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2020.09.26 21:35 RichAmeninhat HOW the COPTIC, LEADING, Crowned EAGLE was BASTARDIZED into a DUMBFOUNDED, follow JUST about ANYTHING DOCILE COW

“When communicating, transferring information; unfortunately there enters “Chinese Whispers,” “Russian Scandal,” the game known in the United States as “Telephone…”
“A person whispers a message in another’s ear and that other repeats the message to another person and so forth, until the message has been passed around the room.
“Seemingly 10 times out of 10 the original message is altered in some or many ways. At times the final oration is nowhere close to the original intent and form relayed.
“Less formal is in everyday life when “Luke tells Rachel and she tells Timothy who speaks with Makara, who shares with Rich, who illustrates to Mary, who expresses to Saul…” a situation that happened the other day.
“Again seemingly 10x out of 10 the original form and intent of the message is changed.
“Photographic memory is more often spoken of than Audio-graphic, and both are relatively rare, which lends to the odds of the relay of information being altered even when directly relayed from point “A to B.”
“Add to the mix of Telephone thousands of miles of travel and thousands of years passing in between the organic message and where, when and how the communication is received and the odds for error are increased exponentially.
“The example of the Coptic A being turned upside down and mistakenly taken as being a cow instead of an eagle occurred with a relatively short distance between what is now Egypt and Sinai, and Egypt and Greece.”
Quote taken from HD: Hieroglyphic Definitives by Rich Ameninhat ©2015
How apropos can the games Chinese Whispers, Russian Scandal and Telephone for “perfect calls” of miscommunication be right now? It’s like I am writing a world script between the latter three to compliment my book and Quora Space ideas.
Key here is how easily miscommunication can occur. We’ve all been there. And if you’ve ever tried to learn a new dialect/language or Language or been discouraged to do so because of the extent of the challenge, you know miscommunication occurs readily.
I once studied so hard for a Russian exam that when I read the first question and it had the word И ([Ee]: And), my mind flipped to Spanish Y ([Ee]: And) and every Russian word I read on the paper instantly translated to Spanish in my thoughts. Fortunately, I was getting an A in the class, so my teacher excused me to take the exam another day, “Oh… Reetcherd, you studied too much,” she said, patting and gently rubbing my head, quietly dismissing me from class.
So… I know miscommunication happens when learning new. Now imagine this priest looking lady or guy is relaying an alphabet to you in 1500 BCE on a clay tablet, papyrus (papyr, paper) or relaying it from a wall for you to write, remember and bring back to teach to your folk many miles away, many days by foot and several by camel or other… Is there room for error? A re-sounding Yes!
There is opportunity for many many miss takes. Fortunately, the educators were good and students Ok enough that not many occurred. But several did.
One of the major ones is the transliteration of an eagle to that of a cow and the accompanying misinterpretation of the cultural and societal ideas that accompanied the hieroglyphs. Add that Hieroglyphics are written Left to Right, Right to Left, Up to Down and Down to Up and more and this occurred:

Coptic A

By now everyone should know that Proto-Sinai and Proto-Canaanite is directly from Hieroglyphics. If you know true history, you know the Rem Chemi taught writing to the Ni Rem Chemi (The eventual Coptic)… After that, the further simplified Hieroglyphics as Demotic-Coptic script was shared with Sinai and Canaan. Does the direction of that make sense?
If not, go back to Western History books and see how the Remi Chem (Ancient Egyptians) evolved into Ni Remi Chem. Copt – from the Chem dialect term Gebt, Gept, Gypt, Gupt, Gopt, Copt… Gebt is the feminine form correspondence for the masculine Geb (Land, informal), eventual formal Greek dialect derived name A Gypt, E Gypt, Egypt.
You will not find the evolutionary detailed history of Ancient Egyptians into Copts. If you ask most practicing Copts, they neither will know. Many will say they got their Copt culture, alphabet and dialect from Greek. Most Eurocentrists will adamantly agree with the later, though they have zero evidence. They will say something like, “Why do you think the Greek and Coptic alphabets look alike… It’s Greek with some added symbols from Hieroglyphic-Demotic…”
It is beyond their trained thoughts to believe Alphabet originated in Africa, traveled to Ka Na Na (Canaan) and then was shared with the Veneti, Etruscans or Etruri, Raeti, and then the Greeks. It sounds too much like right. It makes too easy of sense to the complex captured mind that believes Greece was greater in Culture and Linguistics, Science, Philosophy and Everything than Chem.
The “brilliant” detractor of the people of Chem, Thomas Young, said this,
Of the Western Eurocentric Academics propagandistic attitude towards Chem, which he would help create he said,
Strong prejudice imbedded? Blunted and perverted reasoning? It sounds like Young was writing a biography of what kept him from being able to decipher the Hieroglyphics. He goes on to note that while readers of the Rosetta Stone could easily make out the Greek looking letters of the Rosetta Stone, he calls Greek Enchorial, they could not read the “additional” more originated Ni Remi Chem/Coptic, along with not being able to understand the Chem-Copt cultural nuances, which made it impossible to correctly translate… More “Russian Scandal.”
So, the Canaanite hieroglyphs/letter needs be dealt with like this:
And Grandma always said, “Don’t judge a book by its cover, cuz everything that glitters ain’t gold Grandson.” Thus beyond the physical looks of the glyphs, their names tell in depth stories. The Coptic name of the letter A as in apple is Akhom, the African War aka Martial, Crowned, and Hawk Eagle:
Due to shoddy and purposely misleading Egyptology, to this day there is debate as to whether the bird is an eagle or an Egyptian vulture:
And is wrongly written like this:
  1. Champollion said the bird is Un aigle, an eagle:
  1. The Ancient Egyptian term for A as in apple is Axoum, Akhoum, Axum (Chem has three base glyphs for various A sounds)
  2. The Ancient Egyptian term for a vulture is Mut (Moot), Mu, Muf
  3. The Latin word for eagle is Aquila, Akila, Aquilam (Singular accusative), Akilam; at time pronounced Akil’m
  4. Dialectic versions of Coptic render Akhoum, Alhoum, Akhum, Akhoum, Axom; from generally accepted Akom
  5. Eagle in Greek is Aetos
  6. Cow in Greek is Agelada
  7. Eagle in Hebrew is Nether and Ahyeet (Aeet), confusingly also used for vulture
  8. Cow (Bovine) in Hebrew is Pah Ra, Ox (Bovine) is Aleph, Alef…
  9. Ox in Canaan-Phoenicia is Aleph
  10. Eagle in Canaan-Phoenicia is ?; Have not found a translation; Aeet, Aheet, Akeet?
To start; the Crowned, War, Martial, even Hawk Eagle is associated with aggressive leadership. It is no miss take that an Ethiopian empire that reined in authority and prominence in that part of the world was called Axum. There is a direct link to the semantic etymology of Geez, Oromo, Amharic and Ethiopic words to Chem, while structures did change.
Next we see how the Chem – Axum, Copt – Akhoum, Alhoum, and Latin – Akilam, Akila, Aquila, Akilm has their same letters and similar letter formations of the words for eagle.
Two years ago on Quora, a supposed Linguistics PhD tried to harass me and debate that letters themselves have no etymology. Though there is no formal standard for every College or University internationally, I found it puzzling that a PhD. would make such a statement.
He had the jargon pat, credentials listed, detailed specifications about the Western Eurocentric Academic models, of which I strongly disagree and dislike and more. He definitely was a better and faster speller than me, as we went back and forth with presenting evidence.
However, when he unyieldingly stood stagnant on the idea that letters have no etymology, I simply directed him to online Webster, and and more, which clearly show that letters have names with meanings and detailed history. He disappeared… Not even a thank you, or mention that he recognized being in the wrong. He wasn’t wrong… The idea he had accepted was wrong, but at times people get their thoughts confused for being who they truly are.
Not bad for a general Linguist, degreed in English, knowledge of several other dialects, but mostly self-taught in ancient Linguistics; I thought to me… Bad that a PhD, if he truly was one, spent all that time, effort, and money to be so misled, I concluded.
Here we are… Letters have etymology! It began with the letters being full drawn out pictures. That was codified into an air tight system of excellence. It didn’t just fall together nicely and thus withstand the test of time better than any pyramids in Africa, Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe…
Those fully drawn out pictures, packed with universal infinite – yet specific ideas of relayed energy, were simplified by 3000 BCE into Hieratic. It made me wonder, “Dam (My spelling, I ain’t using no silent letter no more to spell “correctly” when it’s not needed), I wonder how long it took to create the Hieroglyphic system… How long before the Hieratic was developed and then how long did it take to create that system?”
People take reading and writing for granted. People who can’t read or write don’t take it for granted. They learn to navigate around it, not knowing the liberation they are missing with having it.
Today’s readers and writers are ungrateful about it. They take that liberty and squander it… Use it as a weapon to deceive… Arrogantly manipulate it to hide their insecurities and amass delectable to feed their greed… Forget that one time in history only female and male priests and royalty learned such arts, then for thousands of years only men were allowed, then for hundreds of years only “white” men – enforced under the treachery of Transatlantic type slavery and oppression.
People don’t re-cognize that the Founding Father of Russian Literature was of slave lineage, concealing his African royalty and becoming the Ivan Pushkin he was… That Bilal and his parents were enslaved Axumite royalty to an Arabic, unruly tribe, and he educated Muhammad in secret about the Christians tales, a learning that would prove to be more precious than any amount of gold, but also led to gold, but more importantly the support of Axum rulers to take over Arabia and the prized Ka Ba (Kaabah).
At one time in history; a hand shake; arm to arm embrace or even a simple posture of sincerity and a person’s WORD(S) was all it took to make a deal, get credit, be supported, be trusted, live a good healthy life. The Caliphates/Khalifates ruined that when after Muhammad died, they turned on Christian Axum, biting the hand that fed them to become strong. Societies ruin that when instead of truth first and word bond, they teach in Business 101, the Art of War, Getting ahead of your competition by hook or crook, Races, Survival of the fittest by any means necessary as the way they and their children should be, to be considered strong.
So societies ditch truth fullness and words being bond for bonding people in manually abusive or manipulative domestic slavery and from trumped up societies, for getting that Words Lives Matter and are key to human harmonic or destructive living on this Earth with one another. Not only is the air polluted with chlorofluorocarbons and such, but also the negative electromagnetic energy of corrupted, ill thoughts; expressed without consideration of the affect and the effects via speaking and writing doing harm to one another and worse, self-harming, living lives of suicide nick by nick via our thoughts and expressed words.
What’s a little black lie here, a big white lie there going to do? It can help ease the way in getting what one wants, in exchange for losing the greatest gift of all, Self-Actualization and abundantly harmonious living with liberty and justice for all. People for get what Dr. Martin Luther King echoed, [Injustice anywhere is a threat to liberty and unity everywhere]. They don’t see it. So, they believe it doesn’t manifest matter.
So why is it so important to get Western Linguistics and our history with words right? The fate of this Earth depends on it, not just the fate of this next USA election, UK and Israel – etc. Prime Ministry and all the politicized priesthood of today. Our children hear what we say and watch what we so very well. Sooner or later, they become varied versions of us. Our words matter. Our way of living in alignment with our words matter. Words lives matter!
Every letter matters. Every letter is a word. The more pictorially detailed the letter is with others working in tandem with it, the greater the communion (Common Union), communication. This is the potency of Hieroglyphics. With destructive vs constructive competition and literally/letter-ally cutting corners, Hieroglyphics became Hieratic, still potent but lesser. Then Hieratic was cut down to create Demotic… Demotic to Demotic-Coptic to Coptic; then miscommunication and hell on Earth came and we lost our way.
Our expressed form of individual leadership was flipped on its head and transformed into an ox; further castrated and became a cow, stock to be butchered with no moment’s notice given. Pictorial communication and the vibrant living that came with it both were waddled down to stick figures:

Champollion showed it like this:
The Demotic-Coptic degraded into Coptic, this:
In the above modified Coptic alphabet, it’s clear that it contained more letters than Greek. One day, I may take up the task of re-collecting all of the Copt letters that were derived from Demotic-Coptic, but is of no real use today, except maybe to show off. The Copt letters shown above are fairly recognizable by Linguists and Coptic writers, so that’s enough to make my main points. Each Copt letter has a direct link to a Hieroglyphic letter in name, meaning and form.
What’s in a name? A rose by any other name is still a rose… Yes silly imbalanced young one, but if a rose was not named rose it would not rise in the thoughts of us as awake, living, risen Beings. Concepts like being at a crossed road in life and rising victorious or strengthened through the challenge would have no zing and be trade markets as Rosicrucian (Rose Cross –Ian). A part of its potency would be taken away, though its form would remain, less life full, fallen, not so much heights arisen.
The form-function-fame (Make a name for…) of a thing is valuable!
Every Copt letter has a direct Form-Function-Fame (FFF, Triple F) to it. The making of a name, establishment of an apropos brand and branding for a thing to fit its function and form in the most potent and exquisite way possible is the essence of each note, denote, literal letter. Divorce that thing from its branding and it loses value. Take away it function from the design of the form, it withers. Erase its form? Forget about it!
So it is extremely valuable to link the Coptic letters to the Demotic-Coptic to the Demotic, Hieratic, Hieroglyphics; as Champollion found out. And as an objective view unveils, the links provide historical value themselves, in addition to better understanding ABC dialects. So much so that the Copt potency did not stop at Phoenicia-Canaan, but also found its way to Russia with love:
What should stick out right away is how in sync the forms and sounds of the Copt letters are with the Russian. Secondarily, what should be noticed is how some things got lost in translation and/or transliteration (Changing a letter for another dialect’s letter). For example the Copt – H and Russian – И for Y/EE, Copt – N and Russ. – H for N’, Ψ is psi/psi and Ц is ts’, ω is oo and Ю is Yoo, Ч and Ф is F, Copt - Ϧ and Russ. - Ч for Ch, Ϭ for Tch and Щ for Sh’
Additionally, there are Copt letters for which Russian has no matching letter sounds. Yet and still, that would be a very good relay in a game Russian Scandal, Chinese Whispers, Telephone. A bit of a detour from here is looking at how Russia attained that alphabet.
Simply walking through the Egyptian doorway from Africa to Canaan (Once part of Africa territorially) in ancient times to what is now Turkey, immediate 45 degree diagonals either left or right would lead me to Slavic territories. I’m pretty sure that’s not exact, but it most definitely gets us close.
In the heart of development of these old, not ancient, Slavic lands, Saints Cyril and his brother Methodius around 860 CE altered Old Church Slavonic:
Into their abstract development of Glagolitic:
My head is spinning, but they did it.
For obvious reasons of being too abstract and not definitively tide to an expansive, long lived and utilized alphabetic system, Glagolitic did not last too long. After both Cyril and Methodius passed away Bulgarian Tsar Simeon I the Great commissioned for it to be replaced. Lore has it that the students of Cyril developed Early Cyrillic:
Which directly led to the latter establishment of the Russian alphabet:
Discerning eyes can see obvious sameness and similarities between Copt, Greek, Old Church Slavonic, Early Cyrillic and Russian alphabets. The Western Eurocentric Academic take is that Greek was responsible for the Slavic renditions of alphabets, except for Glagolitic, a failed experiment of its own making and demise. Why? Because everyone knows that Hieroglyphics evolved to Canaan ABCs, past the Copts, was shared with Veneti, Etruri, Raet to Greece; then through Greece and the Greek alphabet was taught to native Egyptian Copts; then back up past Turkey to the Slavic world.
Exhaust-ing! It’s a scientific fact that the nervousness of lies, register-able on electronic lie detectors – except with people who are in full denial and actually believe they are telling the truth when lying, or a highly trained priest or military operative trained to fool such – will take joyfulness and years away from one’s life. The strain of knowing keeping up habitual lying leads to self-doubt, self-destruction, paranoia, hyper-sensitivity of nerves and a welcome mat for unhappiness and early death.
Why do people do that to themselves? Illness… Dis-ease.
The antithesis to that is being able to sleep soundly at night with oneself, positive self-talk and care, relation, tempered smiling and joyfulness, comfort in ones Being/skin, ease, extended and self-actualized life and living. Yeah… I’m going with the latter. Demotic-Coptic bore Coptic to Sinai to Canaan to Veneti, Etruri, Raet, Greek and Old Church Slavonic to Early Cyrillic to Russian.
Keep lying if you or they want, but Karma is real!
The Glagolitic? I don’t have the desire nor temperament at this time to even entertain the idea of understanding it. My eyes scanned the abstraction for hints of Linear A or B, Armenian, Amharic, Ethiopia, etc. but were left dry with a notices similarity in some parts of “letters” here and there. It reminded me of a meditation of me trying to come up with a unique new alphabet that corresponds to ABCs or ABGs. I decided to stick with the already invented “wheel.” So did they.
I didn’t intend for this to be so long, but had a dream of Cyril and Methodius walking from Ka Na Na (Canaan) last night and was inspired to included it here in the Miscommunication Occurrences in Relaying Alphabet aka Axum Bida, Axumbida – How the leading Eagle transformed into a dumbfounded Cow.. I may end up breaking it into two parts for editing purposes of which I’m not great with editing my own work, but sufficient, at times. However, I am nowhere near done with this topic.
Back to the Canaanite ABCs. For some reason in 1976, 7 or so - 1st Grade – I was introduced to “Big boys books,” of course age appropriate in the classroom, and we didn’t have to carry them home, but teacher would pick three or four of us sitting up straight and quiet to grab 3 or 4 size of our heads books to do history.
So when I show:
...In 500 – 700 years, after Canaan was given alphabet, they somewhere in there shared it with Greece and Greeks started having Olympics, Writing, inventing Medicine, Mathematics, Philosophy, Government, Art, Music, no real dentistry though, Wrestling, Women nit voting, etc.; about 3000 years after the African, Egyptians had. But since back then Ancient Egyptians were considered Hamitic, from Khamitic, re-explained as via Torah, Bible, Qur’an and WEA that Kham/Ham’s son Canaan was cursed and so would be that lineage for ever, it makes since that the concept Semitic was invented for Religion, Archeology, Linguistics, Social Science, etc.
However, the lineage of alphabet doesn’t lie. Even Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica, World Book, National Geographic,, Quorans, etc. acknowledge Phoenicia-Canaanite from Hieroglyphics. So if Greeks were in Egypt around 1000 BCE, they either got ABCs directly from Egypt or ABCs were actually given to Phoenicia-Canaan to give to Greeks about 2400 – 2500 BCE and they, the Greeks fashioned this "dialectic writing":
But if Phoenicia-Canaan gave Greece their alphabet, why:
  1. Is the Ox head sideways and the Greek A straight up and down, like Demotic-Coptic?
  2. Is the Phoenician-Canaanite (Pho-Can) B for Beth and Greek B Beta, but used to make a V sound as well?
  3. Does the backwards looking E of Pho-Can make an H sound and the H of Greek is Eta (E)?
  4. Does the Pho-Can Y make a W (Double U, UU, ƱƱ, Double Umega, ω), but Y in Greek a U?
  5. Is the W in Pho-Can a Sh’ sound, like Russian Ш, but no Sh’ sound for Greek and no W?
  6. Are there two S’s for Pho-Can, but an S sound and Z for Greek, directly linked to Demotic-Coptic and Hieroglyphics?
  7. Are there vowels in Etruri (Etruscan) and Greek, but only two often represented in Pho-Can? Pho-Can had no way to represent vowel sounds, that all healthy babies make A, E, I, O, U, Y?
  8. Are there vowels in Pho-Can, but they are transliterated as hieroglyphics, different from Etruri, but still have the same sounds? Who transliterated them like that first and why?
  9. How is Pho-Can Semitic (Afri-Asiatic), but Greek is Indo-European? From where does Greek get and express its Indo, and why is Shem as Sem interwoven in supposedly objective Linguistic study?
  10. How did the Greeks get the Demotic Letter Sima/"Seema" to make Sigma
  1. Please observe and see more contradiction? Is something wrong?
Lots of things are most definitely wrong. I am not out of this world above the masses intelligent. Surely you also can see the disparities. Not only from the eagle Demotic-Coptic turned upside down and becoming and ox-cow, but also from the above comparisons of Pho-Can and Greek, direct trade cultures. Inter-mixers. Along with Veneti, Etruri and Raeti having the same alphabet as Pho-Can, living right next to Greeks, but no interchange, sharing, trade, war takeovers, intermixing? “Come on man!”
And why the cover-up for Cyril? He didn’t put together the Early Cyrillic. He miserably failed with his over-complex abstract rendering of an alphabet, but became a Saint for it? And his brother too? PhD – Piled High Deep….
Two upside down Omegas, pronounced like James Bond’s “Uhmega,” look like a W (Double U). And the small letter Omega is a W. Come on...
Cow in Greek is Agelada, but eagle is Aetos, in French Agile? Etymological Linguistics tells lots of stories, contrary to the gaps of inconsistencies, hypothetical theories and outright lie. Be the light and the roaches scatter, except in Brooklyn, Florida, Moscow, etc. I guess there they are too accustomed to long distance, don’t get the message Telephone, Chinese Whispers and Russian Scandal.
For now, Amen in hat Out!
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2020.09.26 20:41 SnuffyBambii Hii beauties.!

I'm a 25yr old Female looking for other women around the same age to be friends, and a bonus if you're a lesbian lol
Well here's a long/snippet of me. Hit me up if you think we'll click
Hobbies -yoga -dance -reading -watching movies, documentaries, web series (specifically the bad lesbian webseries on YouTube) -watching YouTube videos (commentary, mukbangs, dance/choreography, etc) - activism (primarily for She/Her, black women & girls, gender based violence/rape culture)
Interest/Fun facts -I'm a professional dancer - B.A. in psychology - born and raised in Chicago -lesbian - love food, like I eat almost every hr yet stay under 125lbs. I'm really trying to gain weight body said nah - pit bull advocate & a pittie mommy to two blue nosed girls - I love to laugh and have a good time, I do have some inappropriate humor but NOT problematic -traveling and new experiences are a must for my self care and mental well being lol - I'm optimistic and an extrovert - I enjoy reading psychology studies, journals and articles - I'm a Sagittarius with Leo and Virgo as my sun/moon/rising - I'm interested in spirituality, ancestors and Orishas -I communicate rather directly and honestly -I'm working on my Spanish - I'm definitely into constant improvement and growth of self -meditation & Journaling - also into BDSM, I'm a brat - I'm also a promoter of healthy sex, sexuality and sensuality - I enjoy working out and staying fit - I'm a swimmer too and enjoy sports. Use to play soccer, volleyball and track
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2020.09.26 17:14 JayJRoberts Raw Week 3

Schiavone and JBL welcome viewers to the show and hypes a huge announcement from Stephanie McMahon and that it is opening the show.
Stephanie mcmahons makes her entrance and stands next to a Podium covered by a velvet cloth. Stephanie announces that tonight the unveiling of the first intercontinental champion will begin.
Stephanie says that tonight she has selected the eight people who she feels are worthy to hold the title and tonight’s matches will be the first round of contenders. Stephanie announces
The Miz vs Paul Burchill Sami Callihan vs Jeff Hardy Shawn Spears vs AJ Styles Cody vs Dolph Ziggler.
Stephanie unveils the White Intercontinental championship belt.
Segment 6 minutes
Lance Archer vs Pineapple Pete
Lance Archer dominates another squash match viscously assaulting Pete. Archer hits a chokeslam and follows up with the EBD Claw. Archer the covers Pete smiling.
Match - 2 minutes
After the match Stevie Richards runs out with a chair and starts to attach Archer with it. Archer doesn’t sell Two chair shots and Richards kicks him in the nuts. Stevie then attempts to go for a ddt onto the chair only for Archer to throw him into the ground and landing face first into the chair. Archer then picks up Richards and hits a chokeslam on him and smiles down at him. Archer picks up Richards and hits him with the claw. Referees and agents run down and forces Archer off Richards.
Segment - 3 minutes
Lacey Evans Vs Bayley (w/ Sasha Banks)
Bayley takes control pulling Evans hair and taking her to the turnbuckle. As the ref breaks them up Alexa hits a cheap shot and starts to keep control over Evans. Lacey manages to get back into the match after she reverses Bayley when she goes for the Bayley to back suplex. Lacey elbows Bayley and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Lacey follows up with a clothesline and follows up with a corner handstand bronco buster.
Evans then goes for the double jump moonsault. As she goes for the cover Sasha pulls the referee out of the ring. As Sasha argues with the referee Lacey goes after Sasha and chases after her around the ring. As Sasha runs into the ring, Bayley hits Lacey with a big right hand and follows it with the Bayley to Back plex and Pins her for the win.
Match - 7 minutes
A short hype video of Drew McIntyre in his first match and shots of him from the indies.
Drew is shown watching it and smiles as he turns into the camera. McIntyre says that Edge is a hall of famer and a legend in the business, but he is the future, Jericho might be ayatollah of rock’n rolla but he is the Scottish psychopath. Drew smiles and states that Ray however... Ray should have stuck to the tag division. Ray wants to keep ringing people, maybe he should try and do things for himself and maybe.... just maybe he might stand a chance at winning.... one day.
Segment - 4 minutes.
Backstage Stephanie smiles and talks with Trenesha. Stephanie states that right now she is standing in the same room as the next women’s champion. Trenesha would dominate the smaller Alexa Bliss and that Trenesha would show the world that Stephanie backs winners not losers. When Alexa loses, she will starts back right at the bottom of the pile. Stephanie then says that she wants to make sure that Alexa will be in the best possible fighting condition and tonight she will face Emma.
Segment - 3 minutes
The Miz vs Paul Burchill (intercontinental championship tournament)
Paul Burchill attacks Miz during his entrance and throws him into the steps and ring post.
The referee checks on Miz who states that he wants to continue the match. The referee starts the match and Burchill continues his beat down, keeping miz on the floor with stomps and ground and pound tactics. Burchill eventually throws miz into the corner and starts to punch his midsection. Burchill then turns and runs to the other corner. Miz however gets second wind and follows behind him and hits his signature corner clothesline. Miz then hits a bulldog and starts to call for the skull crushing finale. Burchill however throws off the Miz and hits a double arm suplex.
Burchill then sets up for the c-4 (standing Spanish fly) only for Miz to counter into a roll up for the win. The Miz quickly gets out of the ring as Burchill looks annoyed
Match - 10 mins
Bully Ray is shown backstage on the phone again. Bully Ray asks what the hell Is wrong with them. They did one thing right then manage to screw up the main event. Ray asks where the hell they were.
The voice on the phone can’t be heard. Ray then screams back down the phone. I don’t care where you went, the job wasn’t finished. Ray then says that he doesn’t want them their tonight but next week, he needs them. Due to the job on Christian, edge has demanded a match against him and they need to give him a repeat of what happened to Christian and failure is not an option.
Segment - 4 minutes
Sami Callihan vs Jeff Hardy (intercontinental championship tournament)
Sami Callihan starts the match by throwing strikes at Jeff. Jeff retaliates and starts to take over. Sami callihan retreats to ringside where he glares at hardy. Callihan goes to get in the ring only for Hardy to Dropkick him through the second rope. Hardy manages to stay in the ring and follows with a spring body crossbody.
Jeff then sets up to run across the barrier but as he jumps towards callihan, callihan nails him with a lariat. Callihan then throws hardy back into the ring and hits a sidewinder suplex. Callihan goes for the cover only for hardy to kick out at 2. Callihan then gets into a corner and stalks Hardy who sits up. As hardy sits up, callihan nails him with a seated lariat. Callihan covers hardy again for a 2 count. Callihan then throws strikes at the head of hardy who is on the floor.
Callihan gets to his feet and drags hardy to his feet. Callihan then goes for a piledriver. Hardy however is able to back body him. Hardy follows up with two running forearms and his sit out jawbreaker, followed with his signature leg drop to the gut of callihan. Callihan sells to a corner where hardy sits his seated dropkick.
Hardy then calls for the twist of fate. When he grabs Callihan’s head however the Wyatt sounder goes off and the lights go out. When they come back on Wyatt is standing on the apron facing hardy. Jeff goes to sprint at Wyatt who drops to the floor and the lights go back out when they come back on Wyatt is gone. Jeff looks confused and turns around into a kick to the gut and a piledriver off callihan for the win.
Match - 12 minutes.
The Wyatt sounder goes off again as the lights switch off. When they come back on Callihan is gone from the ring and Wyatt is stood staring at Jeff with a microphone in hand.
Wyatt smiles as he says that once again Jeff failed. Jeff had given the fans false hope, hope that he the forgotten hero the risk taker would be able to once again make the fans feel better about themselves and hide behind a hero who had more shame than them.
Wyatt said that in order for hardy to succeed he needed his family. Wyatt said that is where he and hardy were alike. Wyatt said that just like Jeff he turned his back on his family and found out more than ever that he needed them. The buzzards, the worshippers. Jeff needed Matt like he needs his own family. Wyatt laughed and said that the difference was Matt had left Jeff for good but Wyatt had a family.... a family that could dominate the new rise of raw and that the fates had told him that Jeff.... Jeff Hardy was the sacrificial lamb that needed to be slaughtered. Wyatt smiles and said that Jeff needed to be taught about family.
The lights went out and when they came back on Jeff was on his own in the ring.
Segment - 5 minutes
Alexa Bliss vs Emma
Alexa walks to the ring holding her stomach in pain from the previous weeks attacks. Emma comes out next and looks annoyed at Alexa.
As both women go to tie up Emma hits Alexas midsection with a knee and hits a big forearm to the back of Alexa.
Emma screams into the camera that’s she’s not Stephanie’s hit woman. Emma kicks Alexas midsection as Alexa gets onto all fours. As Emma picks up Alexa, Alexa breaks out of Emma’s grip and gives forearms of her own to Emma. Alexa then goes to whip Emma into the corner, Emma however counters and sends Alexa into the corner and stomps Alexa until she is in a seated position, Emma follows up with the Emma-mite sandwich. Alexa holds her stomach in agony as Emma smiles at the camera. Emma shouts down “do you see this Stephanie... this is what a real chosen contender can do”
Emma goes for the cover which Alexa kicks out of. Emma then drags Alexa up and sets her up for the michonoku driver. Alexa however slides down. As Emma turns around Alexa nails her with her big forearm smash and follows it up with a ddt. Alexa doesn’t even bother going for the cover but instead hits the twisted bliss. As she hits it however she holds her stomach in pain leading to JBL questioning why she would hit the twisted bliss when it looked like Emma was out from the ddt.
Alexa covers Emma for the win
Match - 8 minutes.
Spears vs Aj Styles (intercontinental championship tournament)
Dolph Ziggler comes out and sits on commentary as the referee rings the bell.
Aj and spears lock up and spears manages to roll Aj and nips up smiling. Aj charges are Spears who hits an arm drag and hits another. As Styles runs at spears agin spears throws his hands up to AJ showing him 10. The fans go crazy with 10 chants as spears smiles. AJ however slaps spears as he turns around. AJ then hits a back suplex and takes control of the match.
AJ takes Spears outside and ring and slams his head on the commentary table and loudly shouts at Ziggler saying he will be the first intercontinental champion on the new Monday night raw.
AJ throws spears back in the ring and follows him into the ring. AJ then ducks a line from Spears and hits a pele kick for a near fall. AJ then puts Speara in a chin lock. Spears works his way to his feet and takes three elbows to the stomach. As spears is about to hot the ropes however, styles slams him down to the mat. Aj then throws him back out of the ring and smiles. Aj follows spears outside again and throws spears into Ziggler. Styles laughs as spears is thrown back into the ring and AJ sets up for the phenomenal forearm. Ziggler however grabs his leg as the referee is checking on spears. Ziggler let’s go and AJ argues with him. This allows spears to hit Aj and drags him into the ring before hitting two tye breakers and covers him for the shock win
Match - 8 mins
Stephanie smiles backstage in her office and tells Trenesha that it looks like Alexa may not be 100% when it comes to their match next week. Stephanie smiles and says that she is a fair person and Trenesha should have a match before the PPV. So for next week Stephanie tells Trenesha, she will have to face the hardest task of all and face another monster. Jessika Havok walks into the office snarling and smiles as she says that next week.... Liv Morgan will face Trenesha and she will be at ringside. The three women laugh
Segment - 3 mins
Owens vs Kofi (winners team advances into the ladder match)
Owens walks down to the ring as the commentators say that him and Sami has decided that he was the best shot at getting them into the ladder match.
Kofi comes out for his team and smiles as he slides into the ring. Kevin owens stares him down. As the bell rings Owens sprints at Kofi who ducks a clothesline and hits a drop kick which stuns Owens. Kofi goes for another but Owens pushes Kofis feet away and attempts a scoop slam, Kofi slides down and hits another dropkick onto Owens who looks more annoyed.
Kofi starts clapping new day rocks as he hits the ropes attempting a diving clothesline. Owens however moves out of the way and throws Kofi onto the floor face first. Owens stares down angrily at Kofi not saying anything as he begins to stamp on Kofi. The referee can do nothing as Owens continues to stamp on Kofis midsection beating him down. Owens drags Kofi up and throws him into the ropes and attempts the pop up powerbomb. Kofi however reverses it onto a hurricanrana. As soon as they are both up however, Owens charges at Kofi knocking him back down with a clothesline.
Kofi tries to get up using the ropes only for Owens to choke him. As Owens throws Kofi into the turnbuckle, Kofi sinks down. Owens goes for his seated body Denton only for Kingston to move out of the way, sending Owens body crashing into the turnbuckle. Kofi gets up and hits Owens with multiple drop kicks before hitting a diving line. Kofi follows with the boom drop and Owens kicks out of a pin attempt at 2.
Kofi then goes for the trouble in pradise only for Owens to catch him. Owens flips Kofi backwards making him lands on his feet and nails him with a standing lariat. Owens follows with a Senton and dragging Kofi up and hitting the pop up powerbomb for the victory.
Zayn runs down and celebrates with Owens as JBL states that Owens and Zayn are the first team to progress to the triple threat ladder match.
Match - 14 mins
Backstage Barrett is smiling cockily at Pete Dunne who is staring dead ahead not showing any emotion.
Barrett says to Pete that last week the world was shown what a man can do when he has nothing to lose but everything to gain. Barrett tells Pete that every time he goes out to the ring he has to bring that aggression that hatred that he showed to xpac. Wade tells Pete that he can be the angel on his shoulder or the devil.
Wade says that due to his previous time in the wwe, Barrett knows it’s better to have the demon sitting on your shoulder telling Pete to bring hatred, and an all out vicious assault on anyone that dares stand in his way. Wade asks Pete to show him what he can do by tonight.... beating Sheamus 1..2..3
Segment - 4 mins
Pete Dunne vs Sheamus
Pete comes out accompanied by Wade Barrett who is smiling cockily as he stands behind Pete.
Sheamus makes his entrance and stares at Wade Barrett and smiles at him “I’m gonna make you look stupid fella” Sheamus shouts at Wade. Pete only stares at Sheamus.
As the bell rings Sheamus challenges Pete to a test of strength. Pete however grabs his hand and starts to bend his finger back. Sheamus punches Pete to let go and shakes his hand. Pete goes for a lock up but again goes for the hand, this time placing Sheamus into a standing arm bar and biting his fingers. Sheamus clubs the back of Pete and sells his hands again. Pete grabs Sheamus into a headlock smiling at him. Sheamus easily lifts Pete up and throws him off. As Pete turns around Sheamus hits a polish hammer and starts to strike Pete down.
Sheamus smiles as he sets Pete up for the beats of the bohedreum and stares at Wade “What do you think of your star pupil now”. Sheamus smiles as he hits Pete 10 times as Wade watches showing no emotion. Sheamus attempts to hit the brogue kick only for Pete to duck under it and give Sheamus a big forearm smash. Pete then sets up for the bitter end. Sheamus elbows him in the face. Pete spins around and Sheamus hits the Irish curse. Pete kicks out at 2. Sheamus then attempts the high cross only for Pete to bite Sheamus hand making him drop Pete. Pete then hits a chop block and starts to attack Sheamus’ midsection with elbows and forearms. Pete sets up for the bitter end.
As he does so however Wade smiles and shouts for him to stop. Pete gives Sheamus another forearm to the back and stares at Wade angrily l, but slowly leaves the ring. Sheamus looks confused as the referee counts 10 and raises Sheamus arm.
Barrett however is smiling and is whispering in Petes ear.
Match- 10 mins
Cody vs Ziggler (intercontinental championship tournament)
Both men start the match showing off their athleticism and shake each other’s hand in a sign of respect. Ziggler hits a take down only for Cody to quickly get out of his grasp and back to his feet.
Ziggler attempts the zig zag only for Cody to hold onto the ropes. Ziggler rolls back through, Cody rubs at Ziggler ducks a clothesline and attempts the beautiful disaster kick. Ziggler ducks and smiles at Cody who applauds Ziggler.
Both men return to a tie up. Cody manages to send Ziggler into the corner who attempts an up and over but Cody doesn’t run under him. As Ziggler lands on his feet Cody hits a German suplex.
Cody then continues the upper hand on Ziggler.
Cody attempts an Alabama slam only for Ziggler to roll through and attempt a pin fall. Cody easily kicks out but as he makes it to his feet, Ziggler hits him with the fame-asser for a double down.
Ziggler and Cody hit each other with forearms from their knees building to their feet. Ziggler then ducks a clothesline and hits 2 of his own. Ziggler then uses a neck-breaker. Ziggler goes for the zig zag again only for Cody to drop to avoid Ziggers grab. Ziggler crashes to the floor. Cody then manages to hit the ropes and nails a beautiful disaster kick for a close 2.
Cody goes to follow with the cross Rhodes only for Ziggler to roll his body around and hit a northern light suplex. Ziggler manages to make it to his feet first and sets up for a super kick.
As he starts to tune up the band, AJ Styles music goes off. Ziggler stops and stares at the ramp wondering what was going on. Ziggler turns around into another beautiful disaster kick. Cody then follows with the crossrhodes for the win.
Match - 12 minutes
After the match, Cody gets out of the ring celebrating as Ziggler slowly makes it to his feet. AJ Styles walks onto the stage clapping his hands to close the show
Segment - 3 mins
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2020.09.26 16:54 Rubyinfinte Does this story need to be changed what areas should be kept and what should be thrown away I’m worried about by mistake kinda appropriating so never finished this story.

So background is I am a black women with a intrests in fantasy anime and a lot of other stuff
As a kid I use to read manga in school
I was inspired by manga to create a story at first it was going to be a manga but then as my art is not good egnough and I wanted it to be detailed and fleshed out I decided to make it a novel because it was based on folklore I learned from anime manga such as a bakoneko (I looked up it after reading it) And the the story idea later had a cat cafe and it was supposed to be a rich store which was originally a Tokyo thing I decided to make the place Tokyo Also I feel the character a power is very much based on magical girls
It’s went through a lot of revisions as I got older and was never publish especially as I got older I was not sure if I was the best person to do this and if I should change it significantly
I made the main character white Then half Japanese and half white and moves to the us
I did not use a black person because The character struggles with anger problems From what I have seen we have the worst representation of angry characters She however has other redeeming traits
I decided to have to black women come in the story later on.
and there are other characters that are Japanese
also main characters just not the point of view (I just found it easier to write from her point of view)
I watch Japanese tourism videos and the story is not really focused on the setting
I’m worried though about having them in japan and not using my race as the main character
Also my confusion on how a half white half Japanese person that moves Japan with her family would be treated especially with anger problems I heard multiple stories about people’s experiences
I though that as I heard Tokyo there is more English translations because it has the most tourism it would be a good place for different races interacting
I wanted to visit Japan to get a idea about it aswell one day also I have wanted to visit places there
Should I just forget the story? Should I recreate it in a completly different way? or do I just need to have more references?
The story is a fantasy mystery comedy
But at its heart it’s about characters struggling and going through abuse and trying to heal The Japanese and Spanish (long story) supporting/ main characters (before the black women come into story
Recruit this 17 year old as there coach/ boss after there leader dies young and (there all teen Agee’s some late teens) And there in grief and trying to move on As it’s a strange comedy they recruit this character because she’s bossy but also because she belives strongly in justice (They kinda loosely stalk her in the street which relates to the fantasy part of the story) She becomes very bossy and clearly does not get it she makes them perform drills (though they also stop bad people so kinda makes sense)
As the main character begins to understand as they open up from missions and stories and bonding people digging up stuff That there coping with grief and abuse more stories are shared (though the grief is actually not true because the characters alive but faked there death due to the fantasy side like there grieving but she’s alive )
She then realizes to stop taxing then and just to support them (kinda quickly)also things happen to her but that’s another story
I’m also worried about one of the black characters outfit if I also end up making it into a manga or include inscription
But because I like lucky star origami it’s based on it a dress should I just switch it to a regular star?
She is a immortal being that was trapped for safety reasons and to help others in a sword that also looks like a star wand the sword is
As I really like origami lucky stars is
I would really want to know if I should ditch most of the story or if there are some parts I should get out
I told a friend I shared a small draft too that I was worried about the location She though I could change it to a different world I am thinking of it but I just kinda feel like completely changing the world is hard like combining New York and Japan works but I just feel then it should have differences from earth It can be done But like the story is already kinda strange like most my ideas it’s hard slightly to think of a complete fantasy world for the character as I would like big differences though as it’s already fantasy it could not be too hard just guess it feels werid as I kinda did a lot of trying to see if this could work for the ( another part of some of the characters back story’s takes place May years ago in a country I did research about it wasn’t too much trouble but like I kinda wanted to know before I dump it)a opinion about this and the other parts that I’m not sure is problematic (basically most of what I listed) As even if I get rid of those what if the whole story has problems
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2020.09.26 16:01 Mojopin9 Heart over skin

I'm not looking for a fight here, just need to speak my mind. As a fan of shows like "Alone" "Survivor" etc, the single most compelling thing about watching people suffer for personal victories is discovering who has grit, and watching them dig ever deeper for it. The mere act of entering something as daunting as Eco Challenge Fiji is impressive, so respect to all teams.
The production of this show wasted a lot of our time following teams that weren't very interesting only because they checked off diversity boxes. I'm sorry if this sounds insensitive but I don't believe a person's skin color, or who they choose to sleep next to in bed makes them interesting in a survivor challenge. Team Onyx for example: the show made the point to remind me every few minutes what that team's skin looked like. They didn't bother telling us that the team captain was a U.S. Marine until episode 3, and that's a far better indication of his character than what color he is. His service to his country certainly made his team more interesting to me than what his team LOOKED like.
We also followed twins from India because.... They're women and they're brown; two things that they have zero control over. These aren't interesting to me. What they did to overcome Fiji was interesting however. I just wish the production gave more diverse coverage of the entire field of teams.
The production gave a lot of coverage to a team that quit when things got tough. Why? Because they were women. That's incredibly boring and insulting to teams that finished with absolutely ZERO screen time. I might take issue with Khukuru's excessive coverage, but at least those women FINISHED.
There was certainly much more to discover about these human beings than what they look like. Look no further than Team Endure. Mark Macey was the heart of the show for me. I never once cared how light reflected off his skin because the heart pushing his deteriorating body was AWESOME. Other teams that inspired me were the Spanish and Brazilian teams. Those women are warriors and that is so much more interesting to me than what they look like.
The heart beneath the skin is why I watch these programs. Every participant in this show proved this by pushing themselves to compete. It's a shame Hollywood's thinking is only skin deep.
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2020.09.26 14:42 thekittykaboom New to the series, got some thoughts about season 2

I just started season 1 two days ago and I'm already 4 episodes into season 2. I have some thoughts about a few of the couples.
Chelsea & Yamir
He's so cute and sweet and I don't understand why they had to come back here instead of staying in Nicaragua. He had a successful career, her Spanish is way stronger than his English and then you move him to a place with no real Latin community.
Danny & Amy
She's so beautiful and seems like such a sweetheart. His brother's creepy and ignorant. "Say something African!" And what's with bringing up sex all the time? I haven't even seen what his dad says. But as a black woman the minute you tell me your dad is racist, I'm out. I couldn't be with someone who was willing to subject me to that. Edit Omg his mom looks like her mom! And what country does his dad live in? Because it's not the US, where interracial relationships are very much so accepted.
Danielle & Mohamed
We all know what this is. Except Danielle. I sort of feel bad for her. She seems to genuinely loves him. But at the same I don't think she was upfront with him about her living situation. I'm watching this football/bar scene and it's so cringey. It's so obviously scripted and he looked really uncomfortable with that woman touching him.
Jason & Cassia
First of all, he's too damn old for her. I will always side eye men who go to these countries and pick up women substantially younger than them. And he's giving me serial killer vibes. Like he'd just snap on her if she made him mad. And his dad is just as creepy. You hear she hates clowns so you dress up as one when you meet her? And then says that he and Jason are a team and she'll learn her place??? I do not have a good feeling about them.
I don't really have anything to say about the other couples except where is Justin supposed to be from? He's got a southern twang sometimes and baby voice other times. And I honestly thought Brett was gay. I find it interesting that all his friends are older women.
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2020.09.26 03:53 PopularTradition Another surfer hit me on their wave. Should I be angry or apologetic? - Surf Culture Question

Hi all,
TLDR - local Mexican guy hits me while surfing a wave on my 3rd day surfing ever in Sayulita, Nayarit. I did my best to leave his wave. In a Mexican tourist town. No blood drawn. Nothing fatal. But a personal boundary violation nonetheless. I shake it off. I was at 6 hours of surfing at this point. Exhausted. Sun burnt. I immediately said a lo siento (I am sorry) when we both resurfaced. He goes straight to English which tells me he knows that I speak English. (Days 1 and 2 shows me they thought I was Mexican going straight to Spanish on me. This adds to me thinking he could have been targeting me. I never spoke English within earshot of him. Or the masajera told him. Word travels quickly in the pueblo.). He said he could not get out of the way.
His smile and saying he could not get out of the way threw me off. Perhaps he was genuine. He tells me this next wave is good to take. I just hit it. Stopped. Leashes are tied. Missed it. I tell him this is my 3rd time surfing ever. I can see he is trying to direct me to an easier part of the beach. Then he gets a thought - I need lessons. He needs money. And the peso binds us all together once again. I ask from who. From him! Fist bump each other. Names swapped. Situation turned around - I have a lesson with him next Monday for 600 pesos ($27 USD).
Got out of the water after that.
My questions are- is this an accident or could he have gotten out of the way (given he works as an instructor at a surf school) and not hit me?
How should I act next time this happens with another surfer?
I remember the day 1 local Mexican guy did not hit me on his wave I was trying to escape (below). But yelled at me in Spanish instead when he resurfaced. (A little intimidating for a first time surfer jajaja).
Trying to figure out how to act in the water. Respectful is my default, but you also have to clap back when someone is over the line. That is global. I am reading localism is a problem world-wide. Maybe that is what I experienced. Let me know.
More background:
3rd time surfing every today. Learning in a small Mexican pueblo that gets a lot of tourists by myself. Half local Mexicans and half white American/English/French demographic. Probably only 6-7 sufers out at this part of the beach at a time. Small rollers. No tubes. Perfect place to learn.
Anyways, I stayed silent on days 1 and 2 on the water.
Bought a massage for an hour. Made friends with the lady there 7 days a week. Park in a sketch alley with what looks like homeless guys manning a bathroom that charges $20p. Always greet them with kindness. Vendors on the beach - buying when I can to show some love.
Establishing relationships. Spending money is the fastest way to do that in Mexico.
So far - no one has taken my little backpack and beach towel. I leave my wallet in the car.
Tried to learn on my own with my 8ft Costco Wave Storm Surfboard. Due to my ambiguous complexion (I am super tan and have a black beard/mustache) I could tell people were eyeing me up and down. The blonde white Americans thinking maybe I did not speak English, but looked more like them. The Mexicans had some trepidation, but were friendlier.
I know the Mexicans thought I was Spanish when I was trying to get out of a local Mexican guy's wave. Instead of hitting me he gave up on it. He started to speak Spanish angrily. Now I do speak Spanish decently, but to disarm him I decided to look at him like I did not understand. He was yelling. Get the hell out of the way, etc. No swear words though. Just an angry dude. It worked. But then he switched to English with a heavy accent. That switch took a lot of steam out of him. He realized I was probably a tourist. And Mexicans in tourist dependent towns know that their potentially bad actions can affect the very livelihoods of all that live in the pueblo. Negative PR hurts everyone.
This systematic understanding is evidenced in random Mexican surfers pushing you to go to X restaurant or spend money somewhere. I like how the whole town is working to market each other in that way.
Anyways, Day 3. I break the silence. I start light chats with surfers.
1st, a French guy. I just give a PSA letting him know it is my 3rd time ever. He starts helping me out. Real cool guy. He points out when a local Mexican dude cuts the line coming in. That is not cool. But says he has surfed everywhere around the world. That entitlement is a general local trend. I think I pushed the line with him by asking him to get lunch. Trying to make friends. Although he said both he and his girlfriend got food poisioning, he also said they just got there yesterday. Do not think he had a GF. But I was just being friendly. Before he left we exchanged names. It ended on a good note with me thanking him for his help.
2nd guy - guy from the UK who I found out lives here full time. Less intensive of a chat. Let him know it is my 3rd time ever. He is just giving me tips on respect and courtesy since I asked. I noticed him and the Frenchman were super courteous. Dropping out of waves. The local Mexicans seemed a bit more entitled. The UK guy insists everyone is cool here. I still notice the entitlement especially in the Mexican kids who do not take turns. It is what it is. He swims off.
3rd woman - two blond American girls are surfing. This time I am wearing a hat which I think they are ridiculing from afar by talking about a careless friend who they "cannot believe he wears hats while surfing". Figured a chin strap on these small waves is no problem. It worked out.
I talk to one just lamenting at how slow of a day it is. She agrees. Give my PSA that it is my 3rd time sufring ever, make a joke, she seems dismissive so I disengage. Perhaps they thought I was hitting on them like guy number 1 because the 4th guy below says to them in Spanish if I was bothering them. I paddle away after that. A little White Knighty.
I did not talk to anyone on Days 1 and 2 (even beautiful blond women paddling super close to my board) because I could not figure out who was dating who. Mexicans are great. But I know the Mexican machisimo well. And I do not understand surf customs of small chats yet either.
4th local Mexican man - just give a greeting in Spanish and a smile. I see he drops a wave early as he sees me trying to get a wave after that.
Not trying to be that chatty guy on the water.Not trying to be the silent surfer either.
Everyone seems to know everyone. Locals and foreigners alike. I need to figure out who is who. How things work while trying to learn. Politics, water, instablity and learning is difficult when you are alone in a foreign country with no allies. No out of reach. But other stressors you do not have to deal with when learning to play basketball for example.
Action in question:
So after all this another local Mexican guy in my TLDR above hits me while I am trying to get out of his wave.
Trying to figure out how I should act next time if I am making a best effort to get out of the way and the surfer hits me.
Can they really not control hitting me, do they not like me for some reason, or are they selfish and not want to give up the wave?
I am a trained fighter. Despite their numbers, I have no fear of the locals in this pueblo due to its tourist designation. However, I know how pueblos work. Violence should always be avoided. Sometimes it helps to let someone know you will go there. But I think the solution for me is to keep smiling at people, small talk in Spanish on the land, and spending money on anything in a radius around my part of the beach (walking vendors, beach restaurants, etc.).
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2020.09.26 02:29 Beefeater1969 4K Female Team Kumite SPAIN vs IRAN. WKF World Championships Madrid 2018. Cristina Ferrer (-61 Kg / Team) Cristina Vizcaíno (-68 Kg / Team) Laura Palace (+ 68 Kg / team) María Torres (Team) The Spanish women's kumite team won the bronze medal in the karate world championships in Madrid 2018

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2020.09.25 21:57 IFUCKINGLOVEMETH Just realized Zelda OoT combines various desert-dwelling cultures such as Mexican and Arabic into a singular new culture

In OoT, you may be familiar with Gerudo Fortress and Gerudo Valley. This is an area that cleverly combines various desert-dwelling cultures such as Mexican and Arabic into one singular new culture.
When you first enter the desert area on horseback a song plays on spanish guitar (clearly all part of that Mexican aesthetic).
But where does "Gerudo" come from? I believe it's derived from the sanskrit word "Garuda" a legendary bird or bird-like creature in Hindu, Buddhist and Jain faith. You may notice that all the Gerudo (including Ganondorf) have very long beak-like noses. The Twinrova sisters in particular looking extremely bird-like.
Furthermore, here's a quote from a zelda wiki about the Crest of the Gerudo:
This symbol was similar, but not identical, to the Star and crescent symbol that is prominent in the Islam, the Muslim community in general, and several national flags in Asia. Some of the differences between the two symbols include: The Islamic version has a 5-point star, while the Gerudo version has 4 points; the Islamic crescent faces to the right, and is not as "complete" or "closed" as the Gerudo one, which faces to the left; and many Islamic crescents have the star deeper in it, not at the edge like the Gerudo version does. In any case, due to the religious meaning of the symbol, Nintendo edited it out in all of its spots in the game, with a single exception. The newer Gerudo Symbol has since been a staple in modern revisions of Ocarina of Time.
And then obviously the Gerudo women use Scimitars and wear harem pants / chalwar.
But finally, Nintendo seamlessly blends the cultures by choosing to reference a Gerudo 'fortress' and 'valley'. There is a term in Arabic وادي الحجارة (wādī al-ḥajārah) which means "Fortress Valley" or "Valley of the Stone". Wādī al-ḥajārah also happens to be where the word Guadalajara came from. You may recognize that as a city in... Mexico.
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2020.09.25 19:17 MutedRequirement5 Fuck Up Ya Brains Friday: Black Bitches

Bear with me it’s kinda long
To me I believe black bitches are more of are enemies then anything else. It’s no necessarily their fault. Now I know we don’t have an actual cultures like other races do. To keep certain shit in line. But he’s some facts.
If you ask me this is a sign of a enemy, no it’s not all there flaut. We as the negro man (I don’t jack that color shit and Spanish is not a race) should more stick together more than ever more I see on the news are large attacks against us and to stop tolerating shit from other races and including like Black woman. And to question a lot of this bullshit. I would include the links if needed to back up my statement.
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2020.09.25 18:57 Hal_Nein_Thousand [TOMT][MOVIE] American spy is laughed out of room when trying to blackmail someone by revealing the target is a womanizer

A scene from a comedy? movie where spies from the USA and different European countries in a conference room are trying to get blackmail material for a politician/VIP (who's French/Italian/Spanish).
The American spy is certain he's got him, dialogue goes something like this:
And then everybody laughs at the American spy, joking that only Americans are prudes about this.
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2020.09.25 15:49 BlissfulButton Addressing/Referring to men and women?

In modern Romance language like Spanish and Italian, a group with both men and women is referred to using the masculine plural form of a noun or adjective (e.g. 'amigos' or 'amici'). I assume that Latin is the same? I ask because I have come across different resources using language such as, 'discipuli et discipulae,' when I assumed that discipuli on its own would suffice when referring to a group of male and female students.
If I am incorrect, how would one word phrases such as, 'The (male and female) students are small,' or 'They (male and female) are foolish?'
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2020.09.25 10:57 Shyguy006 34[M4F] Having a rough go and cant sleep anyone awake and wanna chat?

Pros: -I will make you laugh. -I enjoy stimulating and intelligent conversation. -I'm smart and quick witted. -I'm a bit of a goof ball with a warm heart. -Genuine person. -Not an axe murderer. -Can make water into kool-aid. -Has a warm and deep voice. -Very compassionate and passionate person. -Very artsy nerd. (video games, poetry, painting museums,writing) -Great list make skills! (awe yeah ladies soak it up) -Respectful. -Well spoken. -Down to earth and Empathic -6'2" -Ginger gentle giant -Bearded -420 friendly -Kink friendly
Cons: -Doesn't always wanna be the big spoon. -Types terribly. -Bald and lonely. -Emotional. -Flirty. -In a rough position in life -Broken heart -Too honest for my own good -Weakness for alt/goth/witchy women -Also a weakness for ethnic women(Asian, Spanish, Latina, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, etc) -Hard headed at times -Makes lists( I know right who does that!?) -Dad bod -PC gamer -Doesn't finish stu..
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2020.09.25 08:32 minatquh [DISCUSSION] Lesser-Known Movies and Series on Netflix These movies and series aren't well known but are definitely worth the watch. [Collected]

Have any lesser-known movies or series you want to add? Please add.
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2020.09.25 07:05 greyuniwave Nutritional Organizations critical of the vegan diet

Swiss Federal Commission for Nutrition
European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition (ESPGHAN)
German Nutrition Society (DGE)
French Pediatric Hepatology/Gastroenterology/Nutrition Group
Sundhedsstyrelsen (Danish Health Authority)
Académie Royale de Médecine de Belgique (Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium)
Spanish Paediatric Association
Argentinian Hospital Nacional de Pediatría SAMIC
The Dutch national nutritional institute, Stichting Voedingscentrum Nederland
thanks to u/CLOUDY-LIZARD for putting this together
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2020.09.25 05:46 Vanyst Lesbians in Spain

Context: I plan on studying in Murcia for a short course next year. I'm a doctor. But I have 2 concerns:
1) Am a soft butch with long hair (man bun undercut) and I prefer to wear suits. I read that women are more conservative further away from Barcelona or Madrid and usually wear skirts and dresses in the academic setting.
2) I'm really Asian looking. I'm more like Hispanic / Pacific Islander (we were a Spanish territory) by blood but my Oriental genes are strong.
I don't mind getting stared at. Traveling locally I do. But I do worry about getting robbed or discriminated.
Are there any lesbian hangouts in Murcia where I could make friends and all?
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2020.09.24 19:00 cashdangerfield [RF] Weird Numbers

The first image he told me about was of three children on a road in Iceland, in 1965. He said that for him it was the image of happiness and also that he had tried several times to link it to other images, but it never worked. He wrote me: one day I'll have to put it all alone at the beginning of a film with a long piece of black leader; if they don't see happiness in the picture, at least they'll see the black.

-- Chris Marker


The inky gloaming leeched into the edges of the evening as I walked up past vine covered fences and Spanish moss. Cracks in the sidewalk increased and decreased. Sewers jutted out in places. I drifted aimlessly past wrought iron fences.

Just as the darkness seemed to slowly soak the night, the twinges of aura nipped at the corners of my vision. I dreaded what would come next: lightning storms in my eyes and then in my brain.

The pale yellow pain of exhaustion crept in as well. I walked past a walled cemetery with its old cracked crypts thinking that it was well past the witching hour so I was probably safe of scavengers.

I had slept little since the headaches began. My medicines weren?t working.

For once I had dozed off early and felt optimistic about sleeping a full night. But instead I awoke to darkness and those first twinges of pain at the corners of my being. The clock said it was after three?that hour when everything seems like a fuzzy blur. Everyone is dreaming or should be.

Workers look sickly hiding out in all-night restaurants and cafes. Uptown bars have cleared out.

I couldn?t take the pain anymore so I decided to make a move. In my hand, I help a crumpled glossy card for an ivy-covered teahouse with a residential address in Uptown New Orleans.

I had thrown on some jeans and boots and headed out for what an acquaintance had insisted would be an alternate cure for my migraines.

As I drifted quickly past a dilapidated house I winced at the bright lights beaming from it through hanging shutters. The pains were coming soon. But only a few more blocks needed. I started wondering how long it would take to kick in.

As I stumbled around a corner, the block got darker. I could see the dark shadows of wisteria lit by the moon. The first of the flashes hit like a lightning bolt across my vision. But unlike a lightning bolt, the aura sat in my vision refusing to abate.

I sped up as the flash held itself in my eye changing colors and refusing to move.

Finally, two blocks away, I saw the place. On a dark residential block stood the vine and moss covered house. Out in the yard stood small tables with very dim blue-flamed lamps. Inside the slightly ajar door was a room bathed in a low red light.

The building was not the fairytale cabin covered in vines like on the calling card. But like so many buildings in this part of the city, it had its own charm. The house was certainly never meant to be a business. But in this city, things took on a life of their own?whatever life they wanted.

I swung a rusty iron gate out of my way as my right eye clouded and started to radiate pain. As I stumbled up a cracked walk surrounded by hastily planted daisies, I thought of the instructions that my friend had given: ?Ask for sylo tea. Look the lady in the eye, smile, and say nothing else.?

As I arrived at the door, a woman in a poufy dress like a frumpy burlesque dancer greeted me warmly. She smiled and said, ?Good evening. Welcome to the tea house.?

Distractedly, I asked, ?What is this place called again??

?Not everything has to have a name,? she said seductively. ?Indulge in mystery.?

I was in no mood to argue with her.

?One for tea,? I said.

?Of course,? she said inviting me into the small entry hallway. ?Which room??

?What are my choices?? I asked fighting off the growing pain.

?The salon, the bedroom, the bazaar, or perhaps the dungeon?? she said.

I paused for a second. Then I said, ?Bazaar.?

?Very good,? she said. ?Maybe next time, it will be the bedroom?or the dungeon.?

She winked and turned down a pitch-black hallway carrying one of the tiny dim blue lanterns that had been sitting out front.

I followed her through a series of twists and turns in utter darkness until we came to a door. She paused then swung it open. A low yellow light emitted from the room turning the black door green.

Inside, the room was abuzz with people quietly talking. Men and women sat on all manner of chairs, benches and stools. A small fire lighted the room from the middle. From the ceiling hung a wide variety of Moroccan lanterns. And at the edges, the room blended to darkness. No windows existed.

?Welcome to the souk,? said my hostess. She led me carefully to a solitary low cushioned chair. Ropes held the cushions from the floor.

?You will be serviced shortly,? said the hostess and walked away.

I seated myself and looked around. The room felt warm and inviting. Conversations hummed quietly with a reverence for the peace of the place. All of the seats were low and cushioned with colorful patterns in dazzling patterns.

Neatly lined Persian rugs covered every inch of the floor. Men and women smoked hookahs. The sickly-sweet smell of flowers permeated the room informing me that the hookahs did not contain tobacco.

Everyone drank tea from small colorful patterned glasses filled by large metal pots. In front of me on my right stood a small hexagon mosaic table. I couldn?t tell if it was a trick of the light in the room or my aura, but the edges of the room seemed to fade into shadow as though the room went on endlessly.

I winced sitting idly as the pain increased. The surroundings seemed so comfortable and pleasant. But I couldn?t enjoy a moment of it. The pain ground at me like sand in my eye sockets.

I tried to count my breaths to occupy myself until someone attended to me. But each one seemed like an eternity. Every scrape of a hookah, every clink of a teacup infuriated me.

My only reprieve was my desperate decision to purchase one of the floral-smelling hookahs if the sylo didn?t work.

After an endless ocean of waiting, which had comprised no more than ten minutes, a short and boisterous punk girl attended to me. She smiled through black-rimmed glasses. She wore a tight t-shirt and her black long hair was highlighted with pink and green. A safety pin dangled from her left ear.

?What would you like?? she asked.

I had not been presented with a menu, but the teahouse was not a place for those who did not know what they wanted.


?Are you sure?? she asked becoming concerned.

I said nothing.

We stared at each other in silence as I forced myself to muster a disjointed smile. In my accounting of things, half her face had become a painful blue lightning bolt.

She smiled back compassionately. ?How would you like it?? she asked.

?Sylo tea,? I said. ?Thank you.?

Her face morphed to concern.

I remained silent.

?You?re suffering greatly,? she said dripping with a comforting compassion. ?Are you sure you wouldn?t prefer a black hookah??

At this moment, a wave of pain erupted from my eye. For some reason, it feels like a liquid pouring across my face and deep into my brain. As it spread, it hurt sharp and awful.

But I was not about to swerve from my mission.

I said nothing.

I needed a real cure?or the hope of one.

After a moment, she looked knowingly at me.

?I?ll get it,? she said. ?And I will make sure they rush it for you.?

The perky punk turned quickly and silently left the room.

I reclined shakily. I closed my eyes hoping to stem the pain. It did little for me. Several minutes passed.

I heard the slight shuffling of the waitress entering the room. I creaked my eyes open a fraction to watch her set a small purple glass of tea and a large pot on the table next to me.

?Thank you,? I mumbled.

The interaction had been too much for me. I sealed my eyes attempting to squash enough nausea to drink as the tea cooled. As I hung my head in nausea, a whisper filled my ear.

?Migraine. No fun. Waste of this relaxing space.?

I wanted to yell and thrash at the owner of the voice that was exacerbating my pain. But even in my awful state, I thought better of it. Instead, I willed my eyes open and looked to see who was talking.

My eyes darted around. The vision in the right one was quite fuzzy. Then I saw him. He lifted himself up on the low couch in the dim area to my right. The man smiled. He was dressed in black pants and a dark maroon collared shirt. I couldn?t tell if his clothes were velvet.

?Sorry to disturb you,? he leaned toward me. ?I was just thinking that I feel quite awful for you.?

I nodded still collecting words scattered across my brain.

?Yes,? I said.

He smiled and turned his legs toward me. He motioned to my steaming glass.

?I think that might really work for you,? he said with a distant calm. ?But not permanently. Hopefully, though it will get you through the next few weeks.?

I nodded weakly not caring for his opinion.

?I might have something for you that could help,? he said slyly. ?And no, it?s not one of those black hookahs or anything like that.?

He looked shadowy in my right eye as I took my first sip of tea. My suspicion was overwhelmed by a desperate lack of interest in anything but stopping the pain.

?Strange how hallucinating can start it and stop it,? he said. ?Just an observation.?

The man smiled slyly then reclined putting his feet up onto a low metallic table slipping into the obscured portion of my view.

?I like your humanity,? he said. ?So raw. So real. So self-important.?

I felt slightly offended but couldn?t compel myself to care. I sipped weakly at my tea fathoming how much of it I could keep down. It tasted like a musty nothing?hollow and empty.

?I am a bit of a collector of stories,? said the man. ?Perhaps once your tea settles, you can tell me yours.?

?Sure,? I said curtly slugging down the lake of tea the filled my cup. Stuffing down the nausea, I closed my eyes and breathed heavily.

The man leaned forward and poured a second cup for me. Irritated as I was, gratitude told me that I likely couldn?t have poured it myself.

?Thanks,? I said desperately.

?Think nothing of it,? said the man. ?I am genuinely fascinated as to whether or not this will work. I have heard quite a bit about the sylo cure for migraines. It might be hogwash?then again, it might work. Botox can work wonders on them. So why not this??

?Do you get headaches too?? I squeaked out attempting to be polite.

?Not at all,? he laughed. ?I?ve no need of anything but this lovely mint tea.?

He smiled and raised a small blue glass slurping a bit into his mouth.

?Why do you care about migraines then?? I asked.

?Many things fascinate me,? he said.

I breathed deeply in silence for several minutes. I opened and closed my eyes at length. The man?s attention never left me.

?By my estimate,? he broke the silence. ?You should have your cure any moment now.?

If anything, the pain had intensified. I wanted to yell. I wanted to scream. But in a rush like a gust of wind everything changed.

The pain started evaporating in globules. I could see them and smell them drifting off into the air. I opened my eyes. The room was no longer as it was, but beyond that I cannot describe it.
The other people became irrelevant except the strange shadowy man. He smiled at me, but all I could see were his teeth across the ether. The air became dark.

The lightening in my right eye remained until suddenly a wild geometric caterpillar jutted across my vision. As the caterpillar left the corner of my vision, it took with it the lightening and all disturbances to my reality.

The man sat up.

?Feel better?? he asked.

I sat up fully. I opened my eyes and looked around. All traces of the migraine and all traces of the tea had left me as quickly as they had come. I had expected hours, but the effects had lasted only a moment.

?Yes,? I said. ?The tea appears to have washed away the migraine.?

He laughed.

?Delightful,? he said. ?Will you tell me your story then??

My hand meandered momentarily towards my tea glass. The man grabbed it and stopped me.

?You?ve had enough,? he said. ?More will only make it worse. Try some of mine instead. Mint suits you.?

He reached over and poured a glass of mint tea. I smelled it carefully and sipped at it. Delight filled my mouth.

?So tell me,? he said.

I felt like my old self again?free of migraine.

?I don?t have much to tell really,? I said.

?Tell me what you do have,? said the man.

?Several years ago, I hit my head when I tripped on a loose brick,? I said. ?Ever since I have had migraines. I get clusters of them for days on end, and they are terrible. I see visions that doctors call aura, but they feel like hallucinations.?

?How did that bring you here?? asked the man.
?I?ve taken medicine for years that help with the migraines,? I explained. ?But in the past few weeks, I have run into an intractable and debilitating cluster of headaches. I couldn?t think. I couldn?t sleep. Medicine did nothing for me. A friend read something about promising research in sylo offering a cure. She gave me a card for this place. After night and night again of suffering, I decided to take the risk. I can?t believe how well it worked.?

?I?m pleased,? said the man.

?I guess that?s my story,? I said.

?But what else is there?? he asked. ?What do you do??

?I just live, I guess,? I said. ?I like seeing movies and going out to dinner with friends. I?m no explorer or anything. My life is not that interesting.?

?There must be more,? he said.

?I go jogging sometimes,? I said. ?I went out to a bar with a few people the other night.?

The man smiled grimly.

?Is this the way that you really expected your life to be?? he asked me.

I thought this question rather personal and wanted to be offended. But I was also a bit disappointed with myself.

?Not really,? I said. ?But there are certain realities that you have to face in life.?

?And what of people who climb mountains and write operas and travel to the moon?? asked the man.

?Not everyone can be them,? I said desperately. ?They just got lucky.?

The man?s smile disappeared as he stood up.

?If I believed that you believed that, I would never have spoken to you in the first place,? said the man.

?What?? I asked.

?Some people believe that migraines are actually caused by an imbalance in the self,? said the man putting on his scarf. ?Living a life you hate, the real you tries to break through. When he can?t, you get a headache.?

?Well that?s your opinion,? I said curtly.

I became pissed at his armchair dismissal of me and my pain.

?The tea will help you,? he said. ?But not forever as you might think. It will just get you to where you need to go for your real adventure to begin.?

?What?? I said again.

?When you get there, call me,? said the man turning to go.

I was confused.

?Wait,? I said. ?Who are you??

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2020.09.24 18:10 RevistaLegerin Lêgerîn Magazine - a magazine about the socialist experiment in Kurdistan

The Lêgerîn magazine its about the socialist experience of the PKK and its ideological line - Democratic Confederalism. Some people line it with libertarian socialism, others with democratic municipality and anarchism. If you want to understand more about, check out this magazine.
People's self-defense is one of the most important topics of this Revolution, in all levels. Ex:
The topics of the first edition are:
Meaning of Lêgerîn
- Interview with the Internationalist Commune of Rojava;
- Internationalist perspective for the 21st Century;
- Interview with Riza Altun, co-founder of the party and member of the KCK;
- My path as a young internationalist until i joined the revolutionary struggle;
- Criticism and self-criticism within the Kurdish revolutionary movement;
- The anti-colonial resistance and the importance of the party paradigm;
- The voice of Şehids.
- Democratic Modernity: The Age of the Women's Revolution;
- Mika Etchebéhère argentine revolutionary in the Spanish Civil War
- The life of Sakine Cansiz;
- Frantz Fanon, anticolonial internationalist;
You can find the magazine for download HERE. On October 1st the second edition will be published in Spanish and the theme will be about Self-defense from the perspective of the Women's Liberation Movement! In English the second magazine will be published on the 6th of October!
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2020.09.24 16:57 RevistaLegerin Lêgerîn Magazine - A magazine about the Revolution in Kurdistan

Lêgerîn Magazine - A magazine about the Revolution in Kurdistan
The Lêgerîn magazine its about the socialist experience of the PKK and its ideological line - Democratic Confederalism. Some people line it with libertarian socialism, others with democratic municipality and anarchism. If you want to understand more about, check out this magazine.
People's self-defense is one of the most important topics of this Revolution, in all levels. Ex:
The topics of the first edition are:
Meaning of Lêgerîn
- Interview with the Internationalist Commune of Rojava;
- Internationalist perspective for the 21st Century;
- Interview with Riza Altun, co-founder of the party and member of the KCK;
- My path as a young internationalist until i joined the revolutionary struggle;
- Criticism and self-criticism within the Kurdish revolutionary movement;
- The anti-colonial resistance and the importance of the party paradigm;
- The voice of Şehids.
- Democratic Modernity: The Age of the Women's Revolution;
- Mika Etchebéhère argentine revolutionary in the Spanish Civil War
- The life of Sakine Cansiz;
- Frantz Fanon, anticolonial internationalist;
You can find the magazine for download HERE. On October 1st the second edition will be published in Spanish and the theme will be about Self-defense from the perspective of the Women's Liberation Movement! In English the second magazine will be published on the 6th of October!
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2020.09.24 16:57 RevistaLegerin Lêgerîn Magazine - A magazine about the Revolution in Kurdistan

Lêgerîn Magazine - A magazine about the Revolution in Kurdistan
The Lêgerîn magazine its about the socialist experience of the PKK and its ideological line - Democratic Confederalism. Some people line it with libertarian socialism, others with democratic municipality and anarchism. If you want to understand more about, check out this magazine.
People's self-defense is one of the most important topics of this Revolution, in all levels. Ex:
The topics of the first edition are:
Meaning of Lêgerîn
- Interview with the Internationalist Commune of Rojava;
- Internationalist perspective for the 21st Century;
- Interview with Riza Altun, co-founder of the party and member of the KCK;
- My path as a young internationalist until i joined the revolutionary struggle;
- Criticism and self-criticism within the Kurdish revolutionary movement;
- The anti-colonial resistance and the importance of the party paradigm;
- The voice of Şehids.
- Democratic Modernity: The Age of the Women's Revolution;
- Mika Etchebéhère argentine revolutionary in the Spanish Civil War
- The life of Sakine Cansiz;
- Frantz Fanon, anticolonial internationalist;
You can find the magazine for download HERE. On October 1st the second edition will be published in Spanish and the theme will be about Self-defense from the perspective of the Women's Liberation Movement! In English the second magazine will be published on the 6th of October!
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2020.09.24 16:39 RevistaLegerin Lêgerîn Magazine - A magazine about the Revolution in Kurdistan

The Lêgerîn magazine its about the socialist experience of the PKK and its ideological line - Democratic Confederalism. Some people line it with libertarian socialism, others with democratic municipality and anarchism. If you want to understand more about, check out this magazine.
People's self-defense is one of the most important topics of this Revolution, in all levels. Ex:
The topics of the first edition are:
Meaning of Lêgerîn
- Interview with the Internationalist Commune of Rojava;
- Internationalist perspective for the 21st Century;
- Interview with Riza Altun, co-founder of the party and member of the KCK;
- My path as a young internationalist until i joined the revolutionary struggle;
- Criticism and self-criticism within the Kurdish revolutionary movement;
- The anti-colonial resistance and the importance of the party paradigm;
- The voice of Şehids.
- Democratic Modernity: The Age of the Women's Revolution;
- Mika Etchebéhère argentine revolutionary in the Spanish Civil War
- The life of Sakine Cansiz;
- Frantz Fanon, anticolonial internationalist;
You can find the magazine for download HERE. On October 1st the second edition will be published in Spanish and the theme will be about Self-defense from the perspective of the Women's Liberation Movement! In English the second magazine will be published on the 6th of October!
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2020.09.24 16:38 RevistaLegerin Lêgerîn Magazine - A magazine about the Revolution in Kurdistan

Lêgerîn Magazine - A magazine about the Revolution in Kurdistan
The Lêgerîn magazine its about the socialist experience of the PKK and its ideological line - Democratic Confederalism. Some people line it with libertarian socialism, others with democratic municipality and anarchism. If you want to understand more about, check out this magazine.
People's self-defense is one of the most important topics of this Revolution, in all levels. Ex:
The topics of the first edition are:
Meaning of Lêgerîn
- Interview with the Internationalist Commune of Rojava;
- Internationalist perspective for the 21st Century;
- Interview with Riza Altun, co-founder of the party and member of the KCK;
- My path as a young internationalist until i joined the revolutionary struggle;
- Criticism and self-criticism within the Kurdish revolutionary movement;
- The anti-colonial resistance and the importance of the party paradigm;
- The voice of Şehids.
- Democratic Modernity: The Age of the Women's Revolution;
- Mika Etchebéhère argentine revolutionary in the Spanish Civil War
- The life of Sakine Cansiz;
- Frantz Fanon, anticolonial internationalist;
You can find the magazine for download HERE. On October 1st the second edition will be published in Spanish and the theme will be about Self-defense from the perspective of the Women's Liberation Movement! In English the second magazine will be published on the 6th of October!
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Spanish Women Portuguese vs Spanish beauty - YouTube How To Pick Up Girls - Spain Edition Top 5 Must Watch Movies About 'Older Women & Young Boy ... Beautiful Spanish Girl - YouTube Spanish Women - MGTOW - YouTube Top 30 Most beautiful Spanish women - YouTube 'BLACK MEN LOVE SPANISH WOMEN ESPECIALLY' : Where is the ...

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