are myriad connections between Serra's son Daario and [the other] Garin.)
The Faceless Men may have killed with greyscale before. An enigmatic TWOIAF passage intriguingly juxtaposes a more-than-a-little convenient death-by-greyscale with a related surefire death-by-Faceless Man:
When Harwyn [Hoare] returned to the Iron Islands, he found his father Qhorwyn dying, and his eldest brother two years dead from greyscale. A second brother still stood between Harwyn and the crown, and his sudden death even as the king was breathing his last remains a matter of dispute to this day. Those present at Prince Harlan's passing all declared his death accidental, the result of a fall from his horse, but of course it would have been worth their lives to suggest otherwise. Beyond the Iron Islands, it was widely assumed that Prince Harwyn was behind his brother's demise. Some claimed he had done the deed himself, others that Prince Harlan had been slain by a Faceless Man of Braavos.
Note that I'm not claiming the Faceless Men killed two thousand people just to get Serra, but rather that when the plague came, they made sure she was affected. In any case, Valar Morghulis.
The fact that Illyrio preserves Serra's hands is a nifty intertextual hint as to his complicity in her death. How so? GRRM grew up a weirdo nerd, coming of age in the mid-60s. He was undoubtedly familiar with Tom Lehrer, a quasi-famous…
American musician, singer-songwriter, satirist, and mathematician… best known for the pithy, humorous songs he recorded in the 1950s and 1960s. (wikipedia: Tom Lehrer)
Lehrer's fame began when he self-released an album which "became a cult success via word of mouth". Perhaps the most famous of his "hits" was a hilariously macabre song called "I Hold Your Hand in Mine". You can see a video of Lehrer performing it [HERE]. (I first stumbled on this reference when I heard Tim Timebomb's cover of the song and immediately thought "What the fuck that's literally exactly what Illyrio does!?") The song is a parody of a ballad. It revolves around a very literal interpretation of its title. The lyrics:
I hold your hand in mine, dear. I press it to my lips.
I take a healthy bite from your dainty fingertips.
My joy would be complete, dear, if you were only here.
But still I keep your hand as a precious souvenir.
The night you died I cut it off. I really don't know why.
For now each time I kiss it I get bloodstains on my tie.
I'm sorry now I killed you, for our love was something fine.
And till they come to get me I shall hold your hand in mine.
Lehrer was well-known on college campuses and in literary circles. He was a favorite on the Dr. Demento show, which I simply assume GRRM loves because he cultivates a similar "look"? When Princess Margaret's love for his work was cited when she was awarded an honarary music degree, his fame in England exploded, and GRRM is a known anglophile. Lehrer's dark, satirical style (complete with unexpected reveals/turnarounds) is right up GRRM's alley.
Consider also that Paul and Storm, a "comedic musical duo" whose material revolves around geek culture and who had a viral hit with "Write Like The Wind (George R. R. Martin)" cite Tom Lehrer as a major influence. So what? So GRRM has enough regard for Paul and Storm that he did a bit on stage with them, which can watch HERE.
Thus when I googled the origins of I'll Hold Your Hand in Mine after hearing Tim Timebomb's cover, I could not help but take this as confirming that Illyrio killed Serra. Especially when I considered the title and subject matter of another good candidate for Lehrer's most famous song, Poisoning Pigeons In The Park, which is about poisoned pigeons. Joffrey is poisoned while eating pigeon pie. (SOS Ty VIII) Clearly GRRM loves Tom Lehrer, and I think the lyrics of Lehrer's song suggest that Illyrio killed Serra.
(In another fascinating testament to serendipity and shared sensibilities, a Guy On The Internet named Phil Alexander wrote a Game of Thrones parody version of Lehrer's song Who's Next, which was about nuclear war, a topic known to be important to GRRM. Alexander, who is 51 years old, told me his mother used to sings I'll Hold Your Hand to him when he was a kid, confirming that the song had cultural traction.)
Why did Illyrio hire the Faceless Men rather than pursue her death by more convention means? For many reasons. The Waif's comment that her stepmother "should have sought the favor of the Many-Faced God" rather than trying to poison her may indicate using the Faceless Men is considered morally defensible in a way mundane murder is not, and perhaps that Illyrio shares her belief. Assuming Illyrio still loved Serra in many ways, despite her infidelity and seeming treachery, using the Faceless Men kept Illyrio well away from the reality of what he was doing to her. He could make his gift and adopt a "don't ask, don't tell, I know nothing" attitude, savoring his last days with her, knowing she'd never suspect that he knew what she did.
More pragmatically, murdering one's wife is never likely to win friends. If Serra's death was at all suspicious, Illyrio's good name—an invaluable asset for his merchant empire—could have been forever tainted. Murder—however well he planned it—would have invited local scandal affecting his political clout, risked the wrath of Oberyn and House Martell and/or Olenna and Houses Redwyne and Tyrell, and perhaps cursed him as a kinslayer. More than all this, it would surely have meant the end of his singular partnership with Serra's brother, Varys.

The Waif's Exaggerated Age

Before looking at the hints that Shae was the daughter Serra wanted Illyrio to declare to be his heir in lieu of the Waif, let's address the issue of the timeline and the Waif's claim that she is 36 years old.
If we take the Waif at her word, she was born c. 264, which means she is too far old to be Illyrio's daughter. How so? Illyrio and Varys were poor when they met as "two green boys in Pentos" at a time when Illyrio claims he was "a bravo in soiled silks, living by my blade." (DWD Ty II) Assuming Illyrio and Varys are roughly of an age, Illyrio is presently around 50 years old, since Olenna likely birthed Varys a year or more after Daeron ended their betrothal in 246 AC. Perhaps he's a few years Varys's senior, since he served as Varys's protector.
This jibes with my sense of his age. While Illyrio calls himself old—
"…an old fat man must have his comforts, yes?" (DWD Ty II)
"I am an old man, grown weary of this world and its treacheries." (ibid.)
"…even fat old fools like me have friends, and debts of affection to repay." (ibid.)
—his laments about his age have a disingenuous air about them: they're part of his dissembling banter with Tyrion. It's dubious he would move as he does—
He moved with surprising delicacy for such a massive man. (GOT D I)
Grossly fat, yet he seemed to walk lightly, carrying his weight on the balls of his feet as a water dancer might. (A III)
—if he were not just obese, but over 60.
Moreover, many characters in their 40s or early 50s are called "old." Barbrey Dustin says "I am old now" when she is around 40. (She surrendered her maidenhead to Brandon Stark, who would be turning 38 in 300 AC.) Balon is "old now" when he is no more than 49. (COK Th I) (I disagree slightly with the interpretations the wiki makes, but per the wiki Balon is at most 44 when Theon calls him old.) The Rogue Prince, Daemon Targaryen, is said to have "grown old" when he is 48-49. (P&Q). Dany sees Aerys in her vision and thinks him "an old man" at 48-49. (COK Dae IV)
The text even nods to the ambiguity of "old" around the specific age in question:
"Was he old?" asked Podrick Payne.
"If you consider eight-and-forty old, aye, but it was not the years that killed him." (FFC B VI)
Illyrio married the Prince of Pentos's cousin only after Illyrio became "respectable", which took years:
"In Pentos [Varys's] accent marked him, and once he was known for a eunuch he was despised and beaten. Why he chose me to protect him I may never know, but we came to an arrangement. Varys spied on lesser thieves and took their takings. I offered my help to their victims, promising to recover their valuables for a fee. Soon every man who had suffered a loss knew to come to me, whilst city's footpads and cutpurses sought out Varys … half to slit his throat, the other half to sell him what they'd stolen. We both grew rich, and richer still when Varys trained his mice." (DWD Ty II)
Given (a) that Illyrio admits to being a bravo when he was 16 (per his claim that his statue is him), (b) that being a bravo is an explicitly disreputable "profession"—
The first and third levels were for merchants and captains and other respectable folk. The bravos preferred the fourth and highest, where the seats were cheapest. (TWOW M)
—and (c) that he was likely born c. 246-252, there is no almost chance he was already married by 263, in time to beget a 36-year-old Waif.
However, notice that Illyrio places his marriage in the same time frame as word of Varys's talents reaching Aerys:
I grew so respectable that a cousin of the Prince of Pentos let me wed his maiden daughter, whilst whispers of a certain eunuch's talents crossed the narrow sea and reached the ears of a certain king. A very anxious king, who did not wholly trust his son, nor his wife, nor his Hand, a friend of his youth who had grown arrogant and overproud. (Ty I)
Varys was hired c. 278, but presumably Aerys heard tell of Varys a few years before actually hiring him, and Illyrio implies his marriage came first. If Illyrio thus married between, say, 273 and 276, he was in his 20s: a good time to grow respectable and take a wife. So what? That's too late to father the 36-year-old waif, right?
I submit that ASOIAF begs us to doubt that the Waif is actually 36, a claim she makes only in the explicit context of an exercise that's literally called "the lying game":
The next day they began the lying game, asking questions of one another, taking turns. Sometimes they would answer truly, sometimes they would lie. The questioner had to try and tell what was true and what was false. The waif always seemed to know. Arya had to guess. Most of the time she guessed wrong.
"How many years have you?" the waif asked her once, in the Common Tongue. "Ten," said Arya, and raised ten fingers. …
The waif nodded. Arya nodded back, and in her best Braavosi said, "How many years have you?"
The waif showed ten fingers. Then ten again, and yet again. Then six. Her face remained as smooth as still water. She can't be six-and-thirty, Arya thought. She's a little girl. "You're lying," she said. The waif shook her head and showed her once again: ten and ten and ten and six. She said the words for six-and-thirty, and made Arya say them too.
The next day she told the kindly man what the waif had claimed. "She did not lie," the priest said, chuckling. "The one you call waif is a woman grown who has spent her life serving Him of Many Faces. She gave Him all she was, all she ever might have been, all the lives that were within her." (FFC Ary II)
Arya's impression, and therefore most readers' impressions, given the nature of POV writing, seems to be that (a) the Waif tells the truth about her age, and (b) the Kindly Man confirms that she is 36. But does the Waif really tell the truth? Does the Kindly Man really confirm she is 36?
Consider that Arya repeatedly believes she "understands" things in the House of Black and White based on what the Kindly Man says, when she does not. For example, in this passage—
"It is the poisons that have made her as you see her."
Poisons. She understood then. Every evening after prayer the waif emptied a stone flagon into the waters of the black pool. (FFC Ary II)
—Arya "understood" that the Waif is as she is from handling the poisons that go into the black pool. But she didn't actually understand anything. The Waif later tells her she is this way because she was poisoned by her stepmother. Notice that the truth is technically consistent with what the Kindly Man told Arya (i.e. "It is the poisons that have made her as you see her"), although he framed his statement to encourage Arya's misunderstanding. Arya "knows nothing", and more importantly fails to recognize her ignorance, even in retrospect.
Or consider something I've written about in detail. Arya believes she "understood" who hired the House of Black and White to kill Oro Tendyris (the insurance salesman) based on the Kindly Man's leading statements:
"No doubt many a captain sinking in a storm has taken some small solace in his binder back in Braavos, knowing that his widow and children will not want." A sad smile touched [the kindly man's] lips. "It is one thing to write such a binder, though, and another to make good on it."
Cat understood. One of them must hate him. One of them came to the House of Black and White and prayed for the god to take him. She wondered who it had been, but the kindly man would not tell her. "It is not for you to pry into such matters," he said. (DWD tULG)


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2018.12.22 00:16 Dagenspear Batman TV Series Seasons 1 & 2 Pitch

So, I would like to see a Batman tv series set in the Flash/Arrow universe. This is the fan cast and the episodes for the first season and the synposises.
Alexander Koch or Nathaniel Buzolic or Brett Dalton or Matthew Daddario as Bruce Wayne/Batman
Crystal Reed or Shelley Hennig or Naya Rivera or Christian Serratos or Lindsey Morgan as Selina Kyle/Catwoman
John Pyper-Ferguson or David Lyons or Martin Henderson as Commissioner Jim Gordon
Michael Ealy or Ben Barnes or Nathaniel Buzzolic as Harvey Dent/Two-Face
Molly C. Quinn or Chloe Csengery or Bailee Madison as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl
Christian Cody or Jace Norman or Rhys Matthew Bond as Richard "Dick" Grayson/Robin
Adam Godley as Alfred Pennyworth
Iwan Rheon or Sam Underwood or Rhys Wakefield as The Red Hood/The Joker
Georgina Haig or Jane Levy as Dr. Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn
Cory Michael Smith or Daniel Maslany as Edward Nashton-Nygma/The Riddler
Ioan Gruffud as Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze
Giancarlo Esposito as Professor Hugo Strange
Garret Dillahunt as Julian Day/The Calendar Man
Yvonne Strahovski as Jennifer Brigit Lynns/Firefly
Alexis Denisof as Victor Zsasz
Kevin Durand or Demetrius Grosse as Waylon Jones/Killer Croc
Mark A. Shephard or David Krumholtz or Iwan Rheon as Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin
Lennie James as Lucius Fox
Dina Meyer as Dr. Leslie Thompkins
Enver Gjoak as Roman Sionis/Black Mask
Jonny Lee Miller as Kirk Langstrom/Man-Bat
Andrew Scott or David Alpay or as Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow
Claire Holt or Jade Tailor as Pamela Isely/Poison Ivy
David Costabile as Arnold WeskeThe Ventriloquist/Scarface
Daniel Sharman or Jake Lloyd as Jervis Tetch/The Mad Hatter
Ty Olsson as Detective Harvey Bullock
Bethany Joy Lenz as Gilda Dent
Genesis Rodriguez as Detective Renee Montoya
Oded Fehr or Gideon Emery as Ra's Al Ghul
Lauren Young as Talia Al Ghul
Dylan Sprayberry as Jason Todd
Ashley Boettcher as Young Helena Bertinelli
Here are the episodes:
  1. The Bat/Pilot: Bruce Wayne, just returning to Gotham City, decides to begin his battle against the mob and the corrupt police force after the daughter of the newly appointed Captain James Gordon, Barbara Gordon, is kidnapped in an attempt to gain leverage over one of the few non-corrupt members of the police force.
  2. Dark Disguise: While spying on the mob families, Batman is interrupted by a mischievous thief that may be closer to him than he thinks, leading them both into the underground world of human trafficking when her young teen friend Holly is taken by the mob, forcing them to work together to save her.
  3. Not So Smart: When a string of intelligence testing based murders begin, Batman is forced to use his mind to overcome his latest conflict. Meanwhile James Gordon tracks a lead to a possible identity of the Batman: Bruce Wayne.
  4. Enough Days In The Week: Batman hopes to gain a more steady acceptance from the police by tracking down a notorious serial killer called the Calendar Man.
  5. Like Father, Like Son: The Sionis crime family ignites the beginnings of a mob war, as they target Oswald Cobblepot and hire the assassin Deadshot to kill him, forcing Batman to protect a criminal in order to keep the peace.
  6. The Birdcage: Batman has been captured. Trapped as a prisoner in Oswald Cobblepot's underground fighting ring, if he wants to live he will have to fight the champion of the cage, a mutated humanoid nicknamed Killer Croc, to the death.
  7. Inspiration: Batman must utilize the help of an eye witness to another in a long list of serial killings done by the psychopath Victor Zsazz.
  8. The Sincerest Form Of Flattery: Now that Batman has gained at least the begrudged acceptance of James Gordon, that'll be tested when someone impersonating Batman begins to murder the stars of a movie being shot in Gotham.
  9. Eco-Friendly: After a strange chemical plant explosion that crumbles the building, leaving trees and plants grown in it's place and effecting a security guard in a slower but similar way, Batman is in a race against the clock to stop the mysterious eco-terrorist nicknamed Poison Ivy, gather her chemical extract and use it to cure the guard before his body becomes a plant breeding ground.
  10. A Really Bad Day: When the Red Hood kidnaps the heads of Gotham's biggest crime families, Batman must discover his location before he enacts his plan to amass enough power to shape Gotham to fit his twisted vision. Jim also enacts his own plan.
  11. The Long Halloween Part One: After a year of being acclaimed as Gotham's hero, Bruce is just now getting used to his life as Batman, only to be hit with a wave unexpected changes in his life: the new craziness taking over Gotham. A criminal that leaves a smile on his victim's face. The murder of Carmine Falcone's nephew which threatens to reignite the war between the mobs. And his new ward, Dick Grayson.
  12. The Man Who Laughs: On Thanksgiving, as Bruce struggles with keeping Dick from discovering his life as Batman, a maniac calling himself the Joker threatens to poison Gotham citizens.
  13. Cold Blooded: As Bruce deals with Dick discovering his identity, an icy figure targets members of the Wayne enterprises board, freezing them, and Batman finds himself unprepared when the Wayne enterprises pre Christmas fundraiser is attacked by someone calling himself Mr. Freeze.
  14. Solomon Grundy: When Batman investigates the disappearances of street kids, he comes across something unexpected. Meanwhile the Joker tries to enacts a scheme as a way to kill the Holiday Killer.
  15. Lips Of Poison: Poison Ivy is back. More uncaring about human life than ever, the now human/plant hybrid has decided to initiate a one plant war against humanity, starting with the privileged of Gotham, who she most blames for the pollution of the environment, putting Bruce Wayne squarely in her sites.
  16. Heads Or Tails: Harvey Dent is been kidnapped by Crime Boss Moroni who has rallied Black Mask and Penguin to his plan to lure Batman into a trap and kill him.
  17. Batgirl: With Commissioner Gordon and Harvey Dent having disappeared, Batman tracks the mobsters he believes responsible, despite Barbara's insistence that it was someone else, forcing her to take matters into her own hands and find clues on her own.
  18. A Mad Tea Party: A former disgraced scientist named Jervis Tetch uses mind controlling technology to bend the mob families to his will and impress the woman of his dreams to get her to love him.
  19. Fan The Flames: As mysterious arsonist attacks plague Gotham's fire departments, Batman soon realizes that the vicious nature to the attacks points to a personal motivation and finds himself face to face with someone clad in advanced armor calling themself Firefly.
  20. How To Catch A Bat: Edward Nygma sets up a sinister scheme to catch Batman and reveal his identity, proving that he is indeed the smarter out of the two of them, forcing Batman to confront his need for control.
  21. Everything To Fear: When bullies and thugs start dying from extreme fear induced hallicinations, Batman is forced to face his fears by a psychopath trying to usurp his place of fear and respect in Gotham.
  22. Holiday's End: With the Holiday Killer's identity having been discovered, Batman and Gordon enact a sting operation to catch the killer once and for all.
  23. The Long Halloween Part Two: The Holiday Killer has been defeated. But the chessgame that he was a pawn of is coming to a head, with Batman's greatest weapon being used against him and Gotham: His mind.
End of season 1.
Season 2:
For this there's another another time jump between season 1 finale and the season 2 premiere of 1 year.
  1. Targeted: Bruce Wayne has been targeted for assassination. But after a failed attempt, Bruce has been put under police protection. With him unable to investigate this situation as Batman, it's left to Robin and Batgirl to track the assassin.
  2. Every Question Has An Answer: When Batman hits a wall in his quest to uncover the identity of his attacker, he uses the assistance of his old mentor the Question to seek it out.
  3. Run The Asylum: When the Batfamily investigates a disturbance at Arkham, they find that the asylum has been taken over by the Joker and the inmates have been released, forcing them to split their attention between The Joker himself, Two-Face and the Riddler, as Harleen is trapped and psychologically and emotionally tortured by the Joker.
  4. Joe Chill: What would you do if you faced your parents murderer? That's the question Bruce has asked himself his entire life. And now he's been given a chance to answer it.
  5. A Harlequin: With Harleen slowly losing connection with reality, she forces herself to find focus on her tormentor in hopes of finding peace, only to lose herself even more, but her actions in doing so put her in direct conflict with the Batfamily.
  6. Golem: Changed forever after having been the subject of experimentation by the government, allowing him to shapeshift, Preston Payne seeks revenge against those he holds responsible, in Gotham.
  7. Court Of Owls: Bruce has discovered the truth behind the source of corruption and death in Gotham City, but with the amount of power amassed by them, he's realized that he can't do anything to stop them, leaving him only one other option: Join them.
  8. Oracle: When Batman goes missing, Barbara takes a leadership role as her and Dick track him down.
  9. Day And Knight: The fury of the Court is unleashed on the underprivileged of Gotham, using the Wayne Foundation's charity initiative to massacre those that Bruce has sought to help as punishment for his betrayal.
  10. Does It Matter?: Bruce questions his impact on Gotham as Batman, while dealing with Joker and Harley and being approached by his old flame Talia Al Ghul.
  11. The Demon's Head: Years ago a young Bruce Wayne sought out, by any means, a way to become the best fighter possible, leading him into the den of Ra's Al Ghul.
  12. Puppeteer: Batman's faced with an unconventional opponent with the Ventriloquist and Scarface.
  13. Laughing Fish: When Joker enacts a sick threat against Gotham's officials, Batman and Bullock are forced to partner up to find the source.
  14. The Demons Within: Young Bruce allows himself to be pushed to his limit to gain the training of an assassin.
  15. Crime & Punishment: On the 2nd anniversary of his "birth" Two-Face kidnaps his abusive dad and puts him on trial.
  16. Last Laugh: Using a civilian as a pawn, Joker takes a ball honoring Commissioner Gordon hostage, with Bruce, Dick and Barbara trapped among them.
  17. The Demon Rejected: Bruce is faced with the ultimate test of his loyalty to the league.
  18. Robin's Reckoning: Bonds are broken and relationships are tested when Dick discovers the truth about his parent's killer.
  19. Joker's Millions: As Bruce takes in Jason Todd after Dick's left Gotham, Batman is helpless as ever when faced against the Joker in a way he can't fight him: As a legitimate citizen.
  20. A Broken Doll: As Harley Quinn holds Bruce hostage, he remembers a time when he was lost in his darkness.
  21. The Demon's Bargain: Batman is given a choice by Ra's.
  22. The Demon's Duel: Batman and Ra's battle for the fate of Gotham.
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2018.10.09 18:02 Ainsoph777 The Intrigue of the Papal Knight oilman Ed Doheny

"Edward Laurence Doheny(August 10, 1856 – September 8, 1935) was an American oil tycoon who, in 1892, drilled the first successful oil well in the Los Angeles City Oil Field. His success set off a petroleum boom in Southern California, and made him a fortune when, in 1902, he sold his properties. He then began highly profitable oil operations in Tampico, Mexico's "golden belt", drilling the first well in the nation in 1901. He expanded operations during the Mexican Revolution, and opened large new oil fields in Lake Maracaibo (Venezuela). His holdings developed as the Pan American Petroleum & Transport Company, one of the largest oil companies in the world in the 1920s. In the 1920s, Doheny was implicated in the Teapot Dome Scandal and accused of offering a $100,000 bribe to United States Secretary of the Interior Albert Fall.[1] Doheny was twice acquitted of offering the bribe, but Fall was convicted of accepting it. Doheny and his second wife and widow, Carrie Estelle, were noted philanthropists in Los Angeles, especially regarding Catholic schools, churches and charities. The Doheny Estate has donated money to Loyola Marymount University(Jesuit) for the construction of buildings and residence halls, and the land for one of the campuses of Mount St. Mary's College south of downtown Los Angeles. The Dohenys also owned a great deal of coastal land in Dana Point, California, which they donated to the State of California for Doheny State Beachas a memorial to Edward's murdered son Ned. They also donated the funds for the construction of St. Edward the Confessor Roman Catholic Church at its original site. It has since moved to a bluff-top location overlooking Doheny State Beach. The original building is now home to San Felipe de Jesus Roman Catholic Church. "
" Doheny went to Mexico looking for more oil. He leased a million acres around Tampico on the Gulf of Mexico, and his Mexican Petroleum Company became the largest oil company in Mexico . Mexican Petroleum built roads, cities, railroads, and pipelines. During the Mexican Revolution Doheny hired his own private army to protect his Mexican oil fields, which by 1922 had brought him $31 million. By 1925, Doheny's net worth passed $100 million and he was richer than John D. Rockefeller. " (source :
Here is an excerpt from the book , Material Dreams: Southern California through the 1920s (Americans and the California Dream) , by Kevin Starr, I was able to get this book for free off of
" A sense of threat was very much what Edward Laurence Doheny and his wife Estelle were experiencing during the mid- to late 1920's as the prominent oilman came under indictment during the Teapot Dome scandal. Irish, German, and Roman Catholic, the Dohenys constituted their own separate branch of the oligarchy, too different to be assimilated, too wealthy to be ignored. Arriving in Los Angeles in 1892 at the age of 36 after spending nearly twenty years on the frontier as a prospector and mining developer, Edward Laurence Doheny and his partner Charles Canfield had the good sense to discover oil near the corner of Second and Glendale Boulevard. By 1900 each partner was realizing half a million dollars a year from his investment. This initial discovery sparked an oil rush that sunk more than 2300 wells within the city. Eventually more than 75 million barrels of crude would be pumped from this urban Oildorado. Not content with such modest rewards, Canfield and Doheny went prospecting in Mexico in May 1900. In contrast to their previous prospecting treks together through the Far West in their younger days (one night Doheny had been mauled by a mountain lion), the partners traveled this time in a private railroad car, attended to by a porter and a chef. Near Tampico, they left their car and roughed it inland into the jungle to investigate reports of brea, oily tar seeping from the ground, the same reports they had so successfully pursued on Glendale Boulevard in 1892. Sure enough, they discovered a large crater filled with thick tar and hissing with escaping gas. Returning to civilization, Canfield and Doheny bought up the surrounding 400,000 acres, a jungle kingdom unto itself. They then spent millions in setting up drilling rigs and building a pipeline into Tampico. Over the next nine years, operating as the Mexican Petroleum Company, the partners took some 80 million barrels of oil from their Mexican domain. Money, in other words, was not a problem for Edward Laurence Doheny and his second wife. He met her in 1900 just as he was launching the Mexican enterprise: he, a 44-year-old widower with a seven-year-old son; she, Carrie Estelle Betzold, a 25-year-old telephone operator (so one report has it) whose voice had captivated him over the wire. She was a handsome German girl, blessed with an hourglass figure and large brown eyes. Whether or not she was working as a telephone operator at the time, the metaphor behind the story rings true, for it was a Cinderella story: she was from the family cottage on South Alvarado Street via Marshalltown, Iowa, and he was en route to becoming one of the richest men in the United States .
Married on 22 August 1900, just after he had returned from his first trip to Mexico, the Dohenys soon asserted themselves as the premier couple of an as of yet embryonic wing of the oligarchy, for Catholics of great wealth and social position were few and far between in the City of the Angels in that era. Purchasing a rambling Spanish Gothic mansion at 8 Chester Place near Adams Boulevard and Figueroa, they expanded it over the next few years to include a dining room seating more than a hundred, supported by columns of Siena marble and covered by a dome of Tiffany glass; a deer park; a swimming pool; tennis courts; and an enormous glass-and-steel conservatory where Edward Doheny grew palm trees and other exotic plants brought up from Mexico and Venezuela and Estelle grew orchids, ten thousand of them, imported from around the world—the first such major orchid collection of its kind in Southern California. The Dohenys supplemented the American Renaissance lushness of Chester Place with a four-hundredacre ranch in Beverly Hills, which they purchased in 1912; four other ranches in Ventura County; the Casiana, a steam yacht berthed at San Pedro; and a home in midtown Manhattan. Naturally, such conspicuous wealth attracted the attention of the Roman Catholic Church. From the point of view of the Church, the Dohenys offered dazzling prospects for patronage and a conspicuous presence in the oligarchy to assert the interests of the Catholic community. Both expectations were grandly confirmed. Among their many charities, the Dohenys financed an entire church, St. Vincent de Paul's at the corner of West Adams and Figueroa, a magnificent Spanish Renaissance structure designed by Albert C. Martin. Even today, nearly seventy years after it was dedicated, St. Vincent de Paul's Church dazzles bypassers (which in Los Angeles means motorists) with the drama of its proportions and the Moorish elegance of its multicolored oversized tile dome. The Dohenys were devoted to the historic St. Vincent de Paul, a seventeenth century French priest, and to the two orders he founded, the Daughters of Charity, a congregation of nursing sisters, and the Congregation of the Mission, also known as the Vincentian Fathers, missionaries and educators with a strong Southern Californian presence. Thus they gave generously to the Los Angeles Orphanage and St. Vincent's Hospital, two institutions conducted by the Daughters of Charity, and sponsored the education of Vincentian seminarians for the priesthood.
The Church, in turn, rewarded the Dohenys with the solaces of religion, which they would shortly need in full measure, and with something equally important and necessary, the assurance of caste. Both the Dohenys were new people, first generation in their wealth, not formally educated at the great universities of the East as were so many of the upper classes of West Adams, Pasadena, and San Marino. In exchange for their patronage, the Church rewarded the Dohenys with the prerogatives and titles of the Catholic nobility of Europe. The Archbishop became a confidant, a family friend and counselor, available in times of great stress or grief, especially the horrible family tragedy of February 1929, or for a quiet dinner en famille on Chester Place, just His Excellency and the two of them (and the servants of course), like a parish priest stopping by for a quiet Sunday supper. The Archbishop allowed the Dohenysthe privilege of a private chapel in their various homes, with permission to have mass said there and the consecrated eucharist reserved on the altar for veneration. They became Knight and Lady of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre in 1925, and in 1939 His Holiness Pope Pius XII raised Estelle Doheny, onetime telephone operator, to the rank of Papal Countess.
Through its legacy of European culture, its titles and its tutelage, the Roman Catholic Church, in this instance the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the Most Reverend John J. Cantwell Archbishop, helped the ever-generous Dohenys in the vital matter of taste and social self-confidence. A psychological reserve of self-esteem became very much necessary for both Dohenys in August 1924 when E.L. Doheny was charged in the Federal District Court of Los Angeles with bribing Secretary of Interior Albert B. Fall in November 1921 (a loan of $100,000 in cash, carried to Fall in a satchel by Edward Doheny, Jr.) so as to obtain favorable leases on naval oil reserves at Elk Hills in Kern County. President Harding had previously transferred the administration of the two reserves at Elk Hills and Teapot Dome in Wyoming to Fall in May 1921, itself a dubious action. Fall, in turn, had signed favorable leases with Doheny and oilman Harry F. Sinclair. The Teapot Dome scandal dragged on for six long years of investigation and trial. In 1927 the government canceled the leases, and in 1929 Fall was convicted of taking a bribe from Doheny and went to jail. Doheny, however, got off on technicalities after two trials, thanks to his brilliant lawyer, Frank J. Hogan of Washington, D.C., who once observed that the ideal client was a rich man who was scared. Doheny was both rich and scared, and between 1924 and his acquittal in 1930, Edward and Estelle regarded Hogan with a species of awe, dependency, and a thirst for deliverance that surpassed the intensity of their relationship to the Archbishop. While His Excellency might hold the keys of the kingdom, Mr. Hogan bore an equally compelling relationship to the keys to the slammer. Then an even worse tragedy struck. Edward Doheny adored his only son Edward, Jr., more commonly known as Ned. In 1914 Ned married Lucy Smith of Pasadena, and in time Doheny Senior adored her and his five grandchildren, four boys and a girl, with equal ardor. In the early 1920's E. L. Doheny commissioned architect Gordon Kaufmann to design for his son and family a grand mansion for the Beverly Hills property, Greystone, forty-six thousand square feet within, various modes of English Revival without, set amidst four hundred acres of formal Italian gardens and Shakespearean forests. There, on 16 February 1929 Edward Laurence Doheny, Jr., age 36, and his valet were found shot to death under what has then and now been described as mysterious circumstances. Grief-stricken, the Dohenys buried Ned at Forest Lawn beneath an elaborate replica of a Roman temple and in the months that followed searched for a further memorial as a way of coping with their anguish."
Here is the St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church funded by Papal Knight oilman Ed Doheny,_California))
Here is The Greystone Mansion, also known as the Doheny Mansion:
All of the above named players in the Teapot Dome scandal were Roman Catholic! This being Albert Sinclair, Robert Fall Edward Doheny and Frank J Hogan. The Teapot dome scandal today is still unprecedented in the sense that Albert Fall the secretary of the interior was found guilty of taking the 100,000$ bribe from Doheny, yet Doheny was found not guilty of giving the 100,000$ bribe! This was so because Ed Doheny's lawyer during the trial Frank J Hogan went to Jesuit Georgetown Univeristy! and the Jesuits are at the very top of the American hierarchy and effectively completely control the United States. This same Jesuit school is openly advocating for Population Control! in 2016 the Georgetown Philosophy department wrote a paper titled "Population Engineering and the Fight against Climate Change " (you can read that paper here :
" Frank J. Hogan (1877-1944) was a lawyer who co-founded the firm of Hogan & Hartson in 1904 and served as president of American Bar Association(ABA) from 1938 to 1939. He represented several high-profile clients, including former president Warren G. Harding, oil tycoon Edward L. Doheny, and banker Andrew Mellon. In 1898 he joined the U.S. Army and put his clerical and railway experience to work in logistics, serving as secretary to the Chief Quartermaster of the Army, secretary to the Quartermaster General in Washington, and Secretary to the Chief of Staff of the Army. After work he spent his evenings studying law at Georgetown University. He completed the three-year program in two years, graduating at the head of his class in 1902.[1] After graduation, Hogan went into private practice. At first he practiced law part-time in the evenings while working for the War Department during the day. He co-founded a Washington law firm, Hogan & Hartson, in 1904. From 1912 to 1919, he lectured at Georgetown University(!!) on the law of wills, evidence, and partnership.[1]Hogan rose to national fame working on several high-profile cases in the 1920s and 30s. His most notable case was his defense of oil tycoon Edward L. Doheny and the Pan-American Petroleum and Transport Company in a series of trials from 1924 to 1930. In what came to be known as the Teapot Dome scandal, Doheny was accused of bribing Interior Secretary Albert Fall to lease the oil production rights at Elk Hills Oil Field. The company was forced to cancel its lease, but Hogan succeeded in clearing Doheny on charges of bribery and conspiracy to defraud the government. In 1935 he successfully defended Andrew Mellon on charges of tax evasion, and was featured on the cover of Time) magazine the same year. Other clients included former president Warren G. Harding(Who was also implicated in Teapot Dome!!), the General Electric Company, Armour & Co., and Swift & Co.[2] Reportedly, he once said that "the best client is a rich man who is scared."[3]
Here is the devout Catholic, Jesuit trained at Georgetown, Frank J Hogan on the cover on Time Magazine :,16641,19350311,00.html
Here is a photo of Hogan and Doheny together in 1924 :
here is a photo of a smiling Ed Doheny after being acquitted of the charges of bribing Albert Fall $100,000 :
"Although Doheny said he wished nothing more than to go into seclusion for a much needed rest, he remained in the public eye, staging a series of high-profile appearances at various fetes, including an "Appreciation Banquet" held in his honor at the Biltmore Hotel on January 10, 1927. Over 400 prominent citizens , including the mayor of Los Angeles, the mayor on San Francisco, Hollywood movie stars, top businessman and financiers, and high ranking officals of the Catholic Church , honored Doheny at the dinner. The occasion assumed a semi-offical air when the invitations were posted bearing the historic seal of the city of Los Angeles. Frank Hogan, the banquets featured speaker, declared that the Doheny's Washington DC victory was won after " every fact and document concerning the assailed transactions had been placed before the court and jury." Hogan again called Doheny one of "our greatest patriots." The room exploded into a thundering standing ovation. Ned, dressed in black tie and seated next to his father at the head table, leaped to his feet, clapping and cheering . Unfortunately, Albert Fall, returning to his Three Rivers Ranch in Mexico, did not receive a similar reception. He faced still other criminal conspiracy charges with Henry Sinclair and found himself ostracized by many of his peers. Stressed by the intolerably long trial, Fall became ill with pneumonia". -Dark Side of Fortune: Triumph and Scandal in the Life of Oil Tycoon Edward L Doheny, by Margaret Davis
Ah ! Robert Fall should have gotten himself a lawyer from a Jesuit college! that would of sure helped, but in this case Albert Fall was truly the Fall guy , as Edward Doheny was a incredibly valuable asset for the Jesuits and Rome for taking control of the oil supply in Mexico.
Papal Knight of the Equestrian Order Ed Doheny also invested in Knight of Malta AP Giannini's Bank of Italy on the request of William Gibbs McAdoo. Giannini was a friend of Mussolini and a fascist sympathizer... " William Gibbs McAdoo Jr.[1]/ˈmækəˌduː/ (October 31, 1863 – February 1, 1941) was an American lawyer and statesman. McAdoo was a leader of the Progressive movement and played a major role in the administration of President Woodrow Wilson. A member of the Democratic Party), he also represented California in the United States Senate. He gained notoriety as the president of the Hudson and Manhattan Railroad Company and served as the vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee. McAdoo worked on Wilson's successful 1912 presidential campaignand served as the United States Secretary of the Treasury from 1913 to 1918. He married Wilson's daughter, Eleanor, in 1914. McAdoo presided over the establishment of the Federal Reserve System and helped prevent an economic crisis after the outbreak of World War I. After the U.S. entered the war, McAdoo also served as the Director General of Railroads. McAdoo left Wilson's Cabinet in 1919, co-founding the law firm of McAdoo, Cotton & Franklin.:
"His(McAdoo) first task was the bank of Italy, He urged friends and associates, including Ed Doheny to deposit funds in it (Bank of Italy) and lobbied the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) to allow it (Bank of Italy) to open more branches." - Progressives at War: William G. McAdoo and Newton D. Baker, 1863–1941 By Douglas B. Craig . Knight of Malta AP Giannini was impressed with McAdoo's connection with the Federal Reserve system, and his contacts, and even offered McAdoo an annual retainer of $50,000. By 1922 Giannini's bank of Italy was already one of the largest banks west of the Mississippi already had 66 branches and deposits of $225 million. (mentioned in above source)
The Chief Justice of the United States when the Federal Reserve Act was passed through Congress was none other than a devout Catholic Edward Douglass White, who was educated at Jesuit Georgetown University. White fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War\_Douglass\_White
" McAdoo was again a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1924. Widely regarded as the front-runner in 1923, McAdoo's candidacy was badly hurt by the revelation that he had previously accepted a $25,000 contribution from Edward L. Doheny, an oil tycoon implicated in 1922 in the Teapot Dome scandal.[19] McAdoo had returned the normal-course contribution once he learned of Doheny's possible bribes to Secretary of the Interior Albert Bacon Fall to get oil leases.[20] At the 1924 Democratic National Convention, McAdoo notably did not reject the endorsement of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK)."
De Speigal's August 8th 1958 issue on Vatican finances claims the Jesuits bankrolled Knight of Malta AP Giannini's Bank Of Italy which went on to become Bank of America.
" The full-blooded intervention of the United States in the affairs of Latin America, with all the long-range repercussions it created for the Vatican, had not been confined either to the beginning of the century or to the case of the Panama Canal. It continued and culminated, at the close of this first stage, in the relationship of the Vatican with American Imperialism, in a no less typical example of North American interference in Latin-American affairs. It all began with North American economic penetration revolving around the development of Mexican oil, a fair North American enterprise at the beginning but turned selfishly vicious at the end. In 1900 an American, E. L. Doheney, with others, bought 282,000 acres in Mexico for 325,000 dollars, or about for 15 per acre. Doheney struck oil, and truly fabulous oil wells were discovered in his land. This can be gauged by the fact that whereas a good well in California yielded 600 barrels a day, one single well in Mexico produced 70,000 barrels a day at the beginning and 25,000 barrels daily for many years afterwards. A famous well, the Cerro Azul, the largest in the world, yielded 45,000 to 50,000 barrels a day for several years. 4 ...." The American oil magnates, also inveterate idealists, did what they could to put “ democracy ” in power in Mexico. Mr. E. L. Doheney helped the Mexican “ constitutionalists ” with 100,000 dollars. The rest of the oil companies gave secret funds to the Mexican revolutionary forces, furnishing them with oil to the value of 865,000 dollars, and in addition refusing to pay taxes to the Mexican Government. "...." American financial dinosaurs, like the Catholic Church, have not grown to their present stature by the mere weight of their bulk. They had always made ample use of, in addition to genuine dash and imagination, the most blatant political effrontery. Spurred by their determination to regain the lost Mexican treasure by using the might of the Government of the U.S.A., they simply formulated, promoted, and executed a breath-taking plan: they were going to storm the White House and, by mobilizing the big guns of the Press and financial, political, and religious pressure, plant one of their friends in the Presidential chair. Once that was. done, war with Mexico, and the restoration of “democracy in that most God-forsaken country", would become a certainty, an act that would be applauded by all the freedom-loving people of the world. Was such a scheme impossible? Not at all. The Big Dinosaurs had already some remarkable precedents to their credit. At the beginning of the century, as already seen, Theodore Roosevelt was one. Theodore Roosevelt had been a success. President Wilson’s Tampico incident had been only a half-success, while their attempt of the 1920s, which had been a ghastly failure, had nevertheless taught them an excellent lesson and a reminder to be more cautiously bold in the future. The lesson: In 1920 the big American oil interests “ bought ” a Senator and made him their “ creature.” The creature’s task: promotion of a nation-wide alarm, aimed at throwing the American people into a panic and thus inducing the American Government to launch an armed attack against Mexico. When public opinion had reached the right degree of heat, the “bought” Senator, Albert B. Fall, one day demanded point-blank that the United States should withdraw recognition of the Carranza Government. Asked on what grounds, the Senator disclosed that the U.S.A. were in the most dire danger: the Mexican Government had engineered the most terrible plot against America; a formidable invasion was about to take place. The Mexicans, the Russians, and the international workers of the world had planned to attack the United States of America, detach Texas, and give it back to Mexico. Could the American people let such a thing happen? Of course not. The United States had to protect them against the Red aggressors. It had to do that by going to war against Mexico before it was too late. The Senator asked the American people to put pressure upon their Government, so as to persuade it to initiate a “ preventive ” war against the Mexican neighbour. It was the most sacred duty of all patriotic citizens to see that the Government did something about it. America had to be saved, Senator Fall went on shouting. Its freedom was endangered by the Red menace across the border. For a time panic was created, and a flurry of political and military measures were set in motion. The “ Free ” American Press, supported by the oil companies, played on the plot. In spite of them all, however, the plot began to dissolve into thin air owing to one simple fact: the Mexican-Russian attack never eventuated. An investigation was set up. Senator A. B. Fall was convicted of accepting a 100,000-dollar bribe from American oil interests and was dispatched to a penitentiary. Those who handed over the bribe, and who were therefore the real schemers for the American-Mexican war scare, were never convicted and, indeed, have increased and multiplied ever since. " - Avro Manhattan, The Dollar and the Vatican
While the Catholic Church was economically conquering the nation of Mexico they were also planting fascism into the minds of the Mexican citizens. Many fascist movemnts exploded onto the scene in Mexico in the early 1930's the most prominet of these being the National Synarchist Union.
Allan Chase, Falange(1943): "The Trueba Olivares brothers were powerful Spanish haciendados whose great Mexican estates were veritable feudal domains. They were leaders of the Falange Espanola. The movement these three men created in the Sinarquistas was a Nazi-Falange legion identical in structure and aims with the Fascist parties of both Germany and Spain. From the beginning, Nazi agents like Paul Klement, Alexander Holste, Otto Hilbert, and Frederico Heinn were assigned to work with the frustrated country lawyers chosen to serve as the nominal heads of the movement. These Nazi agents were ultimately replaced by whole corps of Falange militantes and advisers sent from Spain to Mexico. Like the Nazi and the Falange parties, the Sinarquistas promised all things to all men. If the Sinarquist slogan, "Faith, Blood, and Victory" was more than faintly reminiscent of the beer-cellar mysticism of Nazism and Falingismo, its program was simply a Mexican carbon copy of Fascist platforms the world over. Because the Sinarquist movement today has 500,000 members below the United States border — and quite a number of devoted followers above the Rio Grande — an examination of its program is in order. It is of importance to all Ameri- cans to know exactly why one of the last issues of Coughlin's Social Justice to appear before that publication was banned from the United States mails for sedition carried these revealing words: " Advocates of Christian social justice in America, Christian Americans who once dreamed of a national union to effect a 16-point reform, and who have watched the progress of the Christian States headed by Salazar, De Valera, General Franco, and Mussolini, will want to hear further from Mexico's Sinarchists with their "16 principles" of social justice "(!!)... The Casa de Espana was the first American branch of the Falange Exterior. Like all foreign Falanges, it soon organized the local branch of the Auxilio Social of the Falange. In the United States the Auxilio Social took the form of two American committees — the Spanish Nationalist Relief Committee and the American Spanish Relief Fund, and one Spanish organization, the National Spanish Relief Association, Incorporated. The directors of the Spanish association included Emilio Gonzalez, Dr. Castroviejo, and Juan Gallego, a Spanish shipping man of New York. Among the "foreign sympathizers" whom the handbook of the Falange Exterior sought were the American mem- bers of the Spanish Nationalist Relief Committee. These included Americans like W. Cameron Forbes, former American Ambassador to Japan; James W. Gerard, former Ambassador to Germany; Dennis Cardinal Dougherty, Archbishop of Philadelphia; Mrs. Harry Payne Whitney; Anne Morgan; Mary Pickford; and Dr. A. Hamilton Rice. The literature of this committee stated that it was the "American representative for raising funds in the United States for the Auxilio Social — Social Help Service — which represents in a marvelous manner the spirit and unity of New Spain." " (source :
In an article i wrote on William Randolph Hearst I cover some of the fascism of the Catholic Priest Charles Coughlin :
" The National Synarchist Union (Spanish: Unión Nacional Sinarquista) is a Mexican political organization. It was historically a movement of the Roman Catholic extreme right, in some ways akin to clerical fascism and falangism"..." The ideology of the UNS derived from the current of Catholic social thinking of the 1920s and 1930s, based on the papal encyclical Rerum novarum of Pope Leo XIII, which also influenced the regimes of Engelbert Dollfuss in Austria, António Salazar in Portugal and Francisco Franco in Spain. Taking its impetus from the same strand of rightist politics that had informed the Cristiada movement, the group sought to mobilise the peasantry against "atheistic and communist tendencies"".[8] ..." Mexican author Mario Gill argues that the synarchist movement in Mexico was essentially co-opted by right-wing Catholic elements in the U.S., led by Cardinal Francis Spellman and Bishop Fulton Sheen. This assessment was echoed by El Popular, which in its December 14, 1943 issue wrote as follows:
"There is no doubt that the recent visit to Mexico of Msgr. Sheen, the pro-fascist 'black leader' of North American clericalism, contributed towards obtaining the conversion of the Mexican Synarchists to a new policy in tune with the demands of the situation of the new world."
Oil Baron of the Southwest, Edward L. Doheny and the Development of the Petroleum Industry in California and Mexico, by Martin Ansell : "In looking back over the period from 1900 to 1910, which formed the introductory phase of the Mexican petroleum industry, it is clear that Doheny was primarily responsible for the direction the industry would take. As a result of his past experience in California and his financial backing, Doheny succeeded where others feared to try. In reviewing his work with Canfield, Doheny noted that: "Our lifetime spent at prospecting and our experience in developing oil in the vicinity of the exudes in California, constituted in us the proper frame of mind to fully appreciate the evidences of petroleum which existed in Mexico, and which undoubtedly had been seen by thousands of natives and perhaps a great many intelligent Mexicans and foreigners, who, however, by reason of not having had the proper experience which we had, were not sufficiently impressed to undertake the task of developing oil there, which task did not prove light, even though we went into it with health, strength, enthusiasm, and practically unlimited cash resources(The Catholic church....), and a great belief in our own judgment and good fortune.86 ""...." With the increasing size and importance of his oil holdings in Mexico and the United States, Doheny found his political influence growing in proportion to his economic power. Although he did not emerge as a figure of national importance until 1920, he had been a prominent Democrat on the West Coast since the late 1890s. From the beginning, Doheny's devotion to the party was rooted in his Irish-American heritage, faith in the Catholic church, and his long years on the Western frontier, which had made him a sympathetic follower of William Jennings Bryan. "...."Doheny's new 6,000-barrel-a-day refinery specialized in Mexpet (also a brand name for Mexican Petroleum's products) road oil and asphalt, which were marketed from a southern sales office in New Orleans(There is a Jesuit University in New Orleans). Mexpet road oil was sold primarily to cities and railway companies that used it to control the dust along their lines. The asphalt needed no introduction, since it had been used for years on the East Coast with excellent results. Within a short time, the company was making deliveries as far north as Milwaukee, and in 1915, it added another station at Tampa, Florida, which included facilities for bunkering large ships and served as a distribution center for rail deliveries from Destrehan.48 To promote its operations along the eastern seaboard, Mexican Petroleum set up a main sales office in New York City and smaller outposts in Boston, Portland, Maine, and Providence, Rhode Island. Since oil was cheaper and cleaner to use than coal, this area became a prime location for securing industrial customers. In Portland, the largest purchaser was the International Paper Company. In Providence, the Jenckes Spinning Company kept Mexpet's three delivery trucks busy throughout the day. Mexpet also had smaller contracts with the American Woolen Company, the Manville woolen mills, D. Goff & Sons textile mill, and the Loutitt Home Hand Laundry Company. "........." Doheny emerged as a national leader of the oil industry in the late 1910s. Throughout this period, his companies accounted for the largest production of fuel oil in the world." ....." (source :
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2018.06.27 08:38 WittyFunnyUsername Rebooking Every WWE PPV from WrestleMania I to WrestleMania 35- Part Eighty-One (Long)

Superstar Shake-Up 2018:
To Raw:
Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn
Jinder Mahal & Sunil Singh
Baron Corbin
Dolph Ziggler
Bobby Roode
Mojo Rawley
American Alpha
The Fashion Police
The Ascension
Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas
The Riot Squad
To SmackDown:
Samoa Joe
Jeff Hardy
Big Cass
Andrade Almas & Zelina Vega
Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson
The Bar
Sanity (Eric Young, Killian Dain, Alexander Wolfe, & Nikki Cross)
The Iconic Duo
Mickie James
The Greatest Royal Rumble
Triple H vs John Cena (15:45)
(No story at all. Just a hype match for the Saudi crowd.)
Cruiserweight Championship:
Mustafa Ali vs Cedric Alexander (c) (12:09)
(Mustafa challenges Cedric to a rematch. He says that he fell short at WrestleMania but he won't fall short again. Cedric accepts this match and says that he's the face of 205 Live now and he is excited to lead it into the future.)
Intercontinental Championship:
Randy Orton vs Shelton Benjamin (c) (11:29)
(Randy Orton invokes his rematch clause. He tells Shelton that this isn't the same WWE he left and he won't be champion for long. Benjamin says that he's better than he was ever before and the Intercontinental Championship is only the start.)
Raw Tag Team Championship:
Titus Worldwide (Akira Tozawa & Apollo Crews w/ Titus O'Neil) vs The Revival (c) (12:01)
(Titus Worldwide defeat The Bar and The Good Brothers to become number one contenders for the Raw Tag Team Championship. Titus O'Neil says that his clients will prove they're the best team. The Revival say that the best team in WWE today will not lose the titles to second-rate losers.)
SmackDown Tag Team Championship:
The Usos vs Rusev Day (c) (12:03)
(The Usos invoke their rematch clause. They say they respect Rusev Day but they are not getting knocked off their throne any time soon. Rusev Day promise to continue making every day Rusev Day.)
United States Championship-Fatal-4-Way Ladder Match:
Jeff Hardy vs Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins vs Neville (c) (15:05)
(Not much story here. This match is announced before WrestleMania. There's an added stipulation that if Jeff Hardy wins, he'll take the United States Championship to SmackDown Live.)
WWE Championship:
Shinsuke Nakamura vs AJ Styles (c) (Double Count Out) (14:25)
(After the betrayal at WrestleMania, AJ Styles challenges Shinsuke Nakamura to another match. He says he thought Shinsuke was his friend but obviously Shinsuke let pride and greed control him. Shinsuke, when asked why he did what he did to AJ, simply says he doesn't speak English. The match ends in double count out when AJ Styles, overcome with anger, attacks Shinsuke and they brawl into the time keeper's area.)
Universal Championship-Steel Cage Match:
Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns (c) (17:23)
(Braun Strowman invokes his rematch clause the night after WrestleMania by attacking Roman and putting him through the announcer's desk. He says that if it were a proper one-on-one match, he would still be Universal Champion. Roman says that now that he's finally got the Universal Championship, he isn't letting it go any time soon.)
Greatest Royal Rumble:
Samoa Joe wins by last eliminating Daniel Bryan (1:17:20)
Greatest Royal Rumble Notes:
Every surprise entrant is the same.
Daniel Bryan enters at number one.
After Finn Balor eliminates Baron Corbin, Corbin comes back in the match and attacks Balor before eliminating him.
Payback 2018 (Raw)
(This PPV takes place the same weekend as The Greatest Royal Rumble. Taking place on 4/29/18.)
Heath Slater & Rhyno vs The Authors of Pain w/ Paul Ellering (6:17)
(Not much story here. Heath Slater & Rhyno confront The Authors of Pain when they attack a jobber team. Paul Ellering says Slater & Rhyno will be a new team added to the list of victims in the Book of Pain.)
Main Show:
Cruiserweight Championship-Two out of Three Falls Match:
Mustafa Ali vs Cedric Alexander (c) (16:50)
(After the Greatest Royal Rumble, Mustafa Ali challenges Cedric Alexander to this match over Twitter, stating he wants one more chance to prove himself. Cedric accepts, saying he loves competing with Mustafa and will love one more round.)
Bray Wyatt vs Woken Matt Hardy (9:51)
(After he is drafted to Raw, Bray Wyatt immediately begins targeting Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy says their vessels have been at war for thousands of years and now this is the Great War. Bray Wyatt promises to end Woken Matt Hardy. After this match, they have the Ultimate Deletion match and then begin teaming.)
Raw Tag Team Championship:
The Fashion Police vs The Revival (c) (11:07)
(The Fashion Police defeat American Alpha, Titus Worldwide, and Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel at a live event the day before this show to get this match. The Revival say they'll close The Fashion Files for good.)
Baron Corbin vs Finn Balor (12:19)
(After Corbin costs him the Greatest Royal Rumble Match, Balor demands this match and it's made. Corbin cuts a Twitter promo where he says that Balor is a small man in a big man's world and he'll send him back to Japan.)
United States Championship:
Seth Rollins vs Neville (c) (20:30)
(At a live event, Seth Rollins defeats Finn Balor and Baron Corbin to become number one contender. He says that he will take Neville's precious crown and leave Payback as United States Champion. Neville says that Rollins is like a pest who he will finally rid himself of.)
Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens vs Bobby Lashley & Braun Strowman (13:59)
(On the Pre-Show, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens berate Bobby Lashley during an interview which leads to Lashley challenging them to a match. Later on during the Pre-Show, Kurt Angle tells Bobby Lashley he has to find a partner. It's not until this match that it's revealed his partner is Braun Strowman.)
Raw Women's Championship:
Nia Jax vs Asuka (c) (13:01)
(After winning the Sensational Invitational, Nia Jax demands a match for the Raw Women's Championship. Asuka agrees to give her the match. Asuka says she's beaten Nia before and she will again. Nia says that she will break Asuka and her streak.)
Universal Championship:
Samoa Joe vs Roman Reigns (c) (18:10)
(Samoa Joe challenges Roman to a match for this show on an episode of Raw. After Joe is drafted to SmackDown Live, the stipulation is added that if he wins he'll get drafted back to Raw. Roman says that Joe is tough but he's not going to beat him.)
Backlash 2018 (SmackDown)
(This show takes place on 5/6/18.)
Tag Team Match to determine the # 1 Contenders for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship:
The Usos vs The Bar (14:25)
(Not much story. Both teams want to be number one contender so new SmackDown GM Paige makes this match.)
Main Show:
Intercontinental Championship:
Jeff Hardy vs Shelton Benjamin (c) (13:09)
(Jeff Hardy defeats Tye Dillinger to get this match. He says that now that he's on SmackDown, he will get a Championship again. Shelton says he's beaten Jeff more times than he can count and this will be no different.)
Mickie James & Naomi vs The Iconic Duo (9:11)
(The Iconic Duo debut and begin berating Naomi which leads to Mickie James confronting them and throwing down the challenge for this match which they don't accept until Paige forces them to.)
Tye Dillinger vs Samoa Joe (14:05)
(Samoa Joe comes out on SmackDown and says that he'll make it his show, and no one will get in his way when it comes to getting what he wants. Tye Dillinger comes out and says that Joe will not bully his way to a top spot on SmackDown which Joe responds by attacking Tye so this match is made.)
SmackDown Tag Team Championship:
The New Day (Xavier Woods & Big E w/ Kofi Kingston) vs Rusev Day (c) (13:17)
(The New Day defeat Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson to become number one contenders. They say that they'll cancel Rusev Day and install a New Day. Rusev Day say that they'll take The New Day's pancakes and shove them down their throat. After the match, the two teams shake hands. Rusev Day leaves and Sanity comes from the crowd and attacks The New Day. Rusev Day come down to the ring but Sanity leaves back through the crowd.)
Big Cass vs Daniel Bryan (16:19)
(Big Cass returns on SmackDown Live and attacks Daniel Bryan. He says that he was cleared on the same day Daniel Bryan announced he would team with Shane McMahon so no one cared about him. He promises to but Bryan back on the shelf. Daniel Bryan says he'll make Big Cass tap out in the center of the ring. I know, this feud was horrible, but it's a good feud to bring Bryan back and they have their decent match from Money in the Bank. After this show, Big Cass is released.)
Sin Cara vs Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega (11:54)
(After Andrade shows up on SmackDown, he has a run in backstage with Sin Cara that leads to Zelina Vega slapping Sin Cara. Sin Cara asks Paige for this match and it is made.)
SmackDown Women's Championship:
Becky Lynch vs Charlotte (c) (14:53)
(Becky Lynch challenges Charlotte to one more match and she accepts. Becky says she'll prove to the world that she deserves to be on top of the division. Charlotte says that she is going to be a fighting champion and will not back down from any challenge.)
WWE Championship-No Disqualification Match:
Shinsuke Nakamura vs AJ Styles (c) (21:05)
(After The Greatest Royal Rumble, these two won't stop brawling. They interrupt each other's matches to brawl so Paige finally has enough and makes this match. AJ promises to make Shinsuke pay for ever betraying him. Shinsuke says he'll leave Backlash as Champion and AJ won't leave at all. AJ wins when Shinsuke tries to low blow him only for AJ to reveal he was wearing a cup then nailing Shinsuke with a Styles Clash. After the match, Shinsuke attacks AJ and leaves with the WWE Championship.)
NXT TakeOver: Chicago II
NXT Tag Team Championship & North American Championship-Winners Take All Six Man Tag Team Match:
British Strong Style vs The Undisputed Era (c) (23:17)
(After being betrayed by Roderick Strong at TakeOver: New Orleans, Pete Dunne declares war on Undisputed Era. He gets help from Moustache Mountain when The Undisputed Era attack him on NXT and Moustache Mountain makes the save. Pete Dunne makes the challenge for this match and Adam Cole accepts.)
The Velveteen Dream vs Ricochet (22:10)
(The Velveteen Dream confronts Ricochet on NXT, saying that Ricochet is nothing but a flash in the pan and he can do everything Ricochet can but better. Ricochet challenges Velveteen Dream to this match, saying Velveteen Dream is nothing but a Tough Enough reject.)
No Disqualification Match:
Tomasso Ciampa vs Johnny Gargano (35:29)
(After TakeOver: New Orleans, Tomasso Ciampa continues to attack Johnny Gargano. This leads to a confrontation between Candice LeRae and Tomasso Ciampa where Candice slaps Tomasso then Johnny comes out and the two brawl which leads to Johnny accidentally being knocked into Candice and injuring her. Johnny makes the challenge for this match, much to Candice's chagrin, and Tomasso accepts.)
NXT Women's Championship:
Shayna Baszler vs Ember Moon (c) (10:06)
(Shayna shows up after TakeOver: New Orleans and attacks Ember Moon. She says that she is the most legit and worthy contender for the NXT Women's Championship. Ember welcomes this challenge and agrees to this match. Ember counters an arm bar into a roll-up to win this match.)
NXT Championship:
Drew McIntyre vs Aleister Black (c) (22:14)
(After TakeOver: New Orleans, Drew McIntyre shows up on NXT and says that he wants an NXT Championship match. He says he is owed a rematch and he'll take the title and snap Aleister's streak. Aleister accepts the match and says that he'll beat Drew and prove that he's the best Champion possible for NXT. After the match, Drew gets a standing ovation and thanks the fans before leaving for the main roster.)
Money in the Bank 2018
Cruiserweight Championship:
Hideo Itami vs Cedric Alexander (c) (15:23)
(Hideo defeats Mustafa Ali, TJ Perkins, and Drew Gulak to become number one contender. He says that with a chance to finally become Cruiserweight Champion, he will not give in until he leaves as Champion. Cedric says that Hideo hits hard and fast, but he'll weather the storm and leave as Champion.)
Six Man Tag Team Match:
The New Day vs Sanity (14:25)
(After the attack at Backlash, The New Day challenge Sanity to this match. Sanity accepts this match and promises to spread chaos over New Day and SmackDown.)
Raw Tag Team Championship:
The Deleters of Worlds vs The Revival (c) (11:07)
(Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt begin teaming after Matt defeats Bray in the Ultimate Deletion. The Deleters of Worlds attack The Revival and stake their claim to be Raw Tag Team Champions. The Revival accept this match, saying they'll divide and conquer the new team.)
Main Show:
Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Bayley vs Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay vs Emma vs Naomi vs Natalya vs Nikki Cross vs Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch (18:30)
SmackDown Women's Championship:
Carmella vs Charlotte (c) (9:04)
(Carmella attacks Charlotte on SmackDown and challenges her to this match. She says she wants to reclaim her championship. Charlotte accepts this match and promises to shut Carmella's mouth for good.)
United States Championship:
Neville vs Seth Rollins (c) (17:00)
(Neville invokes his rematch clause. He says Rollins doesn't deserve to parade around as United States Champion and he'll end his reign quickly. Rollins says that Neville puts too much stock in his own abilities. After the match, Rollins extends his hand to Neville and after some hesitation, Neville shakes it.)
SmackDown Tag Team Championship:
The Bar vs Rusev Day (c) (12:44)
(The Bar say that they dominated the tag division on Raw and they'll do the same on SmackDown as well. Rusev Day says that The Bar were nothing but the guys who would lose to Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.)
Raw Women's Championship:
Sasha Banks vs Asuka (c) (16:50)
(Sasha Banks defeats Bayley in the main event of Raw to become number one contender. She says that The Empress is no match for The Boss and she will leave this show as the new Raw Women's Champion. Asuka says that Sasha likes to run her mouth and she'll run her out of Raw just like she did NXT.)
Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Finn Balor vs Luke Harper vs Bobby Roode vs Jeff Hardy vs Kevin Owens vs The Miz vs Braun Strowman vs Samoa Joe (19:53)
Sami Zayn vs Bobby Lashley (6:35)
(Sami Zayn begins targeting Bobby Lashley on Raw. He says that Bobby Lashley is nothing but a big liar, calling into question of Lashley ever served in the military and making fun of Lashley for not making it far into MMA. Lashley doesn't take Zayn seriously at first but gets upset when Zayn makes fun of his family. This match is short because Zayn is injured and is taken out for the rest of the year after this match.)
Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega vs Daniel Bryan (14:33)
(Zelina Vega and Daniel Bryan have a confrontation backstage which leads to Andrade Almas attacking Daniel Bryan after Bryan's match with Jeff Hardy to qualify for the Money in the Bank later that night. Paige makes this match. Daniel Bryan says that if Andrade wants to make a name off him, he is making a big mistake.)
Nia Jax vs Ronda Rousey (11:05)
(Nia Jax confronts Ronda Rousey on Raw and says that Rousey is not the baddest woman on the planet because she is. Rousey challenges Jax to this match and Jax accepts. The big story going in is if Rousey will be able to put the Arm Bar on Jax, which she doesn't do on the go home Raw.)
WWE Championship-Last Man Standing Match:
Shinsuke Nakamura vs AJ Styles (c) (31:15)
(After the attack at Backlash, Paige says these two will have one more match. On an episode of SmackDown, Shinsuke beats AJ to earn the right to choose the stipulation and he chooses Last Man Standing. AJ says he'll make Shinsuke wish he'd never even won the Royal Rumble.)
Universal Championship:
Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs Roman Reigns (c) (14:27)
(After Payback, Brock Lesnar shows up on Raw and just decimates Roman Reigns. He beats the absolute hell out of him. Giving him an F5 in the ring, on the top of the ramp, and through the announcer's desk. Roman demands Kurt Angle make this match official so Angle does. Paul Heyman says that the only reason Roman Reigns is Universal Champion is because he stole the win from Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 34. Roman says that he will show the world that he can beat Brock Lesnar. This match is a lot like their WrestleMania 31 encounter, being a hard hitting affair.)
Thanks for reading! If you couldn't tell, I'm keeping brand exclusive shows because that's just better. I'll be back tomorrow with part eighty-two which will cover the final chapter of Gargano vs Ciampa, what's next for Brock Lesnar, and what is the next step for Ronda Rousey!
P.S. Shouts out to u/ArmandoPayne for inadvertently helping me book the Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns match!
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2018.04.28 18:13 Dreiko3927 Examining the Thinking Behind Each First Round Pick

Hey everyone, so while looking at all of the first round analysis articles and arguments over who was over-drafted and under-drafted, I figured it would be a fun exercise to look at each team and what they were possibly thinking/hoping for with each of their first rounders. As a side note, I wrote most of this before the second day so some of my later round predictions may be way off but I still will stand by them.
Long Post
1) Cleveland Browns, Baker Mayfield: For the record I’m #TeamRosen and think this was a reach but this isn’t the point of the post. The point is to figure out the thought process (or at least attempt to) of the front office. Cleveland was always taking a QB at one, the team had neglected the final piece of the rebuild for far too long, and with Hue’s job on the line (at least I hope it is who knows with these Browns) the Browns need a QB and they need one now. If Dorsey truly believes Mayfield is a franchise QB you just can’t risk him slipping out of your hands before 4, plus it’s a huge sing of confidence to him and the Browns fan base that they are committed to turning the franchise around this year.
2) New York Giants, Saquon Barkley: The more I think about this pick the more I like it. I believe it’s the perfect move with short and long term plans in mind. Although a lot of fans clamored for a QB here seeing as the Giants were assumed to not be picking this high again for awhile, that’s a dangerous road to go down when you already have such a talented team with lots of FA money invested in it. Short term we all know that Saquon is a game changer and finally give Eli that running game that has been transparent from that offense for so long. Along with Odell and Sterling Shepard, that offense has to be explosive as long as Eli can remain semi competent (right???). Long term wise, looking at the past two highly drafted RB’s, Zeke came in and made a 4th round QB and look pro bowl caliber QB, while Fournette gave Bortles a career year (not to mention 54 million dollars). Right now this offense will be explosive with Saquon and he’ll make the job of the QB of the future a lot easier.
3) New York Jets, Sam Darnold: I’ve said it and I’ll say it again until Rosen is picked, I’m #TeamRosen, but Darnold was my second favorite QB. A bit raw but the Jets have Josh McCown as a playementocoach. With Darnold in the fold and Teddy out there trying to prove himself the Jets franchise for once may have found some solid footing.
4) Cleveland Browns, Denzel Ward: First, the Browns went into this draft needing difference makers. They were done moving down and accumulating picks. They wanted to cash in and turn this woeful franchise around. With that being said, the front office must have hoped there was at least a chance the Giants took a QB and Saquon was still there at 4. However that didn’t happen so I assume they turned to trade talks with the plan of still staying in the top ten which basically only left Denver (and the Colts honesetly who knows whats going on with Luck) as a logical trade partner but apparently they weren’t in the market for a QB (or at least not any left on the board). So onto their actual pick while Chubb was my highest rated defensive player, his main selling point was a high floor with stellar run defense, but the Browns already have a historically good run defense. However they lack a true #1 cornerback that a coach can rely upon to match up with an opponent’s best receiver week in and out. We all saw how much Lattimore changed that Saint’s defense and if Ward can come anywhere close to the player Lattimore is then the Browns suddenly have a playoff caliber D.
5) Denver Broncos,Bradley Chubb: While this pick surprised many because of the assumption of a QB being taken. Maybe they were hoping to snag Lamar Jackson or someone else in the second or maybe they believe in Keenum’s career reincarnation. What I do know is that the Broncos were absolutely molly whopped on the ground last year. Chubb (as stated above) is stellar on run defense and while he may not be talented enough to draw double teams every play he’s more than talented enough to take advantage of single coverage due to the attention of Von. Back in their super bowl heyday, the Broncos defense was ferocious because you couldn’t run on them forcing you to drop back, which lets Von just go to work. Losing Talib hurts this team but if Keenum works out and Chubb restores the rush defense this team could be spooky good.
6) Indianapolis Colts, Quenton Nelson: Not really much to say here. One of the best guard prospects to come out of college in recent memory going to a team that needs offensive line help. The Colts are just a tough team to analyze as the whole dynamic of the club changes if Luck is playing or not. So sorry Colt’s fans but honestly I have no idea what’s happening with your club.
7) Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen: HOW THE HELL DOES THIS MAN GET PICKED OVER ROSEN, HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY #TEAMROSEN. Surprise, surprise the Bills moved up for a QB. One of the worst kept secrets (honestly not even a secret) was that this Bills team was desperate for a QB. Whatever your feelings are on this certain QB that was picked and feelings on a certain QB that wasn’t picked the Bills needed a QB and moved up to get one. The Bills were a playoff team with Tyrod Tayler and Nathan Peterman at QB so how much worse could Allen be from that duo.
8) Chicago Bears, Roquan Smith: Logical picks like this just don’t leave me much to talk about. They signed A-Rob and hired a new coach that wasn’t employing a prehistoric offense, adding to a pretty decent o line and two exciting runningbacks. Trubisky has to show some promise this year, but in the mean time why not build up the defense. Smith was my top linebacker going to a linebacker needy team. Not much more I can say.
9) San Francisco 49ers, Mike McGlinchey: I saw McGlinchey as a player who could come in and be an elite RT in this league and possibly transition to LT depending on development. I hoped he would go to a team with an aging LT and a hole at RT so he would gain valuable playing time and contribute to the team winning while being groomed (but not forced) to be the LT of the future. While the 49ers may have wanted Roquan to potentially replace their troubled sophomore in Foster he was taken right under their noses leaving them with a pretty solid option in McGlinchey to protect their 137 million dollar investment.
10) Arizona Cardinals, Josh Rosen: As a Raiders fan I prayed that Roquan would drop to us because McKinzie has just stocked our LB core with 5th,6th,and 7th rounders and I’m beginning to worry about wasting Mack’s prime. But Roquan got taken. Basically all the previous reasons for McGlinchey could be copied and pasted here as Penn is getting up there in age. But McGlinchey got taken. Logical move back then to pick up some draft picks. Onto the actual pick. About time. Josh Rosen finally gets picked nine spots too late to a QB needy team. Cardinals saw their chance and pounced as a top QB prospect was just too tempting. Only giving up a 3rd and 5th to ensure they get their QB of the future is a great deal. I am beyond excited to hopefully see Fitz play with (hopefully) elite QB and for David Johnson to become a true force for in this league.
11) Miami Dolphins, Minkah Fitzpatrick: This will be another short one. One of my favorite defensive players will give the Dolphins a killer back end to go along with Reshad Jones. I can’t quite tell if the Dolphins are going full rebuild or not, I would assume they are going to give tannenhill one more year to prove his worth of the contract but you can’t go wrong with picking one the best players available.
12) Tampa Bay Buccaneers,Vita Vea: This draft was all about defense. While Jameis did falter a bit this season, I would like to see the Bucs put him in winnable situations where he doesn’t have to consistently air it out to make up for a leaky defense. With the trade for JP and hopefully Spence developing nicely into a secondary pass rush option they needed to take either a DT or a DB and they grabbed maybe the sturdiest player in the entire draft. A man that size should not be able to move that quickly.
13) Washington Redskins, Da’Ron Payne: You’ll see my explanations are getting a lot shorter but what do you want me to say. The Redskins needed a DT and they took one. No RB was worth a pick this high (although I expect them to grab one later) and they are pretty much set on all other positions on offense. They took who they believed to be the best defensive prospect.
14) New Orleans Saints, Marcus Davenport: Finally a juicy one I can sink my teeth into. With the Saints absolutely crushing the draft last year they suddenly transitioned into a ground and pound team who also happens to have a HOF QB at the tail end of his career. They (rightly) are assuming that next years pick is going to be late and with very few needs across the team, why not move up and take a risk on a player who could very well make them super bowl champions. Davenport was a high risk high reward player who if he works out, will be a pass rushing demon to go alongside Cameron Jordan with Marshon Lattimore and company covering the backend that is potentially the best defense in football. With Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram behind that offensive line you don’t even need a HOF QB to be a super bowl contender. Finally the Saints are doing right by Brees and surrounding him with a team that has all the makings of a super bowl contender, the question is how long can Brees hang on.
15) Oakland Raiders, Kolton Miller: This is the first true head scratcher for me and of course it has to be my Raiders. Admittedly I was not able to do my full draft prep this year and honestly knew very little about him. But based on some quick googling he seems to be in the vein of the Mike McGlinchey type of filling the Raiders current whole at RT while eventually being groomed to be our LT of the future. If he turns out to be a good RT then the Raiders have to have the best offensive line in football to go along with Carr throwing the ball to Martavis Bryant, Amari Cooper (he’s breaking out this year I swear), Jordy Nelson. Who needs defense???
16) Buffalo Bills, Tremaine Edmunds: And here we find the theme of the Bills draft. High upside players who if they work out will be all pros but if they don’t they will be out of the league before their rookie contract is up. Edmunds looked confused a lot of times out there on the field but being uber athletic and one of the youngest prospects in the draft will get you drafted at 16. If just one of these prospect’s works out then the Bills will have a franchise cornerstone and a player to build around, giving hope to the Bills Mafia.
17) Los Angeles Chargers, Derwin James: Best player available goes to a team without any real gaping needs. If I was a Chargers fan I would be ecstatic.
18) Green Bay Packers, Jaire Alexander: Even though the Packers have been drafting cornerbacks early for what seems like ages, there still lies a huge hole in the backend. A lot of flaws on offense will be fixed by a perennial MVP candidate playing the entire season. An influx of new young talent on defense along with a competent defensive coordinator could bring GB back to prominence.
19) Dallas Cowboys, Leighton Vander Esch: Another team exposed by their MVP candidate being out for the season goes defense. While Jaylon Smith was an inspirational story he hasn’t proved much although there is an argument for him to still be recovering. In all honesty Sean Lee should be more worried about his long term health than football. The LB core needs talent to back up a fierce pass rush headed by Demarcus Lawrence.
20) Detriot Lions, Frank Ragnow: Lackluster rushing game and Matt Stafford, name a more iconic duo… I’ll wait. Lions see the depth of this running back class and look to grab a premier offensive line talent to bolster an underwhelming running game before taking their new bell cow in the second or third.
21) Cincinatti Benals, Billy Price: The Bengals traded back for an offensive lineman and still went offensive line. If that doesn’t tell you the story of the 2017 Bengals than nothing will.
22) Tennessee Titans, Rashaan Evans: Wow my explanations have taken a nose dive in length. It gets harder and harder when teams in the bottom part of the draft just don’t have as glaring weaknesses and I just haven’t researched the prospects enough as I would like. But enough excuses and onto the pick. Tennessee has a young QB, young WR, young OL, and young TE so this pick had to be defense. Their LBs are old and just don’t have the quickness to keep up with the short passing game the NFL has evolved into. Hopefully Rashaan Evans can become the speedy centerpiece to a defense that can hopefully be competent enough this year to return to the playoffs.
23) New England Patriots, Isaiah Wynn: When the Patriots move up in the first you have to expect it’s for a fantastic, can’t miss prospect, and that is exactly what Wynn is. While some could say defense is a huge need on the team and I would reply yes it is. But I would also say the identity of the team is offense and has always been offense (well since a little before 2007 but I don’t sweat the minor details) and this is a win now and later pick. Help Tom Brady (or another QB if Brady decides to end his reign of terror) extend his career with a mauler of a guard who can keep Brady upright and clear gaping holes for their running back of the month to run through.
24) Carolina Panthers, D.J. Moore: Moore was a draft darling for me, but I’m still surprised to see him as the first WR off the board and moreover that the first WR came off the board at 24. This is an interesting draft class to say the least. The Panthers retooled their offense with their pick of McCaffrey last year and continue that rebuild with another exciting explosive receiver. They’ve finally learned that picking 6’5’’ giants who don’t play physical isn’t the best strategy and leads to inconsistent offense. Moore is the perfect receiver comfortable in the slot or outside or even out of the backfield to complement McCaffrey who is equally as versatile. I’m excited to see what the OC will have concocted and hope that he isn’t afraid of funky formations and crazy motions.
25) Baltimore Ravens, Hayden Hurst: Just what the Ravens need, another tight end to add to the collection of broken (Pitta), unproven (Williams and Gilmore), and old (Watson) tight ends that the Ravens have tried to make work over the past couple years. But what Hurst brings is actual play making ability to an offense desperately lacking some of it (and by some I mean any of it). Flacco showed us last year he is nowhere near capable enough to make an offense better than the sum of its parts and needs to be surrounded by guys who can make plays to be successful. Well look no further than this 6’5’’, 250 pound mountain of a man who will allow Flacco to check down with the best of them and still be a danger with the ball in his hands.
26) Atlanta Falcons, Calvin Ridley: The Falcons are another team that is just so hard to write about because of their inconsistency. Defensively they are quick but tiny and could use some bulking up and offensively they have the best weapon in the game although sometimes he can disappear for weeks at a time. I had Ridley ranked much higher than this and he could prove to be the perfect complement to Julio as a quick slot receiver to match Julio’s overpowering menace on the outside. Julio will always draw the defenses attention and change the scheme of the defense and before this the Falcons only had Sanu as a receiver that was remotely competent enough to take what the defense was giving him. With Ridley working the slot and eating up the space the Falcons offense should prove to be more consistent without having to rely on Julio completely. Last time the Falcons drafted a highly rated rookie wide receiver from Alabama to complement their established star receiver it worked out pretty well and I think we can expect to see similar results from this one as well.
27) Seattle Seahawks, Rashad Penny: And this is where we get to the part of the draft that I was dreading. Rashad Penny was a huge surprise to go in the first and while many had him as a second round talent firmly behind the likes of Guice, Chubb, Jones, and/or Michel; Penny is still a very talented back who may have gotten overlooked because of his small school and the stacked RB class. While the Seahawks are at an odd juncture with all of their stars aging, injured, and feuding they still have Russel Wilson who has does his best Russel Westbrook impersonation to carry that offense. But when the Seahawks were at their best, Wilson was given a competent ground game to run play action, zone read, and all other sorts of fakes and misdirection to through off opponents. Hunt and Kamara completely changed the complexion of their offenses last year and while expecting to get a rookie to have the same impact as either of them (not to mention the opportunity cost of a first pick but again remember we are looking at the positives here) is a large ask, if the Seahawks believe that Penny can be the same kind of player Hunt was, then the Seahawks may pull off a dynasty saving change from a defensive oriented team to an offensive juggernaut (think Steelers circa the killer B’s and the previously discussed Patriots).
28) Pittsburgh Steelers, Terrell Edmunds: Well that happened.
29) Jacksonville Jaguars, Taven Bryan: The Jaguars sudden transformation left many in the NFL world shocked but what hasn’t changed is their draft strategy. The Jaguards of old were so talent starved they just needed to go BPA every single pick to accumulate talent, but the Juaguars of now have such a complete roster they can afford to just pick BPA without having to cover any major holes (well other than the 54 million dollar question). Dareus will be gone next year and Bryan was one of, if not the best, players available so this a logical pick for a team that looks to be a force in the AFC for a long time.
30) Minnesota Vikings, Mike Hughes: Another very complete team with at least a 3 year window for a super bowl. Franchise QB, deadly WR duo, rookie RB phenome, competent o line, deadly defense. We may look back at the Cousins move akin to Kevin Durant moving to the Warriors (well maybe not that dramatic but you get the point) in the next couple years. Anyways onto the pick, the Vikings have been relying on an assortment of draft busts (Trae Waynes) and ancient veterans (Terrance Newman) and have still had an elite defense so just imagine what the presence of another lock down corner could do for this team.
31) New England Patriots, Sony Michel: Before McCaffrey destroyed the combine and improved his draft stock, many people linked him to the Patriots because of his versatility and threat in the passing game. Well here comes another explosive RB who is as deadly on the ground as he is in the air. Basically the same explanation for this pick as the last Patriots one.
32) Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson: You had to think Jackson was going to be taken at 32 after the Patriots passed over him for Michel, the 5th year option is just worth too much. The question was who was willing to trade up him, and the Eagles found a willing partner in the Ravens, who had accumulated sufficient draft stock after moving down multiple times. As I previously wrote the Ravens are starved for play makers on the offensive side of the ball and Joe Flacco just isn’t going to elevate the play of those around him. The Ravens first potential out on the Flacco contract is in 2020 and both sides know that its all but guaranteed he is going to be cut. The Ravens start two years early in their search for a franchise QB giving them a chance to see what they have in Jackson before losing Flacco and being left directionless.
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2018.04.26 20:30 bumble-bee-humble BBH -- Mock Draft for all us Draft Nerds (1st round)

I’m a draft nerd and if you’re reading this mock, so are you. Are we wasting our time filling out these mocks considering the unpredictability of the NFL draft? Probably. Is it fun guessing things right and pretending you are an NFL pro scout every year? Hell yeah.
  1. BROWNS — Sam Darnold (QB) We all know the Browns are taking a QB and they can’t afford to screw this pick up… again. Darnold is the safest choice out of the “Big 4” QBs. He isn’t a smug-face jerk with injury concerns. He isn’t barely 6 feet tall with small hands. And he didn’t have a near 50% completion percentage while playing in the Mountain West Conference either. Darnold has the arm to make all the necessary throws in the NFL, and from what I’ve seen in interviews, he actually wants to play in Cleveland and take on the responsibility of turning that franchise around. If I was Cleveland, I’d play it safe and not take any gambles with this pick.
  2. GIANTS — Saquon Barkley (RB) I’ve been doing these mock drafts for a while, and Barkley is the best running back prospect I’ve seen since Adrian Peterson. Better than Zeke, Gurley or Fournette. His combination of speed, agility, power and vision is so rare. He’s like the lab creation of putting Barry Sanders and LaDainian Tomlinson together into one player. Eli still has a few years left in him, McAdoo isn’t coaching anymore, OBJ is healthy, and the Giants on paper have a team very capable of making a playoff run this year. Besides their offensive line which still can be addressed later on in the draft, their ability to run the ball is probably their most significant weakness — Barkley is the perfect solution for that.
  3. JETS — Josh Rosen (QB) When you see Josh Rosen play, he’s everything you want in a QB. HIs mechanics are flawless. He throws with pinpoint accuracy. His ability to run through progressions and throw with anticipation is NFL ready. He throws such a pretty ball. The problem is, he’s a well documented jerk. He’s the type of person who thinks he’s the smartest person in every room he walks in. I can definitely understand why so many teams are turned off by his arrogance and attitude. I really feel if he was slightly less of a shitty person, he’d be the first QB taken in every single draft. But his talent is undeniable, and that’s why I’d take a chance on Rosen if I were the Jets.
  4. BROWNS — Bradley Chubb (DE) The pure idea of pairing Myles Garrett and Bradley Chubb together is the only reason I need for this pick. A pass rushing defensive end is a rare commodity, especially in this draft, and Chubb checks off all the boxes to be a really good DE.. He’s got ideal size and speed, high-motor, and possesses all the moves to get the QB. This type of pick reminds me of when the Texans drafted Clowney to pair up with Watt. Putting Garrett and Chubb together would make for one of the most feared defensive lines in the NFL. The idea is scary in a good way.
  5. BILLS (trade with DEN) -- Baker Mayfield (QB) If Denver isn’t thinking QB with this pick, then an offer of the 12th and 22nd would be hard to refuse. That’s good value in a deep draft. I don’t think it’s a secret Buffalo wants to come away with a QB in the 1st round, and yes its tough to predict which one that will be with all the smoke and mirrors, but I feel Baker Mayfield is their guy. First of all, his “classy” character would be a perfect fit for #BillsMafia. I have been calling him the next Johnny Manziel for a while, but I do believe he’s better than that. He doesn’t have the strongest arm, but he’s really accurate in short to medium throws, and when you watch him, you see his high football IQ. He’s a gamer. What I really like about Mayfield is that nothing was handed to him and he worked for everything, from walk-on to winning the damn Heisman. He’s got that big chip on his shoulder and has a lot to prove — and who doesn’t want that in their QB.
  6. COLTS — Quenton Nelson (OG) If you ask every draft expert which two players are most likely to end up in the Hall of Fame, you would hear Saquon Barkley and Quenton Nelson names unanimously. Mix in a generational-type offensive guard like Nelson with the fact your franchise QB missed the entire last season because of injuries, and you have the recipe for a perfect draft pick.
  7. BUCS — Minkah Fitzpatrick (FS) I wonder what the Vegas odds are that the Bucs will select a defensive player in the secondary — because I would bet the farm. Barkley and Chubb will be long gone, and the Bucs ranked last in the league in team defense against the pass. Minkah is an absolute playmaker on defense similar to how the Honey Badger plays. There’s a reason why so many people are describing him as a “swiss army knife” because he does so much on the field.
  8. CARDS (trade with CHI) -- Josh Allen (QB) Arizona gives up the 15th and 47th pick to move up 7 spots and take their QB of the future. Chicago makes this move because its a deep draft, they’re missing a 3rd rounder, and they got lots of holes to fill. The Cards seem to be in the start of a rebuild phase and Sam Bradford is only a 1 year bridge until he gets hurts again. Allen has a rocket launcher for an arm but his problem is that he struggles with accuracy and misses the simple throws too frequently. Maybe his issues are correctable with proper coaching, but if he can’t hit open receivers in the Mountain West Conference, how do you expect him to really succeed in the NFL.
  9. 49ERS -- Tremaine Edmunds (ILB) Edmunds is the athletic freak of the draft. Yes he’s raw, yes he makes lots of mistakes as a 19 year old, but the potential is unreal. I’ve reading lots of Brian Urlacher comparisons. I guess that makes sense when you’re 6’5, 255 lbs and a run a 4.4. Reuben Foster will most likely miss a significant amount of time, but when he returns, 49ers could have a future Pat Willis-Navarro Bowman type duo roaming that defense again.
  10. RAIDERS — Vita Vea (NT) I’m sure Raiders fans are screaming Roquan Smith here, but when’s the last time you saw a non-pass rushing linebacker get picked in the Top 10? Vita Vea is special and one of my favourite players in the draft. He’s 350 lbs but extremely quick for his size and freakishly strong. He’ll be a 3-down space eating monster in the league for many years. Think Vince Wilfork.
  11. DOLPHINS — Roquan Smith (LB) There’s a lot to like about Roquan Smith. He’s blazing quick and instinctive on the field. He’s a natural born leader and high character guy. The problem with Roquan is that he’s undersized. When he runs around in open space, he’s a heat seeking missile, but he’s just not strong enough to get off blocks and will get swallowed up in the league. I think the Tevin Smith and Lavonte David comparisons are bang-on accurate.
  12. BRONCOS (trade with BUF) -- Denzel Ward (CB) The trade down allows Denver to snatch arguably the best corner in the draft and still take a quality offensive guard later on in the 1st round. Denzel is fast and instinctive and he’s got those “oily hips” according to Mike Mayock, meaning he has top-notch change of direction ability. With the loss of Aqib Talib, this makes sense for the Denver secondary.
  13. REDSKINS — Derwin James (SS) James is another athletic freak of the draft. He’s big and fast, runs like a corner but hits like linebacker. The knock on Derwin is his cover skills. Sure he’ll be effective up in the box, but will he be able to cover some of the best receivers and tight ends? Looking at the Redskins roster, not a lot of depth in the secondary, and especially the safety spots.
  14. PACKERS — Harold Landry (OLB) Lots of split opinions on Landry. Some think he could be the best edge rusher in the draft, and others think he shouldn’t be taken anywhere in the 1st round. I guess its the difference between watching his junior year and senior year tape. One thing is certain about Landry, he’s got that bend everyone talks about — that Von Miller coming off the edge type bend. Put him in the Packers rotation with Clay Matthews and Nick Perry, and let him learn.
  15. BEARS (trade with ARZ) — Mike McGlinchy (OT) Bears move down to take their Trubisky protector of the future. I believe there are some kind of McGlinchy ties with the Bears coaching staff that I’m too lazy to research right now. This pick makes a whole of sense. The Bears have zero depth at the offensive tackle position. Being able to trade down, gain an extra 2nd rounder, and still take the top LT in the draft would be a real win.
  16. RAVENS — Courtland Sutton (WR) I can see the appeal of drafting Lamar Jackson at this spot, but taking a project QB will not help this team get into the playoffs this year. Flacco has been bad but give the guy some playmakers before you write him off completely. I know the’ve added some targets like Crabtree, Snead and Brown, but they can use some more help. Sutton is a big and strong receiver that can certainly be a useful target in the redzone.
  17. CHARGERS — Da’Ron Payne (DT) Take a look at the depth of the Chargers defensive line outside of Bosa and Liuget. They need big bodies and space eaters to make their pass-rushers like Bosa and Ingram more effective. Payne is big and strong and has some pass-rush in him too. He fills a huge hole on that D-line.
  18. JAGUARS (trade with SEA) Lamar Jackson — I don’t think it’s a secret Seattle would like to trade down considering they don’t have a 2nd or 3rd rounder. The Jags give up the 29th and 61st and maybe a bit more to take the Lamar Jackson, the anti-Blake Bortles, the Blake Bortles security blanket. I took a look at the other teams, and Jacksonville just makes sense to me. Put Lamar Jackson on a run 1st team, where his passing won’t be the focal point, and let him run glorious play action runs and pass plays. Jackson to Jacksonville is the perfect landing spot in my opinion.
  19. COWBOYS — Rashaan Evans (ILB) I was really tempted to take a pass-rusher like Marcus Davenport because he’d be a great partner in crime to Demarcus Lawrence, but the linebacker corp is just too depleted to ignore. Sean Lee is injured all the time, Jaylon Smith is still very unproven, and there isn’t much overall depth. Evans is a smart, tough, Bama grown inside linebacker that would be a great fit in Dallas.
  20. LIONS — Marcus Davenport (DE) Speaking of Davenport, the Lions could also use a pass rushing defensive end to team up with Ziggy Ansah. Ansah is not only everyone’s favourite Marcus Davenport player comparison, but he’s also on a franchise tag, so his certainty with the team may not be known beyond this year. Good value pick here because pass-rushers are at a premium in this year’s draft.
  21. BENGALS — Frank Ragnow (OG) I’m only making this pick because apparently a Cincy radio guy has correctly called the Bengals 1st round pick the last 10 years… or something like that. Ragnow definitely isn’t the offensive lineman I’d select here, but the Bengals sure could use him. I’d be shocked if this pick wasn’t spent somewhere on the offensive line.
  22. DENVER (trade with BUF) — Will Hernandez (OG) If the Broncos come away with Denzel Ward and Will Hernandez for the 5th pick, I’d call it a success. Denver desperately needs some help on the offensive interior and Hernandez has been shooting up draft boards since the Senior Bowl.
  23. NEW ENGLAND — Kolton Miller (OT) I’m just falling in line here. Personally, I watched lots of UCLA games last year, and thought the UCLA offensive line was generally pretty bad, but what do I know. I think the Kolton Miller picks get so much steam, because he gets pegged as a Nate Solder clone by everyone. Whoever the Pats select here, they do need to come away in the 1st round with new LT.
  24. PANTHERS — Calvin Ridley (WR) I think the smart thing to do here for the Panthers would be to take best available CB or WR. Take a look at the starting wideouts and you’ll see Devin Funchess and Torrey Smith — no one that strikes fear in opposing defenses. Newton needs playmakers around him and Ridley is the most polished route runner in the draft. He gets open.
  25. TITANS — Sam Hubbard (OLB) May be a bit of reach here, but Titans need to add to there aging pass rush this draft. Not much depth beyond Orakpo and Morgan. Hubbard is like new Titans coach Mike Vrabel in a lot of ways. Both played at Ohio State, similar size and speed, and both play outside linebacker in a 3-4. Makes sense to me.
  26. FALCONS — Taven Bryan (DT) Would be a shocker if Falcons didn’t take the best available defensive linemen. Bryan is a high-motor, disruptive pass rusher. Would be a welcome addition to the rotation. They main prerogative should be to upgrade the pass rush.
  27. SAINTS — Dallas Goedert (TE) Pegged as the best pass catching tight end in the draft. The Saints don’t have too many holes to fill, so they could really go and take the best player available according to their board. They did miss out on signing Jimmy Graham in the offseason, so it would make sense they’re looking to upgrade the tight end position in this year’s draft.
  28. STEELERS — Leighton Vander Esch (ILB) Drafting a replacement for Ryan Shazier seems like the obvious thing to do here. Vander Esch just looks like Steeler in my opinion, and has been shooting up draft boards lately.
  29. SEAHAWKS (trade with JAX) — Isaiah Wynn (OG) Super versatile linemen that could potentially play OT, OG, or OC. Seahawks O-line is in serious need of some help, considering how many times Russell Wilson was hit last year, and how ineffective the Seahawks run game was.
  30. VIKINGS — Jaire Alexander (CB) Here’s another team with not too many weaknesses. The Vikes could certainly use this pick on another interior offensive lineman to help protect Cousins and run the ball with Cook, but it also makes sense to grab Alexander here to groom as Trae Waynes replacement next year. Alexander is great value pick here.
  31. PATS — Isaiah Oliver (CB) If you guys haven’t seen Brett Kohlmann’s draft videos on YouTube you should certainly check it out. He raves about Oliver, and even has him mocked at #7 to Tampa Bay, calling him the best corner in this year’s draft. After watching the video, he certainly changed my mind on Oliver. He would be a nice pick here to fill the absence left by Malcolm Butler
  32. EAGLES — Derrius Guice (RB) I think Guice deserves to be a first rounder. I watched a lot of him at LSU and when healthy, is a super productive running back. He runs with both speed and power and even violence. He’s hands down the 2nd best back in the draft next to Saquon.
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2018.04.26 16:26 perhapsfur PerhapsFur Draft Day Mock

Hello, good morning. This is my first mock draft. I'm not trying to turn this into a scouting report that repeats details and buzz words attached to each guy, though there will be a little bit.
Game theory. Tiers. Bridge quarterbacks. BPA. Need. Reach. Steal. Sleeper. It’s that time of the year. Throw out your big boards and what you think you know about tendencies. I’m going to attempt to be a prophet, a soothsayer, a gambler. Whatever you want to call it. I’m not going to pick based on what each GM should do, but what they can do. Or something. There’s gonna be some hot takes and reaches. I’m going to do my best to give logic to each pick, like when Al Davis picks DJ Chark 10th overall but the most surprising thing every year would be that consensus mock drafts were even remotely accurate, especially in an uncertain, QB-centric draft such as this.
1). Cleveland Browns - Sam Darnold, QB USC
It’s gotta be QB. With all this nonsense smokescreening going on, I’m just going to say Darnold for the sake of doing it. He wouldn’t have it any other way. NFL GMs value Allen higher than Reddit. Ah shit, I tried to hold off saying that for as long as I could and only made it to the fourth sentence. Dorsey’s interest in Allen is real, but it’s perhaps dramatized in order to boost the value of their 4th pick ahead of draft night. Mayfield has been picking up steam in the last 24 hours as well.
2). New York Giants - Josh Allen, QB Wyoming
If I were the GM of the Giants, I’d rip the Bills off, get 3 of the top 25 prospects with all the capital, and have 3 immediate gamechangers for Eli’s last hurrah. Then when what fails and they go 7-9, they’ll still have Buffalo’s probably-top-15 pick to trade up for next year’s darling QBs and still have a young core. But they’ll go QB now and I understand why. When’s the next time a relatively talented roster will see this pick again? Gettleman values arm talent and Allen is the guy.
3). New York Jets - Baker Mayfield, QB Oklahoma
Whether politics, injuries, or nothing went into Rosen’s slide, the Jets decide Mayfield is their guy and the pre-draft rumors hold true. I’m not sure if I believe Mayfield is in the running for #1, but I also believe that if he were 6’3” he’d be the pick at 1, so I don’t know what to make of it.
4). Cleveland trades the 4th pick to Buffalo for 1.12, 1.22, 2.53, 2019 1st ** **Buffalo Bills - Josh Rosen, QB UCLA
Cleveland might not necessarily want to move down too much, but Buffalo brings out the big guns to outbid Denver and make the drop to 12 worth it for the Browns. Rosen is a pure passing slinger, capable of hitting some difficult throws on day one. After the draft, Buffalo brass will say that getting Rosen was essentially trading up to #1 for them, so the heavy price was well worth it. We’ll see.
5). Denver Broncos - Bradley Chubb, EDGE NC State
I’ve heard rumblings that Chubb is the favorite non-QB player for the Broncos. So when he falls, Elway takes him. BPA and all that. Barkley and Nelson are certainly in play, and if Denver is capable of trading down due a QB slipping I wouldn’t be surprised if they undercut Indy to get a favorable trade down.
6). Indianapolis Colts - Quenton Nelson, G Notre Dame
Protecting Luck and establishing a strong line for their (hopefully drafted) future RB seems like a grand plan. Nelson is safe, according to everybody that knew Aaron Curry was the safest linebacker ever. He is a strong man.
7). Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Saquon Barkley, RB Penn State
Koetter gets another playmaker for his offense. TB qualifies as being a decent-or-good team with a high pick, similar to Dallas and Jacksonville of recent memory. They see a dynamic 20 or 30 touch guy as the difference to put them over the hump and go with the weapon.
8). Chicago Bears - Harold Landry, EDGE Boston College
If 2016 Landry was the prospect, he would be argued with Chubb as top EDGE in this draft. An injury-riddled 2017 hurt his big board ranking but apparently not his draft stock, as Chicago follows through with their athletic, high-upside approach to drafting.
9). San Francisco 49ers - Courtland Sutton, WR SMU
Woof. Unable to find a mid-teens trade partner at a reasonable value, John Lynch “reaches” for Shanahan’s new Julio role. A bit of a hot take, Sutton’s name has been mentioned a few times as a possible match with San Francisco as well as replacing Ridley or Moore as the first receiver off the board. His size/speed combination creates an appealing ceiling and gives their new leader Jimmy a huge weapon. SF has a possession and speed receiver in Garcon and Goodwin, respectively, and now they have a big-bodied red zone threat.
10). Oakland trades the 10th pick to New Orleans for 1.27, 3.91, and a 2019 1st.
New Orleans Saints - Lamar Jackson, QB Louisville
Get the fire extinguishers out. The Saints’ roster is in a great position. It’s both good enough and young enough that they can afford to lose draft capital and still remain highly competitive for the future. The Saints know they are about to pay handsomely for non-QB talent once these recent draft classes reach the end of their rookie deals. Drafting Jackson guarantees they have a championship window of at least 5 years financially and hopefully significantly longer than that if Jackson evolves into a franchise quarterback. I think the situation for Jackson is unbelievable. Two pro-bowl running backs (granted Ingram likely won’t be there by the time Jackson starts playing), a superstar WR, and top 5 offensive line combined with Payton’s creativity.
11). Miami Dolphins - Roquan Smith, LB Georgia
Smith has been linked to Miami for some time now, and for awhile now Miami fans have been worried Smith wouldn’t be there at 11. With 5 QBs going in the top 10, premium talent is going to be trickling throughout the teen picks. A pure pursuer and tackler, Miami is a good environment for Smith. He benefits from other backers taking on blocks, and with Miami’s decently talented front 7 Smith will be free enough to make 100+ tackles immediately.
12). Cleveland Browns - Minkah Fitzpatrick, CB Alabama
I’ve listed Fitzpatrick as a corner because I believe that is where he will start. Randall, Peppers, and Minkah give Cleveland’s secondary impressive versatility and grants potential for coverage disguises and creative packages if everybody develops and Dorsey/Hue don’t shit the bed. This is great value for Cleveland; they get a high character football fanatic to lead their defense at defend some great AFC North receivers like AB, AJ Green, and whoever Baltimore has.
13). Washington Redskins - Vita Vea, DT Washington
I almost threw out some more spice with a Guice pick here, but I just can’t imagine Washington passing on Vea if he falls to 13. He is massive, powerful, and talented at stopping the run. Washington desperately needs interior line talent and Vea is the best in this draft. BPA meets need for Washington.
14). Green Bay Packers - Denzel Ward, CB Ohio State
I’m not sure I entirely believe Ward will fall to 14 in the real draft, but that’s how this simulation has panned out so far. He is an elite cover guy that GB needs. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if they draft Davenport or a receiver with this pick either, even though every fan absolutely doesn’t want to see Calvin Ridley’s name here.
15). Arizona trades 1.15 to Dallas for 1.19, 3.81, and 6.178
Dallas Cowboys - Derwin James, S Florida State
The draft being in Dallas means that Jerry is going to make some noise one way or another. If Sutton falls (or even if he doesn’t), I could see the boys trading up for him or taking him at 19. James is a consensus top 10 talent and a true playmaker on defense who is capable of setting an attitude and making game-changing plays; Dallas is done with being patient.
16). Baltimore Ravens - LB Tremaine Edmunds
All this nonsense going on ahead of them lets Ozzie Newsome’s swan song mature into a fully grown steal. Edmunds is a day one difference maker who is capable of contributing in a variety of ways while learning how to command a defense. Baltimore consistently drafts and develops good linebackers and Edmunds is next in line. Great value at 16 for the Ravens.
17). Los Angeles Chargers - T Connor Williams
Despite rumors of Kolton Miller being the first tackle taken, I think Williams is the most NFL ready in terms of technique and footwork. His stock has wavered throughout the past year, and I believe LAC believes in him as an anchor for Felipe Rios’ remaining championship window.
18). Seattle Seahawks - Marcus Davenport, EDGE UTSA
The Hawks are going through a build of a revival right now. The outspoken defensive veterans are gone and the defense is searching for a new identity after the Legion of Boom era ended. While Russell Wilson would certainly appreciate receiving or protection help given he is basically their win condition right now, I think Carroll and crew want a pass rusher to reform the defense.
19). Arizona Cardinals - Calvin Ridley, WR Alabama
Trading down while still getting a top WR prospect, although considered a class without top-tier talent, is still a good result for Arizona. Given their lack of draft capital, I don’t think they want to punt all of it for the 4th or 5th best QB in the class. Bradford is talented albeit brittle and giving him and David Johnson help seems like their best chance to escape draft purgatory. If Bradford’s fourth and fifth knee can’t take the stress, they might be picking high next year anyway so getting weapons for a rookie QB of the feature can hardly be faulted.
20). Detroit Lions - Taven Bryan, DT Florida
A first step that doesn’t make sense for his size combined with block shedding talent makes Bryan a premier 3T disruptor. Huh, the Lions need exactly that. The local product Maurice Hurst is a tempting match, but rumor has it he has been removed from several draft boards and is a candidate to slide all the way into day 3. I’ll be shocked if that happens, but for the sake of following a trend I’ll chalk Bryan here instead.
21). Cincinnati trades 1.20 and 4.108 to Indianapolis for 2.36 and 2.49
Indianapolis Colts - Joshua Jackson, CB Iowa
Cornerback rankings have been all over the place and seemingly extremely dependent on scheme. In my opinion, just because somebody wasn’t asked to play a certain coverage very often doesn’t mean they can’t or can’t learn. Jackson is athletic, physical, and seems capable of transitioning into a strong NFL corner. It just so happens that his college scheme is similar to that of Indianapolis’ zone, in which he excelled.
22). Cleveland Browns - Da’Ron Payne, DT Alabama
If a GM is unwilling to risk drafting Maurice Hurst, there is a defensive lineman drop-off after Payne. He is an adept run stopper who displays athleticism necessary to provide pass rush as well.
23). New England trades 1.23 to Cleveland for 2.33 and 2.64
Cleveland Browns - Mike McGlinchey, T Notre Dame
Cleveland pays a bit of a premium to convince the Pats to wait until 31 to make their first pick. Belichick is no stranger to trading down, of course, and adds another second rounder to plug holes in the roster. For those of you upset that I mocked a “luxury” pick over a tackle or running back, McGlinchey is the response. Making significant moves to draft 4 franchise-altering players while maintaining 2 second round picks is a great scenario for Cleveland. Having 4 premium talent on 5th year options is also a great way to have a championship window similar to Jacksonville if they are able to hit on these picks and future free agents (correct me if I’m wrong about the options).
24). Carolina Panthers - DJ Moore, WR Maryland
I was tempted to mock both Anthony Miller and DJ Chark here, as I think both fit different roles in Norv’s vertical scheme, but Moore’s talent and versatility allow him to fill multiple shoes. Moore, Funchess, McCaffrey, and Samuel are all young weapons for years to come.
25). Tennessee Titans - Leighton Vander Esch, LB Boise State
Tennessee’s patience pays off and they have a prospect many have compared to Brian Urlacher. An outstanding coverage backer, Vander Esch brings athleticism and great instincts to Titan’s new coach Mike Vrabel’s defense.
26). Atlanta Falcons - Christian Kirk, WR Texas A&M
Taven Bryan has been oft linked to Atlanta, but when he gets taken in favor of Hurst, Atlanta decides to go a safer route while still in their championship window. Kirk has reliable hands, is a strong route runner, and is a good enough athlete to create plays after the catch. He adds another option for Matt Ryan, and for Julio dynasty owners maybe he draws some red zone coverage away from the big man.
27). Oakland Raiders - Jaire Alexander, CB Louisville
Oakland trading back and still landing Alexander is a definite win. While rumors of drafting a tackle or corner at 10 combined with Alexander being rumored as the first or second corner off the board makes this a value, if slightly unlikely, pick for the Raiders.
28). Pittsburgh trades 1.28 and 5.138 to Arizona for 2.47, 3.79 and 3.81
Arizona Cardinals - Mason Rudolph, QB Oklahoma State
Arizona uses their value from Dallas to move back into the first round for a QB. An overpay was necessary to push Pittsburgh off of Rashaan Evans and is mitigated by the ever-valuable 5th year option. A young battery of Rudolph and Ridley to supplement David Johnson is a great way to plan for life without Fitz.
29). Jacksonville Jaguars - Will Hernandez, G UTEP
Simple and no-nonsense, it’s what we’ve come to expect from Jacksonville since Coughlin has been in town. Hernandez is a top-15 talent at a low value position (though I’d argue that all non-LT offensive line positions are underrated in general) and thus slides to 29. Jacksonville has a need, sees a value pick, and takes it.
30). Minnesota trades 1.30 to Washington for 2.44, 4.109, and 5.140
Washington Redskins - Derrius Guice, RB LSU
Minnesota has been popularly discusses as a trade-down candidate and they execute that here. The 5th year option for interior linemen isn’t as enticing since they are pulled with left tackle salary, meaning Minnesota’s likely direction can wait. There is a solid pool of late round one/early round linemen and Minnesota collects a few more picks for a small drop out of the first. Washington needs somebody to help Alex Smith, who has always benefited from a run game over his career (breaking news, I know). Guice is a pure runner capable of carrying the load.
31). New England Patriots - Rashaan Evans, LB Alabama
In typical Belichickian fashion, they trade one pick out of the first round and draft a steal with the other. Evans fell through the cracks. He’s a good coverage linebacker and sure tackler. On an unrelated note, I really hope New England does something crazy on draft night. Trading up for a QB or Minkah would make my night.
32). Philadelphia Eagles - Kolton Miller, T UCLA
Though recently matched with a running back, I think Philadelphia takes a slide from Miller to bolster their offensive line with a pick of tremendous value. Miller is attached to the aforementioned rumors but in this universe he slips to the last pick of the first.
2nd round
33). New England Patriots - Isaiah Oliver, CB Colorado
34). New York Giants - Sony Michel, RB Georgia
35). Cleveland Browns - DJ Chark, WR LSU
36). Cincinnati Bengals - Frank Ragnow, C/G Arkansas
37). Indianapolis Colts - Anthony Miller, WR Memphis
38). Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Isaiah Wynn, G Georgia
39). Chicago Bears - Braden Smith, G Auburn
40). Denver Broncos - Ronald Jones II, RB USC
41). Oakland Raiders - Maurice Hurst, DT Michigan
42). Miami trades 2.42 and 7.203 to Kansas City for 2.54 and 3.86
Kansas City Chiefs Mike Hughes, CB South Florida
43). New England Patriots - Lorenzo Carter, EDGE Georgia
44). Minnesota Vikingss - Billy Price, C/G Ohio State
45). Green Bay Packers - Sam Hubbard, EDGE Ohio State
46). Cincinnati Bengals - James Daniels, C/G Iowa
47). Pittsburgh Steelers - Jessie Bates III, S Wake Forest
48). Los Angeles (C) trades 2.48 and 5.146 to Carolina for 2.55 and 3.85
Carolina Panthers - Carlton Davis, CB Auburn
49). Cincinnati Bengals - Arden Key, EDGE LSU (at least part of the time)
50). Dallas Cowboys - James Washington, WR Oklahoma State
51). Detroit Lions - Rashaad Penny, RB SDSU
52). Baltimore Ravens - Dallas Goedert, TE the other SDSU
53). Cleveland Browns - Kerryon Johnson, RB Auburn
54). Miami Dolphins - Nick Chubb, RB Georgia
55). Los Angeles Chargers - Rasheem Green, DE USC
56). Buffalo Bills - Michael Gallup, WR Colorado State
57). Tennessee Titans - Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, EDGE Oklahoma
58). Atlanta Falcons - Hayden Hurst, TE South Carolina
59). San Francisco 49ers - Donte Jackson, CB LSU
60). Pittsburgh Steelers - Malik Jefferson, LB Texas
61). Jacksonville Jaguars - Ronnie Harrison, S Alabama
62). Minnesota Vikings - Tyrell Crosby, T Oregon
63). New England Patriots - Kyle Lauletta, QB Richmond
64). New England Patriots - Justin Reid, S Stanford
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