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This is important: reentering the dating scene is going to be a slow and emotional process. If you jump into anything too early, you risk shacking up with the first person who pays you attention ... 2. More Seniors are Dating. Today’s media obsession with youth, appearance, and young love might have you thinking that modern dating is a young person’s game, but more and more seniors are getting in on the modern dating scene. Over 1 in 5 Australian seniors who aren’t in a serious relationship are dating. And of the other four, three ... Directed by Todd Williams. With Nancy Juvonen, Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler, Michael Ewing. The Dating Scene — Are You Interested? By Elsa Abele, CCC-SLP. Article. Share: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Email. Let’s look at dating as a pastime for teens, young adults, and adults. Webster says a pastime is “something that amuses and serves to pass time agreeably.” That is dating at its best. The dating scene just isn’t what it used to be. Once considered to be fun, carefree, and filled with interesting people who might just be “The One,” the dating world has turned into a chaotic cesspool of losers, users, and conflated rules that make it nearly impossible to trust others. Sacramento Dating Scene The Gold Rush may be long nearly but for singles in Sacramento, the local dating scene can nearly feel like its successor: Dating in Sacramento: Head to the Music Circus. Coin-Op Game Room. The Underground Crime Room. Whether you're bouncing back after a divorce, or recovering from the death of your life partner, returning to the dating scene is never easy.. Indeed, from the challenge of meeting someone new, to ... The best dating apps online might not be able to help Sacramento daters this Valentine's Day. A new survey says Sacramento's dating scene is among the worst. Skip Navigation punk dating ♥ goth dating ♥ alternative dating ♥ emo dating ♥ scene dating ♥ gothic singles. Goth Dating. AltScene is a dating site with a difference. Aimed specially and gothic and alternative people AltScene allows you to connect with like minded individuals without having to wade through hundreds of profiles of people who aren't ... Singles Scene Score: 90.75 If you're done with the dating scene and think you've found the one, here are 15 Signs Your Partner is Marriage Material . For more amazing advice for living smarter, looking better, and feeling younger follow us on Facebook now!

AskWomen: Questions about women's thoughts, lives, and experiences

2010.07.17 02:42 Impudence AskWomen: Questions about women's thoughts, lives, and experiences

AskWomen: A subreddit dedicated to asking women questions about their thoughts, lives, and experiences; providing a place where all women can comfortably and candidly share their responses in a non-judgmental space. As part of our commitment to that mission, the AskWomen subreddit is curated to promote respectful and on-topic discussions, and not serve as a debate subreddit.

2017.04.01 12:10 kevin32 Where Are All The Good Men?

In response to niceguys, this sub is dedicated to exposing all the women who complain about wanting a "good man", to show what happens when women reject decent men for jerks and promiscuity, along with showing the unreasonable standards many women have while offering little to no value themselves.

2010.09.15 02:09 noonches Forever Alone, Together!

A subreddit for Forever Alone. lonely depressed sad anxiety

2020.09.26 23:27 gofishus [Review] Aokana: Four Rhythms (Nintendo Switch)

[Review] Aokana: Four Rhythms (Nintendo Switch)
Platform: Nintendo SwitchDeveloper: SpriteRelease: Aug 21, 2020Price: $60 USD
Aokana: Four Rhythms Across the Blue (not sure why they named it that) is a visual novel with a premise that’s a bit different than most visual novels – instead of being a typical dating sim or investigative type visual novel, it focuses on a competitive sport.
Plot: In Aokana’s universe, there’s an invention called Anti-Gravity Shoes which like the name implies, allows its wearers to fly in the sky. There’s a popular sport in the game called Flying Circus which makes use of the shoes. The sport is deceptively simple: it’s a one on one sport where the players have to stay within a square, and a player scores a point either by touching the outer posts of the square consecutively before the other player, or by touching the other player’s back. The player with the most points at the end of regulation wins.

Masaya typically commentates on a match
Of course, there’s more to it than that. There’s different playing styles – Fighter (focuses on touching the opponent’s back), Speeder (focuses on touching the posts before the other player), and All-Rounder (can do either, but does not specialize as much as the other two). There’s lots of basic and advanced moves shown in the game. There’s also different types of Anti-Grav Shoes and different settings for them. Honestly, the sport and the strategies they explain are fairly well detailed for a visual novel like this and sometimes I felt myself getting sucked into this fictional sport and rooting for different teams as if it actually existed.
The protagonist, Masaya Hinata, was a former top FC (Flying Circus) player, who quit the sport due to a traumatic event, and is now tasked with coaching a team of 3 girls and 1 guy to lead their school to the FC championship.

Shindou demolishes Misaki in a dogfight
Gameplay: Ok, it’s not entirely focused on the sport, there are some dating sim and eroge elements in the game – but they happen mostly towards the end of the game and are very light by visual novel standards and nothing too shocking occurs. Hinata can date/focus on one of 4 girls in the game, depending on which options you select in the game, but the options don’t come up very often, so the majority of this game is basically just reading.

Dating sim elements are in the game, but are relatively uncommon
Characters: I love the characters. They’re probably the strong point of this game. Masaya Hinata is not that pervy compared to most visual novel protagonists, and mostly focuses on the tasks at hand. He’s a relatively serious protagonist, despite the harlem of girls around him, and that’s a welcome change of pace from all those perverted protagonists from other visual novels I’ve played.
-Asuka is the main and default girl in the game, she’s a very cheerful type that’s hard to dislike, a bit ditzy sometimes, but also an FC prodigy and the school’s best player. -Misaki is Hinata’s close female friend, an academic genius, has an odd sense of humor and a bit of a tomboy. I have no problems with Misaki, I think she’s pretty cool. -Mashiro. I personally don’t really like this character. She’s a borderline lesbian with her one sided obsession with Misaki, and honestly doesn’t really have many redeeming qualities unlike the other characters. Still, she’s in here as a ‘cute/dorky’ type. -Rika is Hinata’s next door neighbor and unlike the other 3 girls she’s the only dateable option that’s not from the same school. She has a pretty serious personality that makes it hard for me to get into her, but some players may like her. -Madoka is the FC club’s manager and a very silly girl with a lot of funny comments sometimes. Honestly it makes her charming and I wish she was a debatable option, but alas she is not. -Shion is Madoka’s older brother and president of the FC club, the only guy Hinata coaches, and has an obsession with muscles and working out. -Aoi is Hinata’s homeroom teacher, his former mentor, a former FC superstar player and the FC Club advisor. -Shirase is the Grav Shoe’s store owner and drops by sometimes for advice. -Satouin is a typical princessy-type girl who is one of the regular opponents for the FC Club -Shindou is the initial antagonist in the game, a top FC player and a big opponent for the FC club -Saki and Irina are the final antagonists in the game, and behave (and play) in a manner that suits that title
The characters overall are very fleshed out and the humor plays out pretty well sometimes between them, I think the fact that the characters are interesting also makes the FC matches fun to get into as well.

The whole gang
The FC Club
Graphics: I have no complaints about the graphics in this game, they are high quality modern Anime style graphics and I’m not surprised that just like Steins Gate, Yu-No, Muv-Luv and others – that this game has been adapted into an Anime series. There’s sometimes characters moving in the background or animations but those scenes are relatively uncommon. The chapters are even split into ‘episodes’ making it feel more like an Anime.

Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash got nothing on this
Music: sometimes during certain eventful scenes, jpop music will start playing, making this game feel even more like an Anime sometimes. I have no problems with that.
Conclusion: 9/10 from me. I really enjoyed this visual novel more than I expected. I usually play dating sims, sci-fi and investigative type visual novels, so it’s kind of refreshing to play a title that focuses on a competitive sport and coaching these girls instead of just romance. Sure there IS romance, but it’s very sparse and light compared to other visual novels. The characters are very easy to get into and that makes the FC sport and matches themselves very interesting to get into too. Had no complaints about the graphics or music either. The only thing is people who are expecting a visual novel with more gameplay should probably look elsewhere – this visual novel is very heavy on reading with very little gameplay elements. There’s a few choices here and there but that’s about it. Overall I do recommend this title if you are ok with mostly reading instead of clicking options.
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2020.09.26 23:24 zohnster [S] Zohnster Survivor: Pearl Islands

Hello everybody! Everyone ready for another Zohnster Survivor season? This time 16 participants were left on the beaches of the Pearl Islands, Panama. With 1 million dollars in the game, who will do their best to win?
With the release of this season, we closed the entire cast for All Stars! I am excited for this game counting with several legends of our seasons.


Drake Tribe
Aaron Farland, 43, football coach (made by u/TDSwaggyBoy)
Aaron is a college football team's coach, and he does a damn good job at it. Despite being a bit of a douche, Aaron has a good work ethic and he knows how to achieve his goals. While initially wanting to be an astronaut, Aaron ended up discovering his physical capabilities at a very young age, and almost became a professional football player. But alas, he'll have to coach for now. Aaron met his first wife, Kylie, when they were 22. The two dated for 2 years and then got engaged as Kylie got pregnant, giving birth to a beautiful baby daughter. They stayed together for four more years, but when Aaron was 28 the two got divorced. At the age of 35, Aaron met his second wife, Cynthia, and they got married at 37. They now have a four year old son, who Aaron loves very, very much. If Aaron ends up winning, you best believe he's going to surprisingly save the money for his children's education.
Alexander Larrison, 30, math teacher (made by u/acegamer1337)
Alex wasn’t always the most social when he was a kid, but then he watched this show called Survivor and he whole personality had changed. Now he has been a fan of the show since season one and he need going to play for the experience.
Cindy "Cinderella" Williams, 44, dancer (made by u/Survi40r)
Cinderella has always been a party animal due to her upbringing in Las Vegas. She moved away from Vegas in her late 20’s and tried to live a suburban lifestyle, but her bad habits caught up with her, and eventually her husband and child left her due to her substance abuse. She is now a cam girl who eats thousands of calories on camera and she is nearing on 400 pounds. Nobody knows why she was allowed to be cast on the show with her weight.
Doris Williams, 30, tailor (made by u/chia923)
Born to a single mother, she always missed out on a lot of childhood moments. She did go into girls' hockey in college but quit to pursue her dream to be a tailor. Her hockey experience makes her deceptively athletic, a skill she plans to show at the merge.
Joseph "Joe" Vorobyov, 24, infantryman (made by u/Twig7665)
Joe was once a respectful young man who decided to sign up for the military rather than to go to college. He served four years in the military, and was taken out of combat due to a severe injury to his leg. After his time in combat, he was never the same. Now he is an alcoholic, and shows little to no emotion most of the time, and when he is showing emotion, it's because of a PTSD flashback. He's gonna go on Survivor to prove that he can win and to spread awareness for PTSD.
Percy Cowles, 27, cop (made by u/asiansurvivorfan)
Raised by a single mother alongside his older brother Nolan, Percy learned to be a lone wolf at a really young age. He always wanted to be a professional athlete and was set up to be a successful baseball player, until during one of his practices, he got the call that his brother had been killed in a tragic accident. He took it really hard due to how close they were and spent a lot of time away from baseball to think if this was the right path for him. He eventually decided to go back to studying law since its what he studied prior to baseball. That then led him to start his police training. He now works as an undercover cop and doesn’t plan on telling anybody his true profession.
Rachel Lewis, 22, engineer (made by u/Misfit298)
After her parents died, Rachel took care of both her younger siblings with occasional help from their grandparents. She worked hard in school to get a job that would pay well for them. She works as an Engineer, fixing peoples cars from time to time. While this has not been her intentional job, it was a job that helped her out for the time being. She graduated high school without any proper friends as she was always focused on her work. As time passed, she slowly felt more and more miserable about how her life was going, until she realised something. While she was always supporting her siblings at what they did, no one has really been supporting her. She’s developed that fear of loneliness that because she has no friends, she barely has anyone to talk to apart from her siblings and her grandparents if they aren’t busy. She discovered this show survivor and quickly grew to be a fan of the show. She wants to be on there so she can face her fears of being lonely but also hopes she can make lifelong friends along the way to help her with her life. She is ready to take on any challenge so she can win the game.
Rosanna "Ro" Pierce, 22, dance instructor (made by u/Ripecornball60)
Rosanna was born to her loving mother Diana, who owns an orphanage in their town. Learning with the orphans around her, she learned compassion and stayed at the orphanage until she was 18. Then, she moved out with her mother's approval to follow her dreams. She built herself up from the ground up, and opened a dance studio! for the 3 years, she has been there, Rosanna has helped countless children.

Morgan Tribe
Alfred "Void" Vallentino, 25, magician (made by u/swoldow)
Void grew up on the streets of Las Vegas in poverty, with both of his parents as struggling actors. To make a few extra dimes, he started to teach himself basic magic to perform on the streets and sometimes skipped school to make more money. He was extremely bullied at school for his passion and lack of money, which led him to be socially isolated from everyone else. He grew more attached to his magic, as he kept working harder and harder until a famous magician with a Vegas show caught wind of his act, and let Void open for him. Since then, Alfred has rose to the top of the food chain, and began to experiment with his suspenseful acts to make the audience feel all sorts of emotion.
Belle Markham, 18, student (made by u/Survi40r)
Belle has always aspired to be an adult film star to follow in her parents footsteps. She comes from a very troubled past of drugs, alcohol and she uses her sexuality in the same way her mother did. She isn’t aware of how sad her life is and continues to go down a destructive path of beauty.
Esmeralda "Ezzie" Rackhelm, 46, stripper (made by u/swoldow)
Ezzie was living a normal life until she turned 15, and both of her loving parents died in a car crash, forcing her to be an orphan, as she had no living relatives. However, the home for girls she stayed at became a nightmare, as the man who ran it constantly abused his orphans, and also got them addicted to drugs. With no education or money, Ezzie was forced to strip for a living after she left her orphanage, as she only saw herself as a object and nothing more, but when the owner of her club heard of her story, he took her in as his own, and funded rehab to get her life back on track. Now completely off of drugs, but still single, Ezzie still works at the same club as a way to say thanks to the owner, while she juggles other odd jobs to get a secondary education. She is still poor, so she hopes to use the million to fund the rest of her education and potentially start a business. She takes pride in flirting with the guys, and despite her age, she still has the looks, the swagger, and the body of girls half as old as she is, and hopes she could leave the game with a man.
Karen Greene, 40, entrepeneur (made by u/AngolanDesert)
Throughout her childhood, Karen has always had a problem with authority figures. She would never listen to teachers and would do whatever she wanted. This continued into her adulthood, where she became a meme for speaking to the manager in a now viral video. Now, she sells essential oils because she does not support vaccination.
Layla Hearting, 34, unemployed (made by u/AngolanDesert)
Layla had a completely normal childhood. Her parents loved her and she got good grades in school. Once high school started up however, she got into a bad crowd. She started smoking and skipping school. Her parents noticed this and warned her if she didn’t change that they would kick her out. Layla didn’t care and ended up being kicked out a week later. She still lives on the streets but has become a much more generous woman. She has figured out that her passion in life is to make people smile.
Mark Roberts, 23, police officer (made by u/chia923)
Mark is the definitive police officer: Gruff, Rough, and Tough. Oh, and he likes donuts. A lot. He has mild Tourette's as well, his tic is rolling his eyes every so often. He is also a moral compass and won't betray anyone.
Paul Davidson, 45, trucker (made by u/UltDragon)
Being abnormally big since childhood, people tend to avoid Paul due to his size. Never letting that get to him though, Paul trucked on (pun not intended) through school until he graduated from high school and became a trucker, traveling across the world delivering goods.
Wesley Stafford, 63, cattle rancher (made by u/TDSwaggyBoy)
The oldest of five kids, Wesley was born and raised in his parents' farm that eventually became his own once they passed away. That's it. That sums his life. Wesley never claimed to be a very interesting man. He's hard working and the main two things in his life are his farm and his family - His four younger siblings, his wife of almost 40 years and his seven kids. If Wesley manages to win the money, somehow, he hopes to split it evenly between his kids. They'll all need it, so he hopes to set the prize money aside for them.

My Thoughts: I loved this season when compared to Amazon. From here came great names that will definitely come back in the next seasons. My favorites were Mark, Ro and Alex. When it came time to write I really liked to write Rachel and Percy, I think they are both wonderful. I almost cried when I was writing Aaron's story and the conversation with Percy at the beach - I usually imagine it as if it were the TV series, then I see the scenes happening. It was very good! Perfect winner with her unanimous vote - first of Zohnster series.
Winner: Doris Williams
Potential Returnees: Ro, Alex, Rachel, Percy, Mark, Joe, Void, Karen, Belle

So guys! What did you think? I really enjoyed the season and I'm looking forward to see the returnees in action next time, all stars! Click here and see who will return from this season, and check out the last poll to choose the last member of this season of legends. I hope you enjoyed it, that's it, and see you!
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2020.09.26 23:22 luman888 [HMF] Please help me find this romantic comedy that seems to have disappeared from existence.

It's a movie about a guy that works for a toy firm and a woman that I think is a journalist of some kind? They've been talking with each other through letters and, later, emails since childhood I think? And when they meet at some sort of event they actually aren't fond of and don't recognise each other.
Other facts I remember: they send their best friends to meet instead of them (because they're afrad to disappoint each other) and those friends end up hitting it off and discovering that they both were pretending. (One scene that particularly stuck with me was the best friend (F) of the female lead accidentally reading the notes about the male lead wrong during a date- she read "his father is dead" instead of "deaf".
The ending had a scene of the leads finally meeting each other on the stairs on a full moon.
Some of it may be not completely accurate but I'm really desperate, been searching for this movie for so long because my mom and I used to love it when I was little and I want to watch it again.
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2020.09.26 23:19 yourchingoo Passed with 5AT's

Hello /pmp community. I am proud to announce that I have just now passed my PMP exam with AT's all across the board. I figured that I'd share my experience in case anyone's curious about how I was able to get my stellar results.
Practice Exam Scores
Lessons Learned
My study plan spans the course of nearly 5 months. Towards the end of April, I decided enough was enough and that I would use this COVID down time to actually start studying for the exam. I put it off for way too long and given that there pretty much was nothing to do, I figured I'd use my time productively.
To begin with, my intention was to take it in late September. I didn't make a detailed schedule in the beginning, but as time went on, and as things became clearer, I was able to actually make a schedule that made sense and adhered to it. I'll breakdown my experience with different milestones that defined my time studying for the PMP.
1st Milestone - Finish reading the PMBOK
So to begin with, my first task was to actually read the PMBOK. I will admit that reading it the first go round was tough. I didn't really understand much of the concepts and felt lost throughout the entire book. But I knew that it at least introduced the concepts so that when I take a prep class, I would at least be familiar with the concepts.
This in total took me nearly two months. I would read it while at work on occasion. Sometimes I could get through a process during my lunch break sometimes I could get through a few. It really depended on the day and my motivation. Early on, my motivation was lacking only because the difficulty to comprehend the subject matter was exceedingly high.
Eventually I did it and I felt comfortable to move on to actually taking a course.
2nd Milestone - Take PMP Course
Luckily for me, my company pays for LinkedIn Learning for its employees. I already had 30 hours of classroom experience from when I took a project management course in Business School. I needed a few extra hours and plus I knew a course would only help me fully comprehend the material. So in early June, I had 2 three day weekends due to company mandated furlough. As a result, I spent those 6 days (over the course of 2 weekends) taking Sandra Mitchell's course.
During the course, I took detailed notes and paused/rewound often. It got to the point where I'd spend 8 hours just on course material. On average, I got through 3 chapters a day (there were 5 introductory chapters). After I finished watching, I would take the chapter quiz to see how my knowledge added up.
Once I finished taking the course, there was the option to take a sample exam. I knew I wasn't ready and decided to further my studying.
3rd Milestone - re-read PMBOK, study notes, and seek additional resources
So during the 3rd leg of this trip, I realized I needed to re-read the PMBOK so that I could actually grasp the information. This time, I actually made a plan where I would go through one process a week and spend my Sundays reviewing my notes from Sandra Mitchel's class. While I always completed my reading for the week, admittedly I often times spent Sunday galivanting (in large part because I was back on the dating scene after going through a break up and wanted to hang out with girls rather than study).
But as time went on, I ended up being more and more committed to my Sunday study session. One resource that really helped me was that I made flash cards for as many concepts as I could. I bought a 500 count form Office Depot and went through roughly 200 of them. What I did was I copied charts and wrote out concepts on my computer and printed them onto the flash cards. It was a tedious task, but I am so grateful that I did.
At the same time, I also downloaded a PMP app that had 800 sample questions. I paid for the service ($40) because I had expiring Google Play credit and I appreciated that it would give me 10 quick questions that I can do when I'm feeling bored. It allowed me to study whenever and wherever for however long I wanted to.
With the app, I struggled. I got 69% overall and my confidence was depleted. It made me realize that there was still gaps I need to cover in order to be successful in the exam.
3rd Milestone - Practice Exams & Gap Analysis
The penultimate milestone in my journey to PMP was taking practice exams. After lurking here for a bit, it became evident that PM Prepcast was the way to go to get sample exams. I had my one LinkedIn Learning sample exam to take, but I knew that I'd need more experience if I were to thrive.
This left me with less than a month left before the actual exam. In my schedule, I planned to take 8 exams (1 LinkedIn and 7 PM Prepcast) over the course of 4 weeks. It meant that I had to sacrifice a lot of my weekends practicing taking the exam and also a lot of time analyzing the results.
The way I structured my practice exams was I took 2 during Labor Day Weekend, then 1 each weekend and 1 during the week. Once I was done, I would go through it briefly, but ultimately not touch it until the next day. In reviewing my practice exams (PM Prepcast only), what I did was I made a table where I typed out each question I answered incorrectly, the answer I put, the answer that was correct, and an explanation on why the correct answer was correct, why my answer was correct, and just some additional anecdotes that I felt were helpful in me understanding the concept.
On the week prior to the exam, I really ramped up my preparation. I took practice exams on Sunday, Wednesday, and I took a vacation day on Friday (because I'm about to cap). I did the same thing with my Sunday and Wednesday exam in that I wrote out each question and answer. For the Friday exam, I took it a little easier in that I just reviewed it and wrote down some major things I missed.
Interestingly enough, this girl I'm dating came over and we were just going to relax the rest of the day. She brought some chili sauce which looked good, but after eating it, I got an allergic reaction due to it having peanuts. I scheduled my exam for the morning, so it inadvertently put me to bed early (I took a Benadryl in lieu of taking popping my EpiPen) and I was in bed by 7pm.
4th Milestone - Exam Date
So here comes exam date. I was scheduled to take my exam at 9:45am. I got up at 7am due to being in bed early. I got up, went on my normal 3 mile run, got home and showered. By this point, it was nearly 8pm and I was out of coffee, so I went to the local grocery store to get a couple of Red Bulls. Before I actually sat for the exam, I reviewed my notes once again and drank a RedBull.
Once the exam started, I was nervous. I went through the questions and they were all really vague. Often times I had 2 answers left and I struggled to choose. After the first 90 questions, I reviewed all my marked questions and changed probably 4 or 5 of them.
When it was time for my break, I used my restroom and chugged another RedBull. Then, I ended it early and went on again. Same feeling as before. The thought that I held in my mind was that I wouldn't pass. It just seemed so much more difficult and I was afraid I'd have to spend another month studying.
Luckily, when I finished, I was informed that I passed. 5 months of work all culminating to this.
5th Milestone - Celebration
Anyway, as a reward to myself, I am going to my local Total Wine to buy a bottle of Kavalan King Carr. The most I've ever spent on Whiskey was $80 and that's for a 20 year old scotch from Costco. I'm excited to celebrate tonight with some Taiwanese Whiskey and a cigar.
If any one has any questions, please do let me know. Thanks for the tips everyone posted, it really helped.
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2020.09.26 22:39 allie_geez Mentally unstable & drug addicted MIL comes unexpectedly, hurting me (24f) and my bf (27m) relationship.

Okay so a little backstory, I’ve know my now bf for about 10 years. We dated in high school briefly, remained friends, and then reconnected about 2 years ago. He messaged me out of the blue telling me he was really addicted to drugs and was selling them and wanted to get out. We lived about 4 hours apart after I moved away for college. I would drive to come get him and have him stay with me but he was so out of it, it wasn’t working.
One night I drove the 4 hours to get him and basically we ran away from his drug scene and we’ve been living together since.
He had a hard time getting sober & we don’t live in the best place to try and get clean. But we did it!! We did an at home detox and it took over a year but he is sober and I am so so proud of him! But I would be lying if it wasn’t the hardest year for us both. He did a lot of things and I have said a lot of things that we have been working on to recover and live the life we want.
About 4 days ago we got a call from a random guy saying his mother is on her way to us.
I’ve spoken to his mom on the phone but never met her. It’s known that she has abused drugs her whole life, and played a big part in him getting so addicted. She came very spun out and didn’t sleep for 3 days. She would ramble constantly about horrible things ( getting beat, pimps, murders after her, needing drugs).
We are dirt broke right now, like negative accounts and no cash. He has been trying to get a job and coming back to society, while I have been constantly working to help pay rent. He always helps me out any way he can, and we work great together, but the stress of this situation is getting to us both. I feel that I am now trying to provide for 3 people and HATE that I’m dealing with other person addicted to drugs when I just felt some normality.
I’ve tried very hard to be absolutely nice and comforting to her while she comes down and tries to get better. I have never been mean to her and just want my bf to be open and honest with me. I just wanted to be a team.
Last night he took off to try and get food and smokes and whatever she needed (pills). To solve the problem he overdrafted my account 100$ again and then came home with some food, smokes, pills for her, and suboxine for him to help him stay clean. We are so broke and have to pay rent on the first and I am so stressed out.
Since he was gone way later than I thought he would be I asked him “what took him so long” in a very nice tone bc he tells me I can get an attitude, so I try very hard to not do that to him. He didn’t answer my question so I asked again and he got mad at me. And now we’re fighting so i feel so weird in my own house.
Please any advice or comments would be so helpful. I feel alone in a situation that I don’t want to be in.
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2020.09.26 22:33 Eoksaur [PS2/GC][2000-2005]An RPG or Adventure game that I played on one of those kiosks game stores had as a kid.

PS2 or GameCube
RPG or Fantasy Adventure
2000-2005 release date
Kind of like a Victorian Era feel to it. I only remember a narrow winding street, that I think was made of a dark brick. I guess a similar look for the models would be Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, but the protagonist in that couldn't talk, from what I remember.
Playable character was a teenage boy
Can't remember many mechanics, but the protagonist definitely had full voice acting. I couldn't figure out what to do in the game aside from talk to people, where the protagonist would ask something along the lines of "Have you seen a strange red haired boy?". The scene was either at duck/night, or was dimly lit. I think there was a blonde girl as well who was trying to help you look for the boy, but she wouldn't walk with you. I'm sorry if that's not much to go on. I had only tried it out for maybe 10 minutes or so back then.
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2020.09.26 22:28 GothAnimeBoi Kik RP Partner Search

RP Partner Standards: •Preferably 19 or Younger (I'm younger than 18) •ONLY on Kik •Semi-Literate •OC RPs
Here are some plots I have in mind:
  1. Romance
It's the early 1900s. Two young adults board a ship for a 1-2 month voyage across waters. They both have their own different reasons and intentions for being on the ship. Although two pretty different people, they spend more and more time together while on the ship and become closer and closer. As the ship itches closer to land by the minute, what friendships and romances will ensure between the two?
  1. Slice of Life, Romance
A girl/boy has to cover up her secret relationship from everyone to not get judged/in trouble. As a solution she tries to find someone who will have a fake relationship with her to cover up everything. The only person willing to agree is a complete polar opposite girl/boy. Two people unlikely to ever talk are now in a big fake relationship. But what will happen when feelings may start to become of the two?
  1. Slice of Life and/or Romance
Two polar oppisite strangers meet under unfortunate circumstances. After the rude encounter, they go along their seperate ways that day, soon to find out they're now roomates. What will happen between the two? Will they settle their differences, ignore each other, become friends or maybe even more....only time will tell.
  1. Romance
They hit it off right away. They're very similar and their fast connection is uncanny. It's a match made in heaven. Except they both happen to be dating the others' best friend.
  1. Romance
One drunk one-night-stand so many months ago between these two strangers. After a night of intense fun, they went their seperate ways, never to connect again. But what happens when they end up as co-workers months afterwards?
  1. Romance
A socially challenged boy moves to a new town wear he meets a straight-forward valid dictorian with family issues. The unlikely pair soon become friends through thick and thin, low and high. Though it seems the world is falling apart around them, what will they do to push through and grow they're friendship...maybe into something more too.
  1. Romance and/or Slice Of Life
It's the summer of '85, hot as ever. She's an intelligent girl but boy crazy. He's a comic-book record player boy who's always made it clear that he wants to date her. Both best friends since childhood. When the girls father leaves for a summer road trip, the two are left to run the small town's only motel for the summer. It all seems like a normal 80s summer until a super-hot and outside-of-town guy shows up out of the blue to stay at the hotel for the summer. She's head over heals for him while her best friend isn't too sold. It's a long hot summer to fill...
  1. Romance
It's the 1950s. You're hired to assissinate her. It should be easy like all your other successful kills. But she's different. No matter how hard you try, you just can't kill this beautiful women. Even if she is one of the most wanted women among the criminal world.
  1. Forbidden Romance
A prince/princess has never gotten to make any real friends. All he/she has is the palace and the king who is barely there whom dissaproves of anything the prince/princess does. It isn't until the prince/princess gets a personal servant their age that things change. The servant is there for everything, always by their side so they get closer and closer until they might become something more.
  1. Romance/Slice of Life It's the 20s-60s. She's the biggest hit among the entertainment scene. They're hired to work on her popular show. They start working together more and more but even after the cameras are put away after the day, she's still interested in them.
  2. Romance
They move into their first apartment independently. It seems like the perfect place but soon after moving in strange things start to happen. They try to blow it off at first until they realise that they're not the only thing in this place. The apartment is heavily haunted by a vivid ghost whom was not going to leave. As they grow accustomed to it, it seems like the ghost might want more than they're energy...
  1. Romance
One small overnight train. Two complete strangers. Three days of travelling. They're the only two on the small train, alone. Since they share a compartment they have to get along....will they have their differences? Similarities? Friendships? Romances? Only one train ride can determine that.
  1. Thriller
The new kid runs into the popular kid on their first day at a new school. The popular guy/girl has it all. They're a gold medal athlete, outgoing and friendly, popular and not to mention: super hot. It's crazy when the popular person takes a liking to the new kid. It's too good to be true! It isnt until the first date does the new kid realise the catch. The Popular kid is a Psychopathic serial killer.
I mainly do romance or slice of life but I'm pretty open to any suggestions or plots.
If you're interested or want to rp at all please feel free to PM me :)
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2020.09.26 22:26 ThrowRa-Got I(21M) feel insecure because of my girlfriends(21F) body type preferences.

Gf and I have been dating for 4 years. I very much am in love with her and her with me but I just can’t get over certain insecurities that arise from her body type preferences. I’m a short guy, 5’6 and same height as my gf. I’m in good shape but nothing impressive in size or body fat percentage. My gf likes the typical tall, super muscular, and masculine guys. She never puts me down or try’s to be blatant but I can tell my her reactions. When we watched Terminator she yelled and did the “Cover my mouth when aroused” thing that girls do some times when Arnold’s makes scene came on. She apologized of course for doing this. I can just tell by her eyes and how she blushes when we watch a movie and some guy like Momoa is shirtless that she really prefers these types of men.
Of course all this makes me jealous, insecure, feel emasculated etc.. you name it. I know she loves me snd she shows me in different ways that she likes how I look and will never cheat but still I feel this way. I don’t know if this makes me immature for being this way. I’ve tried not to but I can’t help it. Need advice on how to handle my feelings. Am I just being immature?
Tl;dr Girlfriends body type preferences make me insecure. Need advice.
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2020.09.26 22:20 DAnalysis A filmmaker's horror story - working on a indie horror film under a megalomaniac, racist and psychotic director.

Hey, so this is gonna be a bit of a wild one and I'm just going to write this while on my bus, so I'm not sure if everything is going to be 100% in order but we'll see. This is definitely a story worth sharing. So this is a story all about how my film ambitions got flipped turned upside down. I was a film student in an English film university, hoping to one day become a filmmaker or work at Starbucks, you know the usual drill.
My class was full of very talented and ambitious people, it was a nice and close-knit group. Most of them where my age (Mid to late 20s), one of my classmates was a 38 year old mature student. He made a great first impression though, chatty with good banter. We became friends quickly. Now by the fact that I've singled him out you're probably already realising that he's the centerpiece of this story. I didn't, I wish I did. I wish me and all my classmates could have realised what would happen next. We all shared our screenwriting classes under guidance of a fantastic professor. She used to teach filmmaking to prison inmates so she was one tough lady. No bullshit, told you where you messed up without sugarcoating and helped you fix it.
Well the first warning sign arose quite quickly as the mature student, I'll call him "M" from now on, started working on a feature film script in a short film module. It was clear that this project was very dear to him so our lecturer tried to help as much as possible. His idea started out as a horror film about a group of young teens who wrongly assume their teacher to be a pedophile and seek vigilante justice. Now at first we all liked the idea, our lecturer gave him pointers on how to expand on the interesting moral dilemma. So next week he comes back announcing that he's improved his story massively. He pitches his new version and now the tone abruptly shifts halfway through the story as the teenagers are suddenly being chased by a murderous cult in tacky robes who just happen to be there. It turned into a generic slasher story and the dialogue was dreadful. All the kids spoke like him, a nearly 40 year old man from the English Midlands. The lecturer and us all pointed this out to him and gave him a lot of very fair pointers for potential improvement. He started getting very angry, shouting at the whole class. He ended up telling the teacher she doesn't know anything about movies and stormed out. After the lecture our lecturer told us that she never had a more difficult student, even while teaching in prison. This was the first red flag, I should've seen that something was wrong with this dude. But we were young and naive. And who cares about a education right? Nicolas Winding Refn stormed out of filmschool too! We're artists not sheep! Well we were wrong, one of the many hard truths I had to learn.
Most of my classmates used to live together in very close proximity and M would sometimes invite us over for dinner or general hanging out. It was the day after his big storm out that he would pitch an idea to us. His plan was to film an entire feature film while at uni to kick-start all our careers. He was going to direct, I was the best with a camera so he wanted to me to DP. Everyone was cautious, a whole feature just filmed by students that surely seems impossible. We should have trusted our guts.
He set up a meeting, our entire course all years included. There he pitched it properly. He had all these grand plans. He had hired a publicist, struck a deal with the university, he had a film festival that would screen it, he had an actor from a Halifax commercial to star in it, 2 professional wrestlers were gonna do the stunts and he was going to use his credibility as a "successful" comic book author to get funding. Oh did I not mention. He would always go on about how he is the most selling independent comic book author in the United Kingdom. He had all his issues framed so we believed him. A quick Google search nowadays reveals that his comic book was a massive flop and is being given away for free. Another lesson learned. His only stipulation was that he was to direct and that we use the script he's been working on in class. We weren't completely stupid, people raised objections as we all knew the script was very poor. He agreed to bring one of the more talented screenwriting students on board to rewrite the script with. He also hired someone to film a documentary about him making that film (lol). A big red flag went up at that meeting however as one of my best friends asked about his arrangement for crew lunches. As a rebuttal M. would preceded to call him selfish for wanting food and say that we cant waste budget on something as unimportant as feeding the crew. Yup it's the big one folks. Not feeding your crew. You'd think that in this day and age every filmmaker's knows that he can't do that but we'll here we are. From this point on we were careful as more and more warning signs appeared.
First M was sending me the redrafts of the script which he had claimed to be done by a much more talented writer than him. I quickly noticed that nothing had changed at all. He wasn't allowing any changes. Afterwards I found out that he loaned 1000£ from our mutual friend who got screenwriting credit, he never paid it back. M wanted that same friend who asked about lunch to score the film. He expected multiple pieces of score before anything was even shot. Obviously he didn't agree and wanted a picture edit first, like every other film ever made. This and the lunch question was enough for M to "fire" him in an aggressive email he signed off with "Now begone!".
The casting process began and more drama kept happening. M started dating a girl nearly 20 years younger than him and immediately started giving her loads of jobs in the production. We all warned him that this could cause trouble but he stuck with it, always saying "this is my film, I have final say." M started filming odd promotional material during this time, one of which was just a video of him getting a haircut. He put out a public statement thanking his girlfriend for all the help on the promo and casting, but none of the other crew. A mutual acquaintance saw this and posted a very non-aggresive comment along the lines of "I loved the work the rest of the crew did too". Not 20 minutes later I get an enraged phonecall from M, demanding to put that acquaintance on the phone. He proceeds to shout at him saying "Never undermine me in public again! There will be consequences if you don't delete that comment!". I haven't kept count on the amount of red flags by now. Casting started and I was pretty much done with him, but that's when stuff got even worse. His girlfriend and him broke up and she started messaging all the actors interested in auditioning, telling them not to show. We ended up with just enough auditions to fill the cast. We didn't have enough males so he hastily rewrote the script to make nearly the entire cast girls without changing anything else. M proclaimed that this was revolutionary for a horror film since some of them where now lesbian characters. That fact that their dialogue was made incredibly cliché was not important to him.
Another mutual friend of mine was cast as the main baddie and cult leader. He was crazy excited as he always wanted to act. I was excited again as he is one of the sweetest people to walk the planet. M impressively scored an appointment at a 3D printing lab to get his face scanned for a custom awesome looking mask. What happened next was the straw that broke the camel's back. My actor friend is of mixed heritage which noone ever even thought of being a problem, but it was to M. During one of the meetings he ordered my friend to cover up his skin colour entirely, wearing gloves and a turtle neck. He proclaimed proudly that he couldn't have a brown person playing the villain as that would make him look racist. Without realising that what he had asked was wildly more racist. It goes without saying that the actor quit the film that same day.
We decided to arrange a final meeting to air all our grievances. With the script, Ms behaviour and everything else. We contacted our producer to set it up and she was like ok no worries. Not 5 minutes later all of us receive a ton of calls and angry voicemails from M, saying how we betrayed him and went behind his back. What terrible friends we are and that we should've contacted him directly and not the producer. I explained that we were just following normal protocol by asking the producer to set it up. He was having none of it. M got nasty and personal. He brought up traumatic events from my childhood and used them against. I confided to him about this when we first became friends. I was in tears for an hour and quit the film right then.
Nearly the entire rest of the crew, including that producer followed suit. That was the end of my direct involvement, I never received credit for any of the pre production work I had done. He went on to shoot the film with a bunch of first year students who had no experience and just started learning about filmmaking. Everyone bought their own lunch. I found out later that during the now lesbian sex scene he ordered every male to leave the set, but stayed behind himself and watched. He called this a feminist decision. I'm writing this because the trailer has just come out and it looks as terrible as you'd expect. If enough people respond well to this I might link it. I'm personally doing well nowadays, I landed a sweet pat production job at one of the biggest media company's in the world and am pursuing a career in standup comedy and acting. If you're interested at all check out my profile.
Last I heard M. lost multiple thousand pounds on the making of the film and was already in personal bankruptcy. The publicist turned out to be a scam who took his money and ran. He is now buying views and likes for the trailer on YouTube. All the people hurt by him have landed on their feet and are doing ok, but I hope this a cautionary tale for any aspiring film student. When you're young and ambitious it's easy to be exploited by someone like M. Know your worth, even at the start.
tldr: director abused his crew, didn't provide lunches, asked a mixed race actor to cover up his skin and generally made everyone very uncomfortable.
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2020.09.26 22:12 DaGipsyKing We were at Opa’s in Campbell for dinner last Evening

Outdoor dining the only option. No problem. Weather was fantastic yesterday. A lot of people out. Opa was busy for sure. We had to make reservations. Our only choices were 3:45 and 9. We went with the 3:45. Everything was fantastic until a dog walker allowed their dog to urinate on a planter right next to my girlfriend. I look at the guy, throw up my hands and said “Really? Really?”. He knew it was wrong. He just ended up mumbling nonsense and walked away. A table over I heard a lady laughing. I asked, “Did you see that?”. She answered from afar, “Yes!”. I at the least wanted the staff to wipe up the liquid as to not foul the air while I’m eating but my date insisted I not make a scene. When we went to pay (her, she was treating) the waiter told us the mentioned couple had bought us drinks. So cool. They had left before we could thank them. Whoever you are, thank you for making my night.
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2020.09.26 21:56 SSADNGM Mail in Ballots: Behind-the-Scenes Look at How OC Processes Them

Neal Kelley, OC Registrar, was interviewed on Meet the Press earlier this month. It's a great chance to get a peek into the behind the scenes of how mail in ballots are processed, what happens if a signature doesn't match, what changes have been made due to COVID-19, reviewing options of how to cast your vote, etc.
Tonight (09/26) there is a Voting Town Hall on ABC; 9pm-10pm & Kelley will be one of the panelists
This year in OC virtual observation has been set-up. You can sign up starting on October 1st. If you're interesting in understanding Observer guidelines, here's the handbook for that.
Register to vote online. If you're already registered check your registration and from there you sign up to track your ballot.
Sign up for email updates from the Registrar's office.
Important Dates:
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2020.09.26 21:51 Eisenharp The board game

Hello all! My name is Eisen, and I am looking for a partner to play a new idea I've had. I prefer my partner to be able to write a solid paragraph, but I'm lenient depending on the scene. Not always possible to bang out twenty sentences. Message me if the below interests you, or you have your own ideas to pitch.
(TL;DR: a mix of the original Jumanji and Zathura, with a magic board game as the focal point of this adventure.)
"A game of chance, a world of adventure. Dare to turn the key and enter Aldavi?" That is what the old, faded box said when it was pulled from the attic. The box art was horrendously dated, with lizard-like dinosaurs, red and white rocket ships standing on their guidance fins, and cowboys and Indians fighting each other on a grassy hillside. The board itself wasn't much better, with the same "stylized" images dotting the metal board. Completely mechanical, it seemed, with a key to wind up the counter that decided how far either of the two pieces moved. What's the harm in testing it out? When the first card was dispensed from the game, however, something changed. A feeling in the air, a charge of energy flowing through, well, everything. The card seemed almost unimportant, but was read nonetheless. "Welcome to Aldavi. Move ahead 1 space."
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2020.09.26 21:43 CannedPeas_1 I drew this scene from First Date's music video! :)

I drew this scene from First Date's music video! :) submitted by CannedPeas_1 to Blink182 [link] [comments]

2020.09.26 21:29 stinkybuttbuttsmell Introducing my children to my sister's partners?

I am wondering how other people handle introducing their young children to their siblings romantic partners.
My (35f) sister (38f) likes to bring her boyfriends to family events, regardless of how long they have been dating, how sure she is about them, etc. My own opinion of her choice of partner aside, I've allowed her to invite different men to my daughter's 2nd birthday party, my son's baby naming ceremony, and my anniversary meal. Each of these events were small, family only, hosted at my house, but to prevent fights, I've allowed them to attend, despite being super uncomfortable with having basically strangers in my home. Shes since broken up with all of these boyfriends.
Now my father has passed and she is insisting on her boyfriend being at the funeral and other religious ceremonies. There's a limit on how many people we can invite due to covid so in order to bring her boyfriend (of 2 months) we are cutting a family member from the funeral. I think this is totally unreasonable but she has said she's going to bring him and I can either deal with it or cause a scene.
After, we will have religious ceremonies happening at my house over the next week. There are covid restrictions so again, only a few people can visit at a time. I want to tell her not to bring her boyfriend every time because he's not part of the family, had never met my dad, and I don't want him spending so much time with my children (3 and 1) until their relationship is more certain. I feel like my children should be comfortable to learn about death from their family that they know, instead of feeling awkward and shy around a stranger.
At the same time I don't want her to feel unsupported. I don't know if I'm being unreasonable.
Please lmk if there's a compromise here I'm not seeing. I'm trying to avoid a fight as my dad passed suddenly and we are all dealing with our grief so differently.
Thanks Reddit!
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2020.09.26 21:23 gofishus [Review] World End Syndrome (for Nintendo Switch)

[Review] World End Syndrome (for Nintendo Switch)
Platform: Nintendo Switch Developer: Arc System Works Release: May 21, 2019 Price: $60 USD
So soon after I just reviewed Our World is Ended, another visual novel comes out for the Switch, this time one from the Guilty GeaBlazblue Devs.
how's World End Syndrome (with a very similar name to Our World is Ended)? It's not bad. It's half dating sim, half mystery, kind of like a cross between Muv-Luv Extra and Root Letter.
The characters are the standard tropes, you have a rich spoiled girl, a 'mysterious quiet' girl, a 'girl next door' girl, a 'mature' girl, an 'out of your league' girl, etc and a very annoying guy sidekick.
The graphics are very clean and well rendered, so nothing to complain about the visuals - sometimes the background will even move in a loop while the character is talking - so it's slightly above the typical production values of a visual novel I feel.
The first part is a prologue and non interactive. This was like half of the game, and honestly I felt the second interactive half could have been longer. If you choose the wrong choice - its an automatic game over and you gotta start over again. The second interactive half is just you going to various spots around town, trying to find a girl you will eventually be attracted to, while trying to uncover the mysteries of the town.
I only got two endings Saya, and Maimi (IMO the best girl) - I think you have to go through each one to get the true ending or whatever, but I didn't have the patience. I'm just going to say if you liked Muv Luv Extra's slice of life dating sim type stuff, and Root Letter's underlying mystery then you'll like this game. I also like the fact that some scenes are fully animated - but its usually the background only and these scenes are in the minority.
I wish it was longer, I wish the side guy character wasn't such an annoying creeper, and I wish the characters weren't so stereotypical. 7/10 from me. Recommended for fans of visual novels, otherwise it's not anything that will suck non fans in.
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2020.09.26 21:13 LumpTruck I'm a bi man in a poly relationship. Realistically, what are my chances for hooking up with/dating a gay man if this is my situation?

Hey bros, TLDR: so as the title says I'm bi in an open relationship and I also want to fuck some dudes. Is this an insurmountable handicap?
Longer version is this. I'm bi guy, 28. I've always thought of myself as more gay than straight but I ended up hitting it off with this girl and we are dating. We are both bi so we thought we may as well be poly. I know, what a streotype. Assuming Covid-19 ends at some point I want to start being with dudes again in some capacity. Is this doable?
A few years back when I was only dating men I saw non-monogamy was pretty common. And for the record, we date separately, not looking for a third. But is this going to be an anchor around my neck? Even back when I was single I was openly bi. Most didn't care, but there were some who got pissy about bi guys and some who fetishized it. I want to know if this is going to be so much of a deal breaker that it won't be worth trying.
If it's doable, how can I go about it? Even if the bars weren't closed that's not really my scene anymore but I could give it a go. I have plenty of gay friends, but they are monogamous and I don't want to hit on my friends. Is grindr a good route? If I'm just looking for sex should I be honest about my situation? Is a relationship even in the cards? I've known a good handful of gay poly guys but they tend to stay away from the straight/bi poly ppl.
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2020.09.26 21:13 Xenc Party Royale: Spotlight Series – Slushii

Party Royale: Spotlight Series – Slushii

Party Royale's Spotlight Series – Slushii
Kicking off the Llama-Rama festivities, catch Slushii’s premiere live show -- featuring the debut of a brand-new unreleased single -- on Saturday, September 26 @ 5pm ET. Rebroadcasts are scheduled for September 26 @ 11pm ET and September 27 @ 1pm ET

Pacific Daylight Time (San Francisco) Central Daylight Time (Houston) Eastern Daylight Time (New York) British Summer Time (London) Australian Eastern Daylight Time (Sydney)
Slushii Premiere (Live!) Saturday, 2pm Saturday, 4pm Saturday, 5pm Saturday, 10pm Sunday, 7am
Encore 1 Saturday, 8pm Saturday, 10pm Saturday, 11pm Sunday, 4am Sunday, 1pm
Encore 2 Sunday, 10am Sunday, 12pm Sunday, 1pm Sunday, 6pm Monday, 3am

How do I tune in?

  1. Ensure your game is up-to-date to the latest version
  2. Check the full schedule for timings in your local timezone
  3. Log into Battle Royale and select the Party Royale playlist

Can I join in halfway?

Yes. If you missed the start, or get disconnected, simply jump back into Party Royale. See the official Fortnite blog post for more details.
Slushii behind-the-scenes shot
Spotlight Series events are broadcast from Fortnite's new sound stage in Los Angeles. Artists will be able to stop off here to perform live in Party Royale.
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2020.09.26 20:52 Revolution64 What is up with the recent positivity of Super Mario Sunshine?

Super Mario Sunshine has long been seen as the black sheep in the 3D Mario family. But the last few years I have seen a general change in opinion about the game, there are even some people stating it as a 'unsung masterpiece" [1] and ‘how it perfected the Mario 64 formula’ [2]. In my (very irrational) opinion: These sentiments are completely clouded in nostalgia. If this wasn’t a Mario game, it would have totally slipped through the cracks of history.

My disappointment with this game dates back from my first playthrough in 2003 on the gamecube. To me, it was a big step down from the epicness that was Super Mario 64. Replaying it on the newly released Super Mario 3D All Stars only reinstates my feelings on the game. It pains me to see that such an average main Mario game exists. And for some ridiculous reason it frustrates me that people think it is a fantastic game. The game was rushed, as Nintendo wanted to hit back on the failing gamecube sales and it clearly shows. For me it has no place among the giants like SM64, Galaxy and Odyssey.

Now, to proof my point, these are my biggest gripes with the game:

The Story. What was Nintendo thinking here ? The story itself is not even that bad, but the execution is mindboggling to me. The cut scenes are incredibly awkward, with the beginning court scene being the absolute low point. This scene is so low-effort, it surprises me to this day that it made the final build of the game. I do appreciate that Nintendo took a chance here to do something else than the traditional damsel in distress story, but all the story sequences feel tagged on. You do not play Mario games for the story, but it should not be as cringy as this.

The repetition. In the opening of the game, you fight a big Piranha Plant covered in goop (this one to be exact). This boss is nothing interesting, but a descent tutorial to understand the basic FLUDD mechanics. My problem with this boss is: you fight it again to unlock Bianco Hills, you encounter it again to get the first shine in Bianco Hills, you will have to beat it again to unlock Ricco Harbor and the same boss appears when unlocking Gelato Beach. Seriously? It is okay to reuse assets, but there is nothing fun about this specific bossfight, feels rushed and lazy.
Sunshine is covered with repeating tasks like this. Other examples of this are the constant cleaning of goop, the Shadow Mario encounters, the overuse of red coin missions and rehash of other bosses. Super Mario 64 had a lot of repetition as well, but it is much more noticeable in the 5-year newer Sunshine.

Terrible shine missions. There are some atrocious shines in this game. To name a few: the infamous pinball stage, the Sirena Beach Yoshi level, the watermelon shine sprite, the sandbird stage, the lilly-pad ride, the underground mushroom platform stage in one of the later courses, the Yoshi boat shine in the hub world … All Mario games have their fair share of average levels, but Super Mario Sunshine stands out in a negative game. A very big stain on the game, made even worse by my next point.

Not being able to get the shines in a random order. Not the worst aspect of the game, but it impacts replayability. In Super Mario 64 you could get most stars of the different courses in a random order, which made it possible to skip stars you did not like. Super Mario Sunshine drops this and you have to play the shines in order to beat the game. This means you cannot skip some of the terrible shines mentioned in the previous bullet point.

The tropical theme. I realize that this is a controversial one, but in my eyes the tropical theme hurts the visual variety of the game. Because of the overuse of bright and oversaturated colours and the little diversity in musical style, most of the courses blend into eachother. This is a big contrast with SM64 and Oddyssey for me, as a lot of those courses of those games are stuck in my brain forever, as they have their own distinct atmosphere. Most Sunshine courses are forgettable in this aspect, with few exceptions like the theme park level and Sirena Beach.
There is nothing wrong with having a general theme in a game, but that does not mean 90% of the courses should have the same colour palette and the same use of lightning. Why no tropical storm stage? Where is the tropical forest stage? I appreciate that they did something different than the traditional ice, fire,water and desert theme, but they could have put more effort in making the courses more diverse.

The rushed ending. Nothing in Sunshine is more symbolic for the rushed development cycle than the final stage: Corona Mountain. This could have been an epic stage where all powerups are played out in an ultimate test of skills but instead we get a lame ass boat segment and a disappointing end boss. A lazy ending, and don’t get me started on the end-game content.

Some other more minor stuff that I did not enjoy:

There are some good aspects to Sunshine. The water graphics are amazing; the non-FLUDD levels are terrific and they feel like a prototype to the amazing Galaxy games. Ugly textures aside, the game looks quite good for 2002 standards (especially the HD version in 3D All Stars). But in the end, it is a mediocre 3D platformer imo and one of my biggest disappointments with a Nintendo game.

Glad I could get this off my chest!
[1]: [2]:
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2020.09.26 20:47 riverwitch1919 Old scars

So when my boyfriend and I were in the "grey zone" before I officially said yes, he slept with another girl and was like also dating her. He was also talking to a coworker and was still trying to get her attention even after I said yes.
I had been putting him off because I had just stepped into the local music scene in a new band and was trying to meet people. Not for romance, but I just didn't want to be introduced as his girlfriend and fend off who would otherwise be music allies. I had also previously been in an abusive relationship and didn't like some of the ways he was pressuring me when we first met.
I was totally transparent with him about my wants and needs and by the middle of our time in the grey zone I was only hanging out with him.
I didn't find out about all the other girls (there were other dates etc) until after I moved in with him. I found out he had had sex in his car while we were together and felt sick every time we got in it. I found out about the post-official texts etc. It's taken me two and a half years to try to get over it. I feel berated and cheated on. He looked me in the eyes and told me there was no one else when there had been.
I have stayed because it otherwise feels totally right. We get along in every way. We justify it (or at least I try to) because we weren't officially together and he was "hurt" that I continued to put him off. But for me, he was pressuring me and also sleeping with other women. He had his cake and ate it too. There's no"mistake" in sleeping with someone else. There's no somber note in that moment. You're a guy with a dick in someone, you hit the lottery. I don't believe for a second it was out of hurt. She's way hotter than me and I don't understand how he could choose me over the tramp who he was so hot for. Or relationship was more building. They had immediate chemistry.
So now we're talking about marriage. This is literally the only real problem we had. He really is a stand-up loyal guy who takes care of me and learns and grows with me, he's very affectionate and amazing. But I still have fears.
So my question is, just because I feel cheated on, did he really cheat? Does "once a cheater always a cheater" apply here? Is a man cheating inevitable in a marriage? It seems like it is. I want someone to tell me it's unlikely, but even after having moved past the point where I can't stop thinking about it, I still get triggered and it still pops up occasionally just like any form of grieving.
I want someone to tell me I shouldn't be scared, inconsisencies in my logic, anything. But I also want a slap in the face of it's truly justified. What's your take?
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2020.09.26 19:55 kwpluckett Kwpluckett #88: Project Power (2020)

Challenge started: 5/18/2020 Date Watched: 9/24/2020 Runtime: 1h54m Rating: R Watched on: Netflix Rotten Tomatoes: 59 Imdb rating: 6 Genre: Fantasy/Mystery Directed by: Henry Joost 
Google synopsis:
A former soldier teams up with a cop to find the source behind a dangerous pill that provides temporary superpowers.
My thoughts:
This movie is really fun and original, however that does not mean it's great...
I really enjoy the premise/ gimmick if you will. 'Take this pill to unleash your inner-beast' kind of thing. It's a pretty sweet deal, except for those who blow up I suppose... I hope I wouldn't be that guy... damn, I'd probably be that guy, huh?...
The acting is pretty good here, eapecially Jaime Foxx, and Dominique Fishback. They alone make the narrative enjoyable to follow and give you a couple of people to cheer for. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was good too, but I just didn't feel his character as much.
The story is just ok. It's nothing too profound or excitingly mysterious. The intrigue of the film pretty much boils down to 'go to point b, and interrogate/ eliminate x, y and z'. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as most of the resulting action scenes are intense, and they make some strong choices cinematographically that are pretty compelling.
All in all it's a fun watch, nothing too profound, worth it if you got it on your Netflix que or are looking for a unique action flick. I'll give it a 3 it of 5.
Find me on letterboxd
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2020.09.26 19:41 ZappaOMatic [OC] On this day 100 years ago, the first game involving an APFA/NFL team took place as the Rock Island Independents defeated the non-league St. Paul Ideals 48–0.

Last Thursday was the 100-year anniversary of the meeting between the representatives of ten teams that would ultimately form the National Football League. My write-up on that historic meeting turned out to be a massive hit, and I'm back with yet another centennial anniversary post. This time, we go from the car showroom to the football field.
100 years ago on September 26, 1920, a team took to the gridiron as a member of the NFL—then known as the American Professional Football Association—for the first time. While it was not a "true" league game as their opponent was not part of the APFA, it marked the start of something big.

The Rock Island Independents

Take a wild guess as to how the Rock Island Independents got their name.
For the first two decades of its existence, the Illinois-based team took on opponents regardless of league affiliation. Walter Flanigan joined the Independents as a player in 1912 before taking over as manager three years later. As the team racked up wins, Flanigan wanted to take his club to a higher level, and he gained that opportunity in 1917 when he challenged the Minneapolis Marines, the self-proclaimed "North West Pro Champs", to a game on Rock Island's home turf. A team record 6,425 fans turned out for the game, though they would fall to the Marines 7–3 (a rematch resulted in a more lopsided defeat of 33–14).[1]
After being shipped off to serve in World War I, Flanigan returned to the football world by cobbling together a slate of local games (all of which were shutout wins for the Independents). In 1919, he set his eyes on the national championship.[1]
As discussed in the last post, there was no "true" national champion as there was no national sanctioning body at the time. A team could win every game in their regional league and declare themselves the national champs without much objection, and that was what many teams did. Since the Independents were, well, independent, Flanigan had another idea to pursue the national title: take on league teams.
To do this, he recruited Minneapolis star quarterback Rube Ursella to his side, and a variety of Marines including local fullback Jerry Mansfield also joined the Independents. However, Flanigan's recruiting may have been too successful as a laundry list of interested players showed up; to weed out the scrubs, he organized a series of foot races and wrestling matches in which the losers were kicked off the team. Once he had a suitable roster, he got to work.[1]
The 1919 Independents would face a challenging slate against the top teams from Ohio and Indiana, including future NFL franchises Columbus Panhandles and Akron Indians. With the exception of a 12–7 defeat at the hands of the Hammond All-Stars, a team that featured an end by the name of George Halas, and a scoreless tie against a decorated Pine Village team, Rock Island would shut out every opponent.[1]

The Bulldog "Beef"

At season's end, the Independents boasted a 9–1–1 record, but Flanigan had one last game on his mind: a date with the undefeated Canton Bulldogs for the national championship on December 7.[1]
Well, Canton star Jim Thorpe said his team had other plans. Like, that was basically what his answer was.
On November 30, Ralph Hay, leader of the Bulldogs, sent a telegram to Flanigan asking what the Independents would offer in exchange for playing the game. A Rock Island fan had attended Canton's win over Hammond the previous week and was promised by the Bulldogs manager that he would consider a game against the Bulldogs as long as the Massillon Tigers beat the Cleveland Tigers (since Massillon had lost to Canton twice earlier in the season).[2]
Massillon won and Hay kept his promise by reaching out to Flanigan, who offered him $5,000 or 45% of the ticket sales. Both numbers had been demanded by Thorpe earlier in the year.[2]
The following evening, Hay called Flanigan and asked for the score of the Rock Island game against Akron. He provided the answer (a 17–0 Independents win), but expressed confusion as to why that was so important for Hay. Hay then told Flanigan to talk to Thorpe before he could agree whether or not to play the game.[2]
An hour and 17 minutes later, Flanigan received a telegram from Thorpe: "Have disbanded team. Cannot meet Rock Island."[2]
Kind of a lame excuse, but it's likely Thorpe also turned it down as the Rock Island/Akron game had only attracted 1,700 fans.[1] Flanigan attempted to reach out to Canton once again with by bumping the offer to $7,000 guaranteed or 50% of the gate.[3] Calls to Hay went unanswered, while one telegram to Thorpe read:[2]
We are offering your team the largest guarantee that it has ever received before, $5,000 or a privilege of 50 per cent for the gate. If you don't accept Rock Island fans will say you are quitters. Wire me your answer."
Thorpe's answer? No. One final call to Thorpe redirected Flanigan to an operator who told him that the Bulldogs player was sick and could not answer.[2]
True to Flanigan's threat, Independents fans and media were quick to brand the Bulldogs as cowards. The Rock Island Argus, a very [2]
Is Canton's famed Bulldogs afraid to risk their title of world's football champions by coming to Rock Island Sunday?
By arranging things in order and arriving at a logical conclusion, there can be but one answer. And that is "yes."
A fan letter to the Argus sports editor:[4]
Dear Sir: Being a real football fan I am like a great many more, disappointed because the Canton Bulldogs have a bad case of yellow. Now I think it would be a nice thing for everyone that has tickets to keep them and give the money which has been paid for admissions to the game, to the team for the splendid showing which they have made.
If anyone does not like the idea let them go and cash up. It seems to me that there would be a very few who would ask for their money back. It would also encourage the boys to come back next fall.
From P. G. M.
A Real Fan
Flanigan wrote to The Daily Times in Davenport:[3]
The Canton game is all off. I offered Hays $7,000 in an attempt to land the game but failed. They did not believe that we defeated Akron until they confirmed, report from Indians direct. It is merely a case of cold, cold feet and a streak of yellow.
Since the Bulldogs weren't going to play the Independents, they automatically declared themselves the national champions.[1] However, the Bulldogs also considered themselves the champs due to their undefeated record.[3]
Yeah, pro football is going to need somebody to settle controversies like this. Maybe a national football league?

Joining the APFA

Although his opinion of the Canton Bulldogs may have soured after their failed championship game, Flanigan was eager to work with Thorpe again.
On September 16, 1920, he boarded a train for Canton, Ohio to participate in a meeting of the top pro football team managers and owners.
"Manager Walter Flanigan left last night for Canton, Ohio, to attend the annual conference of major professional football teams, whose representatives assemble every year to plan the campaign for the world's championship," wrote The Rock Island Argus.[5]
The meeting took place at Hay's car dealership, but the details of that can be found in the last post. Flanigan would be appointed to a three-man committee to write the new league's constitution, joined by Carl Storck of the Dayton Triangles and Stanley Cofall of the Cleveland Tigers.[6]
Upon adjournment, the American Professional Football Association was born. We now have a national football league.

St. Paul Ideals

While the Marines dominated the Minnesota football scene, the St. Paul Ideal Athletic Club was not exactly a juggernaut by comparison, but they were no slouch either. An amateur team, the Ideals entered the 1919 season with the claim that they had lost only thrice since 1914.
In the amateur football section of The Minneapolis Morning Tribune's September 11 issue:[7]
A challenge to Minneapolis fotoball teams has been issued by the Ideals of St. Paul. The Ideals are disirous of booking games with a number of Minneapolis teams, especially the Indians and the East Ends. The St. Paul aggregation claims a record of having been defeated only three times in the last five years. Games already have been arranged with the Billows, Seatons, Hook 'Em Cows and Nicolius. All communications should be addressed to C. R. Woesner, 325 Daly street, St. Paul.
The Marines took up the Ideals' challenge. And promptly walloped them 36–0. Three weeks later, the Ideals tied the Minneapolis Eagles in a scoreless game.[8]
How did they do the rest of the year? I honestly do not know. Media coverage of the Ideals was virtually nonexistent, or at least incredibly difficult to find online. The Pro Football Archives schedule only lists those two games plus two others with no scores, while searches on and other sites have been mostly fruitless.
Eh, whatever.

Game Day


Rock Island's Douglas Park played host to the Independents' 1920 season opener against the Ideals. Although Rock Island was considered the favorite and was returning its entire starting lineup from the previous year, Flanigan and Ursella were not going to let their guard down.[9]
"A defeat at this time would injure the box office to a big extent besides putting a huge crimp in the chances for a championship team," wrote Frank Weir of The Daily Times.[9]
In the week leading up to kickoff, Ursella ran his team through three-hour practices that included installing new offensive formations and audibles.[10]
The Davenport Democrat and Leader on September 24:[11]
Fearing over-confidence might play a prominent part in Sunday's battle with the St. Paul's Ideals, Coach Ursella last night wired for Chicken, star halfback, and Bob Marshall to report for work at once. Both men will be on hand for tonight's drill at Douglas park. [...]
From all indications Sunday's argument is going to be a heated one. Flanigan at first figured that the St. Paul aggregation would offer only enough resistance to afford his team a good workout but according to the dope which is coming from St. Paul the Ideals are a stronger aggregation than early reports indicated.
Fearing a surprise, Flanigan notified Ursella to get Marshall and Chicken in harness at once.
The Davenport Democrat and Leader on the morning of the game:[12]
Hardened by two weeks' gruelling practice, Rock Island's crack professional football eleven is ready today to open what promises to be the most successful grid season in the history of the professional game in the Tri-City. The St. Paul Ideals, a team of reputation, will offer the opposition and in spite of the fact that this afternoon's contest will be the initial performance for both elevens a bitter struggle is looked for. The game will be played at Douglas park and will be started promptly at 3 o'clock.
The Islanders will enter the fray in he pink of condition, to use the old ring adage. For two weeks Coach Ursella had drilled his team in signals and formations, sprinkling in a few spirited scrimmages between the regulars and second string men. The result is that the Independents will start the season in form that would become an eleven in mis-season condition.
Saturday the entire city of Rock Island talked football and no doubt football will be talked by the natives of Rock Island for breakfast, dinner and supper today. The city is football crazy.
Today's crowd, no doubt, will be swelled by hundreds of Davenporters whose interest in the Independents is just as keen as the interest of the Rock Island fans. Moline also will undoubtedly send a huge delegation to the game.
Fear Over Confidence
While Coach Ursella is confident that his team is far superior to the St. Paul aggregation, he expressed fear of over-confidence in speaking of the opening clash Saturday.
"The Ideals have played good football for the past three years" stated Ursella, "and I don't believe some of the men are taking the contest seriously enough. I don't want a surprise sprung in this game. I believe I can make the fellows realize they are meeting a tough aggregation, however, before they start in the game."
Bruce Copeland of The Rock Island Argus:[13]
There, football fans, is the first recipe of the season waiting for the expert cuisine of the Douglas park melting pot from which Rock Island hopes will trickle the championship brew at the close of the most eventful football campaign in tri-city history.
Championship dreams of months' duration will first be realized when hundreds of pent-up football enthusiasts from miles around meet tomorrow afternoon at Douglas park and see the green and white jerseyed warriors jog on the field for the first game of the season against the doughty Ideal A. C. of St. Paul.
The game will open a door to a new epoch in tri-city athletics after years of consistent achievements and good sportsmanship. Beyond the portal will be found Championship Way, along which the Independents of 1920 will course; and there isn't a fan in Rock Island who has the slightest doubt that their advance will lead right up to the shrine at the end in which the titular fires are burning.
Tickets were $1.65 plus tax, though attendance was hampered by the weather. After 7,000 fans were expected, only 800 showed up.[13][14]
"As Rube Ursella says, 'Let's go!'"[13]

First Half

As rain fell on Douglas Park, the game began with the Independents winning the coin toss and electing to receive. Left end "Oke" Smith returned the opening kickoff ten yards to his team's 25.[14]
The first offensive play from scrimmage was a nine-yard gain by Mansfield, followed by a 20-yard run by Ursella. A few runs later, halfback Eddie Novak found a hole set up by left tackle Dewey Lyle and scored on a ten-yard run for the first points of the day, capping off a four-minute, 11-play drive.[14]
Although St. Paul's left end Maidl Pavleck returned the ensuing kickoff 20 yards to midfield, his team's opening possession ended after just one play when halfback Cunningham Mikesh lost a fumble that Freeman Fitzgerald recovered. Mansfield broke free and reached the Ideals' 15, and a 12-yard run by Novak set the Independents up at the three. Two plays later, halfback Fred Chicken scored.[14]
The Ideals' next series ended with a three-and-out. After a five-yard run by Mansfield, Ursella completed the first forward pass of the season with a 22-yard throw to Smith to reach St. Paul's 18. By the end of the first quarter, Rock Island was in scoring range at the two-yard line. A play later, Novak punched it in for six.[14]
Down by three scores, St. Paul began to see life when quarterback Parr A. Pahl found E. Dixon O'Brien for a "brilliant forward pass" that went 40 yards. That was ultimately the only good play of the drive as Pahl tried an onside kick (before 1923, the onside kick was legal on scrimmage plays) that Chicken recovered. Both teams exchanged punts shortly after.[14]
Following St. Paul's punt, Chicken's grip on the wet ball slipped, but Mansfield recovered and gained 15 yards before being taken down. A 28-yard run by Chicken placed Rock Island at St. Paul's 38, followed by a 12-yard gain by Paddy Quinn. Three plays later, Mansfield scored again on an 18-yard run.[14]
A 52-yard run by Mikesh put the Ideals in Independents territory, but they could not capitalize as time ran out.[14]

Second Half

After some substitutions, the game resumed with Rock Island kicking off.[14]
A fake punt by Pahl into a lateral to Mikesh on the first play gained three yards. The two attempted a double pass a few plays later, though Mikesh slipped on the mud and fell. As the offense grinded its way into Rock Island's side of the field, yet another double pass placed Mikesh with a lot of open field... until he slipped again.[14]
All offensive progress was ultimately stopped when Pahl was intercepted by Waddy Kuehl, who returned it 82 yards for a pick six.[14]
Mikesh was downed for a 12-yard loss to begin the Ideals' next play from scrimmage, pinning his team at their own eight. Facing immense pressure on the ensuing punt, Pahl dodged the blitz before delivering a quick kick to the St. Paul 32. A 12-yard run by Sid Nichols allowed Rock Island to enter the red zone, where they pounded their way to the end zone yet again on a five-yard run by Mansfield.[14]
The offensive woes continued for the Ideals when Pavleck's pass on a fake punt led to him getting sacked (which was not a term at the time) for 13 yards. Pahl was the next to try a throw, this time succeeding on a 21-yard completion to Pavleck. Mikesh was tackled for an eight-yard loss to end the third quarter.[14]
Down by 42, the Ideals began placing heavy emphasis on feeding Mikesh the ball. St. Paul found themselves in position to score their first points of the game on a drop kick by Pahl from the Rock Island 45, but it was well short and sailed wide left, being caught by Kuehl at his 13.[14]
Nichols let the ball slip through his hands on the next play before Fitzgerald recovered. The Independents' march would see two 22-yard runs, another fumble recover, and an awkward TD score as Kuehl slipped as he crossed the goal line. Nichols missed the extra point.[14]
The final drive of the game saw the Ideals lose a combined 15 yards. Final score: Rock Island 48, St. Paul 0.[14]
The Independents recorded 427 yards on 45 total plays, while the Ideals had just 85 on 52. Rock Island also outgained St. Paul in first downs (17 to five).[14]


Despite the shutout, Weir praised the Ideals, writing in his post-game report that they "displayed a lot more class than this score indicates. The visiting team fought doggedly through the entire four quarters and pulled plays at a surprise nature at intervals that netted long gains. [...]
"The Ideals have a smooth working football team and one that against a less formidable opponent would show some excellent results."[15]
The Davenport Democrat and Leader:[16]
The Independents showed a world of power and lots of spots where sandpaper can be applied profitably. Their offensive was all that could be desired, but the defense was far from perfect. Time and again the visitors would carry the ball to the Rock Island 40-yard line with end runs and line plunges, but that was their high water mark.
None of the Islanders deserve especial citation, all played their part well. Keuhl, Novak and Ursella were extremely clever at eluding the ends, while Novak was always good for four yards thru the line.
Mikesch, St. Paul left halfback, showed a world of speed and pulled off several dazzling end runs thru the entire Islander team. Twice he was stopped on the uncomfortable side of mid-field with only Ursella between him and the two little uprights. Pahl and Pavlick also showed class. Les than 2000 bugs were in attendance.
The score does not indicate the class of the game from the standpoint of interest, for although the Ideals were vastly outplayed in almost every department of the game, they remained a dangerous vector throughout the game that threatened to flaunt the unexpected and thereby cross the Rock Island goal line.
There were several moments during the one-sided contest when breaths were baited from suspense when the Ideals rallied sporadically and cut loose with scoring stuff that was checked only by the most concentrated defense. The Ideals fought gamely to the end through the falling rain that would deter almost any team of such a light weight as the season's initial victims. Outweighed fully 10 pounds to the man, the Ideals made the Independents exert their best, hereby making it one of the best games to witness.
A few days after the game, Flanigan finally got what he wanted the previous year: a game against Jim Thorpe and the Canton Bulldogs, scheduled for November 21.[17]
Well, until everyone on the Independents started getting hurt during the season (including a particularly ugly game in early November against George Halas' Decatur Staleys), leading to its postponement to November 28.[18] The game was ultimately called off as Thorpe felt it was not financially practical, despite Flanigan still being able to provide the $5,000 guarantee.[19]
Flanigan and Rock Island would never play against Thorpe during their time in the NFL. However, in an ironic twist, Thorpe would join the Independents for the 1924 season. The team folded after 1927.[1]


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2020.09.26 19:30 irdyll Any artist who wants to collab for a zine?

Hi, guys! Since last year, I've been working on my first poetry zine. I'm looking for an artist to collaborate with, if anyone's interested. To be honest, wala akong experience sa zine scene ng Ph at hindi rin malawak connections ko sa lit scene in general. Wala pa rin akong target date kailan ire-release. All I know is that this project is special to me. The zine's working title is "Death by Detonation" and it's about my reflections on living in Manila (and in dense urban cities in general). It's about getting stuck in a place that conjures up both nostalgia and cynicism. One of the poems is inspired by the artwork Countercurrent by Miles Johnston. :) Please do message me if you want to know more and we can chat! To the mods, please take this post down if it's inappropriate here. Thank you!
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Anjali Jay in 'Blind Dating' Scene Nine Marriage, Not Dating - Drama-free Adorableness - YouTube Charlie's dating profile - It's Always Sunny In ... The Austin Dating Scene I Single's Guide to Texas 2/2 ... Why The Dating Scene in North Korea is Insane - YouTube This is the LA Dating Scene in 4 minutes. Dating Scene Ryan Reynolds with Olivia Wilde - YouTube The 40 Year Old Virgin (4/8) Movie CLIP - Date-a-palooza ... Hitch Speed Dating - YouTube Why men are dropping from the dating scene - YouTube

Interesting and Surprising Facts About the Modern Dating Scene

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  8. The 40 Year Old Virgin (4/8) Movie CLIP - Date-a-palooza ...
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Anjali Jay's ninth scene in 'Blind Dating', in which she gets to be happy, romantic AND weepy. Hurrah! favourite food: milksteak hobby: magnets likes: ghouls dislikes: people's knees this is one of my favourite scenes from always sunny, i love charlie so much. The 40 Year Old Virgin movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: CLIP ... The other day I went on a shorter rant about my observations of womens behavior and why men are leaving the dating scene. Today I want to go over a slightly ... North Korea is known to be extremely strict and regulated, from what websites its citizens are allowed to use, to its extremely formal rules on dating. Check... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The Problem With Dating in Los Angeles (or any major city) - Duration: 10:53. CoachGregAdams Recommended for you. 10:53. THE TRUTH ABOUT DATING IN LA + GIVEAWAY REVEAL 2018 - Duration: 7:50. Scene from episode 15 of 연애 말고 결혼 AKA 'Marriage, Not Dating'. Because sometimes you just want the fluff without the drama. A city full of young, creative and friendly people Austin seemed like an excellent place for singles, until it turned it kind of wasn't all it seemed to be. ... change up movie ryan reynolds and olivia wilde dating scene